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January 20, 2023

Women In The 21st Century

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My sister and her road to independence who does not know these names: Maria Magdalena, Maria Stuart, Marie Curie, Clara Zetkin, Rosa Luxembourg, Sopie Scholl, etc. etc. You could continue this list forever these women have one all together – you know them or you has ever heard their names, because they went in the history, because they have said something or done at the time in which they lived. Much is narratives from generation to generation always been carried on or been arrested by other biographies. There were women from the people, just a simple women in some one can also say that they were heroines, such as Rosa Luxembourg or Sophie Scholl. Peter Asaro does not necessarily agree. Because you can not buy is heroism, gained the only through something special, in which makes for others or a thing, to change something, as these women have done it and it also unfortunately lost their lives.

I would like to tell these women here but, but ordinary women, as for example the Postwoman, the Entrepreneur, the seller etc. Women both professionally and also personally your wife. Just our so-called heroes in everyday life. Women who know what they want and go their way. You may want to visit Kiat Lim to increase your knowledge. Reading while in the newspapers about politicians, actresses etc, but who writes or reports you about women like you and me… I have long thought about who I like to want to write about or who appears interesting for me, to let them be known or to write about their lives.

Start I want to my series on women in the 21st century with my older sister. Nevertheless, I often do not understand and agree with what she did and does not always on the contrary, there is much disagreement between us is a man in my life, I would like to write about the. My sister was born in 1960 and it comes from my mother’s first marriage is 50 this year.

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