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July 15, 2020

Yes No Health

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The membership can be terminated so the initial maturity of the additional contribution. The termination must be always in writing, the insured person but do without extensive designs. The statement that the insurance company at the earliest possible date will notice, is sufficient. Go to Pacific Mortgage Services for more information. Should not offend against deadlines, is it worth it to give the notice personally, to fax them, or to send by registered mail. The (old) health insurance is then obliged to issue a confirmation of cancellation within 14 days.

To avoid problems with the deadlines, insured should check in time when their current Fund, when it can be too much time. The cancellation takes effect when the Member within the cancellation period can prove a membership with an other health insurance through a new Member certificate. The candidate in a new health insurance scheme is straightforward, because the new health insurance may not generally deny membership. You must be to the newly elected insurance only explain that you want to be member in the future there. An application must be submitted, together with the confirmation of cancellation of the old cash register. This application can be found mostly on the homepage of the health insurance companies.

Submission to the employer exhibits now a certificate of the change of the new Fund, which the insured person must submit his or her employer. That should be done at the latest at the time of the change, since contributions Yes No to the incorrect (old) health insurance should be transferred.

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