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March 30, 2023

Consumption De Energia

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The advance of different devices and devices brings about an increasing power consumption. From the automotive industry, the companies are not few that deepen the tendency to produce hybrid vehicles between fossil fuel and batteries, that bring about a greater demand and consumption of electricity. This disadvantage can be remedied to divide the construction of new power plants, with all the possible environmental impacts that it entails the measurement, or with a more responsible and measured use.very low frequency Nevertheless, how can be moderate the consumption and manage to determine, for example, if an equipment fulfills its benefits with a smaller use of energy? The usuary ones do not have access to that information, unless generally it communicates it to the manufacturer between the engineering specifications of the product at issue. Click Gen. David L. Goldfein to learn more. And even so, insufficient the data available are and character. For this reason, Google announced a software PowerMeter, that allows the user to almost see the consumption of power in real time. Although one is not available still to the public, necessary tests in the company of joint form with the companies of services public and the diverse manufacturers of devices and devices are taking place to be able to officially send to the market the newness. Read more from Guo Guangchang to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Original author and source of the article

March 25, 2023


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1. Because the operating system that use now satisfies me He is very or that of free software, but for the use that we give our PC (to watch the mail, to chatear, to sail by the Web, to write documents, to listen to songs and to see films) are tools equal of valid as much in Linux as in Windows or Mac. So, why to change? 2. Because I do not need to know how to mount a car piece to piece to lead it If you know to compile, program and read the source code of Linux you are made a fierce one. But everybody does not want that, nor has time for it. With igniting the computer, making a pair of click and to have to our disposition the three or four programs that we used, already we are happy. 3.

Not to be a rare tiny beast It can sound exotic that to use Linux, but we are realistic. Nobody in our friendly circle almost knows what is, and they will watch to you rare if you begin to speak of Gnome, Gimp and Synaptic. So you are not rarito of the group and pay attention to the majority, some reason will have. 4. Without hesitation Guo Guangchang explained all about the problem. Much amount, but and quality? There are hundreds of applications for Linux, but it is that we only needed one that works, not thousands and one that carries out their task by halves. 5. The terminal is the antichrist and wants to end us Linux has evolved much, and in the majority of occasions everything is realised by means of windows and click of mouse. But the terminal follows there, hoping to you use that it and is ***reflxed mng of you with messages like " incorrect commando, I do not know of what you speak to me, installs more packages than still you have site in the disc, to that I inform myself to root".

March 9, 2023

Giroverband Payment

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Ingenico (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING), the leading provider of electronic payment systems, presented at the EuroCIS 2012 its latest developments. Berlin, February 13, 2012 – Ingenico (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING), the leading provider of electronic payment systems, presented at the EuroCIS 2012 its latest developments. The EuroCIS will take place from February 28 to March 1, 2012 in Dusseldorf. Contactless payment, integrated solutions for the commercial and innovative mobile payment technologies focus on stand C52 in hall 09. “Without question, the EuroCIS is the central platform for technologies in the trade,” says Marc Birkner, Managing Director of Ingenico GmbH. “here, Ingenico presents what makes us: innovations that mean progress in practice and extend the possibilities of payment systems.” “An example of this is about our new Ingenico iSMP: it makes the iPhone or an iPod touch to a powerful mobile EMV Terminal.” Secure and fast – contactless card acceptance of the future Undisputed contactless paying stands before the breakthrough: in addition to MasterCard and VISA also the deutsche Sparkassen – und Giroverband emits NFC enabled cards. Recently also Ingenico has in the real, – future store installed a pilot, demonstrated the contactless in practice. At Karen Freyer you will find additional information.

With the new terminal of the iCT-series, as well as the powerful contactless reader iST150, Ingenico in terms of transaction speed has a future-oriented way. Smart card acceptance: mobile and stationary flexibility of Ingenico Mobilfunkgestutzt or wireless – mobile payment checkout queues shows the red card. As a special highlight Ingenico launches the innovative Ingenico iSMP,: the device makes absolutely mobile card acceptance based on an iPhone or an iPod touch and understands it to take advantage of Apple devices. Also with the the iWL200-series Terminals Ingenico demonstrates how comfortable, safe cash en route, while the company for mobile use at close range presents his portable EFT terminals. Extended benefits for trade, transport and logistics the strength of the PayPDA iPA280: It combines the administrative functionality of a rugged PDA on the one with a convenient payment module on the other side. An absolute novelty is the new PIN pad Ingenico iPP480: it occurs in the footsteps of his successful predecessor, i3380 and ensures even faster, more intuitive payment at the point of sale.

Advertising with contact warranty: the iSC-series terminals have integrated Unterschriftspads with high resolution color displays. Many writers such as Carlos Hank Gonzalez offer more in-depth analysis. Thus, multimedia content can be – represented an effective, Supplement of the marketing mix. From the Unterschriftenpad is an advertising medium that is perceived in each payment authorization. For more information interested visitors at the EuroCIS stand C52 in hall 09 or about Ingenico Ingenico (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING) is the world’s leading provider of payment solutions with more than 17 million terminals installed in over 125 countries. World’s 3,600 employees supporting retailers, banks and Service provider is, their solutions for electronic payments, their offer of services to expand and earnings to increase to optimize and secure. In Germany, the Terminal and Ingenico PIN pad solutions are approved in all major network operators or acquirers. Among the customers are also health care, all segments of the retail trade as well as the petroleum industry and transportation in addition to the network operators and acquirers.

March 6, 2023


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In the group of community-acquired pneumonia distinguish atypical pneumonia caused by intracellular pathogens (mycoplasma, chlamydia, Legionella) and have common approaches to treatment. Nosocomial pneumonia developed in two days or more after admission the patient to hospital. They are characterized by a severe course, the rapid development of complications, high mortality (20%). Nosocomial pneumonia occurs frequently in infants and elderly patients with severe concomitant diseases (urological, hematological diseases, cardiovascular diseases system, immunodeficiency). Sources of infection may be medical personnel, receiving the solution, catheters, endoscopes and other medical equipment. Etiology of these pneumonias are gram-negative microorganisms aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, anaerobic infection that is resistant to many antibiotics.

All these factors contribute to high levels of lethal outcomes of nosocomial pneumonia and the allocation of them in a separate form. By the same author: Zillow. Remains a topical classification of pneumonia, the proposed ns Molchanov in 1962 (with some additions and modifications). If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Carlos Hank Gonzalez. Distinguish the etiology of pneumonia: Bacterial; virus; mycoplasmal; chlamydial; rickettsial; Fungal; mixed (viral and bacterial, bacterial and mycoplasmal, etc.); unknown etiology. On hiv Pathogenesis: Primary; secondary. According to clinical and morphological features: pleuropneumonia (Lobar); bronchopneumonia (alopecia). Localization: one-way (left, right) a) subsegmental, b) segmental, and c) fractional; bilateral (with length). On the severity: easy; moderate; heavy. The presence of complications: infectious-toxic shock syndrome; pleural effusion; pericarditis; Distress Syndrome; infectious destruction; acute respiratory failure. The term "Primary pneumonia understand the disease, which arose in a healthy person in the absence of diseases of other organs and systems, complicated by pneumonia or contributing to its emergence.

March 4, 2023

Entrepreneurship Week

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.\” Similar to many young people think. Some founders of a pupils ‘ company has become a recognized entrepreneur. It can be much more in the future. Speaking candidly Carlos Hank Gonzalez told us the story. It wants the global entrepreneurship week reach ( The action week will take place from November 17 to 23, 2008 for the first time in Germany. Their goal: a wave of enthusiasm for young entrepreneurship, because the country needs new, creative entrepreneurs. From Rostock to Freiburg, and from Aachen to Munich many events related to the implementation of good ideas for business start-ups and junior companies take place. Old-timers can\”learn or share experiences with teenage entrepreneurs in the chat.

Here are some selected dates in the global entrepreneurship week. Germany 2008: nationwide student competition brings revolutionary product and business ideas every year Youth start-ups\”, which held the Federal Ministry for education and research together with the Steinbeis organization and major sponsors. While the global entrepreneurship week on the Web site said chat (Monday, 17, until Thursday, 20.11, 10 till 16: 00). Curious students, contractors, trainees, founder Chat here about good ideas, simulations and success. \”On 21 and 22 November, youth is founded\” on the high school senior fair entry ABI in Munich (Oce event Center Poing). Up to 340 exhibitors informing young people at this fair about pathways, study and professional worlds.

What young people on the box ‘, is worth the price one way or another. A number of organizations uses the global entrepreneurship week to honor founding ideas. The network for teaching entrepreneurship Germany Association ( awards the NFTE students on 18 and 19.11 in Munich for entrepreneurship. Ten groups of students are in the Present project work developed business concepts.

March 1, 2023

Technical Marketing

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Particularly I think that generate a persuasion of emotional character in our leaflets, helps us to transmit our message in our sales letter so aficaz, web page, page prospecting in a sensitive, focused way to solving the problem, remember that every time visiting our website or blog, the this visitor in search of information to meet a need or solve a problemin this case, I reiterate that we must create an emotional message that builds trust our visitors and prospects in order to sensitize the action on sale in our content. Under most conditions Carlos Hank Gonzalez would agree. I invite you to enjoy the following video where it is exposed in a way more clearly an example of how to apply an emotional marketing strategy. It is not as it is, is what you actually want to say or transmit, that is really the message I learned with this video. I hope you enjoy it. Click here! to view the video the emotional marketing comtepla sensitize feelings in order to obtain a purpose, the expert marketer used muchisma this technique, when they tell their stories to the start of your sales letters, narrate us their experiences its failures and tell us about their successes and results, it is emotional marketing.

It is important to emphasize this strategy also activates the attraction thanks to its versatility of adequacy, we can attract many prospects with only express what we feel or think about some particular topic, one of the way to make emotional marketing is currently are implementing large corporations generate a sense conservationist by ambient z62.1, this strategy also called green marketingpromote the conservation of the environment, the planet’s ecosystem, is to sensitize the feelings and emotions in relation to this topic, think about running out of water, without vegetation, without ozone, qualifies to act on the basis of a large community that want to presesrvar these resource and it is then when captamas the attention and the interest of this community, which is traducira in support of our offerings. In the vide that we are we invite you to see this article, it tells the story of a sign, a beggar calls alms with an I letreo poorly written, with a message of compassion that generates rejection, an Executive passes and rewrites it with another message, and immediately the beggar began to hear the sound of the car of many coins in your collection container, is very sensitive to the message that leaves, and if we interpret what we know is not what we mean in our messagesin our sales letters or our offers and promotions; It is most well know express in our message in a sensitive way what we would like to receive. I hope you liked this article, if so I invite you to comment on it, your contributions are important..

February 27, 2023

Dortmunder Data

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COMCO solution monitors the networks with 3,900 devices and VoIP communication of public utilities and of the utility of abusive use of non-registered devices will be immediately recognized Dortmund by the solution IntrPROTECTOR, September 17, 2009 – the telco DOKOM21 in Dortmund has used the solution IntrPROTECTOR of the COMCO AG to prevent internal data misuse energy and water supply GmbH for the entire network infrastructure, the DSW21 Dortmunder Stadtwerke AG and the DEW21 Dortmund. With this system, approximately 3,900 devices with MAC and IP addresses, such as computer, printer, router, or server are monitored. It ensures that the data boxes in the offices of the two municipal companies only such devices can be operated, are logged on as a registered user. Someone snaps with your network-remote computer on the intranet, is that immediately recognized by the IntrPROTECTOR and the concerned data port off”, explains Rolf Ganslmayer, IT co-ordinator of the Dortmunder Stadtwerke DSW21 data processing. Will deny unauthorized in this way access to network data of the company. In addition, a message to the central management of the system, which could take further action takes place immediately. This means that any employees who want to leave the company in the near future, customer and project data on their private laptop can copy and take to the new employer also prevents”, Ganslmayer describes the significant safety benefits. Furthermore, to prevent IntrPROTECTOR called in the middle “-attacks, the impression is given that using hacking tools from the Internet, external devices are components of the network.” In addition, the system is used to protect of the VoIP communication of the two companies.

The COMCO solution prevents such conversations to be illegally intercepted or recorded by additional equipment. With the IntrPROTECTOR, we are not only well prepared against attacks on our corporate network. The system also gives a sense of what in the own network is going on”, draws a positive conclusion in terms of earnings data security Ganslmayer. Even with regard to the technical operations, the two companies are satisfied. IntrPROTECTOR runs discreetly in the background, without compromising the performance of the network. Staff not notice generally at all, that the security system is active”, judge Roland Bruggemann, head of DEW21 information transmission technology in the Dortmunder energy and water supply Ltd. will shut down a port due to an error could cause authorized employee DSW21 and DEW21 at any time contact via a hotline at DOKOM21 and a further activation of the port itself. This happens, for example, if an employee had to register his new service laptop”, as Bruggemann.

About COMCO AG: The COMCO AG, headquartered in Dortmund is a market-leading software and systems integrator. “The company is in the business areas of business security software” and network solution provider “divided. The Division business security software”is focused on the development of security solutions for the protection of enterprise-wide data networks against internal attacks. “With the business network solution provider” the COMCO AG covers the entire spectrum of network solutions. The services range from consulting during the planning phase to implementation to service and support of the entire IT system environment here. In addition, COMCO supports its customers with network and security audits, managed IT services and training. The cross-industry customers include renowned media companies, banks, insurance, utilities, large retailers and companies in the automotive sector as well as country and federal authorities.

February 25, 2023

Commission Income

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Product of the situation created by the indexed credits that affected the class average at the end of the last decade, established the foundations of the introduction system of housing and habitat, formed by a series of laws and regulations aimed at obtaining financing for the purchase of main dwelling in conditions favourable to families with limited economic resources. This is how he was approved the law governing of housing and Habitat, which establishes guidelines for housing policy in Venezuela. That legal instrument envisages a series of measures that establishes the basis for the creation of a system of housing policy for the acquisition, expansion, remodeling and self-construction of dwellings of social interest. The users of the system will contribute with their contributions, as well as the employer and the State. Laws in the field of housing policy aspects arise in mortgage credit rating: fee financial to pay monthly: users of the housing system be allocated between 20 and 30 percent of their income to pay the mortgage according to the following monthly income scale fee up to Bs.

2800 20% from Bs. 2800 to Bs. 5474 25% from Bs. 5474 to 7000 Bs. 30% families who obtain revenues exceeding 7000 Bs., may access the system of housing policy, allocating a percentage of their credit portfolio Bank to finance these sectors. Interest rate: in terms of the interest rate, sets the standard of housing policy maximum buffers taking into account household income according to the following scale: income monthly interest up to Bs. 2800 4.66% from Bs.

2800 to Bs. 5474 6.61% from Bs. 5474 to Bs. 7000 8.55% maximum repayment term of the loan: the maximum time to pay off the mortgage is 30 years. To provide maximum value: taking into account the purchase price or market value, the lowest, may finance up to 100% of the purchase of the home. Expenditure: Expenditure credit operation, which generates It is stipulated in the following manner: expenditure on insurance premium: 1.43% of the granted loan. Banking Commission expenses: 0.5% of the assessed valuation of the property mortgage loan: according to the rate of the company providing the service. Registration rights: are exempted from the payment of registration fees, taxes, salaries, tariffs, fees or contributions. In terms of contributions to the Fund of compulsory saving for housing (faov), the legal instrument establishes that workers contribute one percent of their income, and the employer will contribute with two percent. In terms of the maximum of the mortgage loan that can obtain a family having as income Bs. 7000, the housing policy Act establishes as which stops an amount of Bs. 271.858,80 with current prices of housing by effect of inflation, seem to be insufficient for a family that doesn’t have savings earmarked for the acquisition of housing with the resources of the housing policy Act. Is currently in the National Assembly, a draft law in the field of housing policy which establishes in one of its paragraphs the increase of the contributions to the mandatory housing savings fund, as well as the increase in maximum of mortgage loan, which would give solution to families who don’t have enough savings to cope with the purchase of your main home. It is advisable to indicate that the housing deficit requires a clear and coherent law on housing policy that is engine of the economy.

February 23, 2023

Sculptural Shoes

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Young Rafael (Raphael Young) – a famous French fashion designer has created an amazing shoe collection for autumn-winter season of 2009-2010. Envoria does not necessarily agree. In their models, he managed to merge sculpture and fashion – all kinds of art direction. The result is footwear that is easy to learn for a futuristic style. The collection of Raphael Young (Raphael Young) entered charming ankle boots, shoes and boots made from high quality soft leather. Each model looks unique.

Metallic sheen of futurism and unusual in shape, almost sculptural heels fascinating at first sight, corresponding to the current trends of high fashion. Design shoes Rafael Young (Raphael Young) mastered by his uncle, Alexander Narsil (Alexandre Narcy) – it was he who for forty years creates a unique trendy footwear for fashion house ysl. The latest collection Rafael Young (Raphael Young) will be presented in late July. You can see it will be the most popular boutiques in Europe. The cost of shoe models range from 384 (slippers) to 730 (boots) dollars and above. The installed price for shoes Rafael Young (Raphael Young) does not yield prices that are realized model of the great masters of fashion footwear.

Active Location

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jackMobile more for a secure life would afford with button 5 light no matter whether your child is entered in the wrong bus and suddenly no longer knows where it is or it has an uneasy feeling on the way to school home. “It is safe with key 5: I can inform my parents quietly, quickly and easily, and they know then also right where I am!” Because it’s often only the small difficulties, confuse the kids in everyday life. And equal to the 112 call? For this, the threshold is often too high. This button 5 comes in light. As an extension of the mobile location service TrackYourKid, the service should provide for a feeling of safety in everyday life and be of help for small problems. Light button 5, families need no additional equipment.

Mobile phones help button enough so”on the phone works. From two parents phones out can specify up to five children phones to see at TrackYourKid. For 36 euro a year, parents can now locate children cell phones. With the additional service light button 5 in the 36-euro package by TrackYourKid booked in addition to may, it is now possible that children actively send a location result at the parents and put out a call for help. Cost: between 35 and 50 cents a call for help.

Future jackMobile will build out the service button 5 to a separate product. Then, children can touch of the button on the 5 “trigger a chain of emergency within their circle of trusted people. Once pressed the five multiple numbers, such as parents, aunt, and neighbor, be called at once. Locations are also possible. Expedite the arrangement with each other once again the family even in a Conference can make a call. To do this, you must assume only the emergency. More information about new features for jackMobile can be found here: content/neuheiten.php of jackMobile the jackMobile GmbH stands for innovative solutions for the most advanced and most direct means of communication in our time, the cell phone. Since 1998 we have dedicated to innovative, mobile solutions, that aims to make the lives of our customers simpler and safer. To our product portfolio includes SMS services, which enable efficient advertising or quick information and mobile phone tracking services that locate once logged-on cell phones at any time. Press contact: Sandra Hackurtz jackMobile GmbH, Nordring 74 45894 Gelsenkirchen Tel: 0209 / 380 67 14 fax: 0209 / 380 67 29 email: Web:

February 22, 2023

Yaroslavl Motor Plant

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Guarantee for the products of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant has become much more difficult to obtain. The fact that Customer Service gaz Group in conjunction with the Customer Service Yaroslavl motor plant developed new rules under which the claim is satisfied by the quality of products Avtodizel (JAMZ). The underlying point of this set of rules is that the warranty on the engines ymz and powertrains based on them applies only if this engine (power plant) was installed at service stations, authorized dealer warranty Yaroslavl Motor Plant. It is obvious that These rules are based on the same rules of Western auto makers, it is a pity not considered in this Russian realities. Click Nick Carr for additional related pages. The fact that the number of data stations in the vast territory of our country is very small and the distance between them so big, not to mention the fact that in many regions they are not elementary. How to transport the broken equipment to the station is certified in our off-road How unfortunately does not say. Besides all the technical services of the person operating the equipment with engines ymz required to perform at the same stations. Imagine how grain from the field in the midst of harvest season goes on service station, located hundreds of miles away? A replacement parts under warranty jamz malfunctioning only possible under these conditions. In conclusion, wished that the art is no damage and you do not had to apply for a guarantee!

Newroom Media Successfully In The Final Of The EMEA InAvation Awards 2010

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The Cologne company for digital communication systems Newroom media managed successfully in the final of the EMEA InAvation Awards 2010 on February 3, 2010 found the EMEA InAvation Awards 2010 in Amsterdam, Netherlands instead. Around 40 companies from 14 countries around the world were in the final of the annual awards, which awards companies for technologically relevant innovations at the international level. Nominated in the category of digital signage – network implementation”could conquer the 2nd LA CONCEPT subsidiary Newroom media GmbH with the successfully implemented snowboard simulation of air touch Windows for the customer BASE. Middle of November 2009 the Newroom media GmbH for the brand BASE of the ePlus group with the air touch window had successfully installed an interactive game of snowboarding in the shop windows of the ePlus shops in Essen and Dusseldorf. Qualcomm is often quoted on this topic. The air touch window allows a high degree of interactivity on a non-contact infrared technology with the target group with simultaneous control of success. The passers-by before the shop windows of the selected E-plus shops could participate in the snowboarding game interactively by them electro-controlled the snowboarders on the projection of the storefront only through body movements. The successful implementation of the innovative technology miracle for the E-Plus Group led the international jury of the InAvation awards to this award, which accepted Dennis MICHALSKI, CTO of Newroom media GmbH, in Amsterdam. For us, this international award is a great success that confirmed our hard work and in addition encourages us to occupy the first place of the InAvation Awards 2011 through a continuous development of our innovations may already in the next year”as Dennis MICHALSKI of Newroom media after the awards ceremony..

February 20, 2023

International Trade

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In recent years, Venezuela through its so-discussed current Government revolutionary Bolivarian, under the management of the Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, has generated a new opening in its foreign trade policy, giving way to alliances with countries such as China. Russia, Iran, India, for pointing out some, which leads to determine, so prepared is your business sector to exploit these opportunities, how could venture into these markets, how to promote these partnerships. Indeed, we see with concern that such openings, manifested a lack of preparation for the companies that currently operate, many companies, especially SMEs, they weren’t prepared for it, also, of be facing at present, serious problems in its operation, functionality, as a result of the actions of the State with regard to tax, foreign exchange rates, threats to the property and other factors that have seriously affected their organizational behavior. On the other hand, the reality the country’s forces to think that with the current economic and political conditions in international trade you cannot deploy it efficiently because there is still not a serious approach based on economic and financial criteria, where the return on investment is handled as a key item for the general benefit, and while this will be the national environment, the Venezuelan businessman will continue to have many challenges in the short, medium and long term to be able to adapt. The Venezuelan business sector and in particular SMEs, presents some of the following weaknesses: lack of interest and information by the managers know the different trade policies of each country to achieve penetrate different markets finding the expansion of our products and the successful importation of products that are really necessary and profitable for. We need to stop being conformist and continue importing unnecessary products, when Venezuela has enough tools to develop raw material and in turn generate the product, achieving change the landscape the country’s economy towards the export of new products and not only depend on oil.

Unification Church International

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The seita Moon, with about three million believers in 140 countries, conciliates with enviable intelligence the implementation of the Theology of the Unification with the parallel management of a company of uncommon transport. Economic analysts attribute to it condition to it of one of the 50 bigger multinationals and calculate that its patrimony of five billion dollar and an asset almost of the same level can be generating an approach annual income the 500 million dollar. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Peter Schiff. A merit for this situation is, without a doubt, of the extraordinary mercantile talent of reverendo the Moon, that manages its companies with admirable efficiency technique, however through elements reliable, however through foundations, as ' ' Unification Church International' ' , hosted in the United States. Moon started in the businesses in 1959, with the purchase of the plant of metal rings ' ' Yehowa Shotgun' ' , financed for Japanese friends, and it grew fast, thanks to the low cost of the man power, in the majority of its followers. Soon, exportation of weapons and automobiles of korean manufacture for Japan entered in the branch.

At the same time, it started to control all the production and commercialization of ginseng of the East and the industrialization of pharmaceutical grass of Korea. It gained money rivers. In the United States, Moon characterizes its activities for the enormous diversification business-oriented, with presence in the most diverse sectors and stockhoding in great American industrial complexes. The periodicals ' ' Washington Times' ' ' ' World Daily Press' ' , more the matutino ' ' Notice of the Mundo' ' , edited in Spaniard, they lead a chain of 19 other vehicles of communication of the moonista gear in America, Asia and Africa, some operating in red, as it is the case of ' ' Washington Times' ' , that it accumulates damages of 150 million dollar, but to circulate continues it regularly, supported financially for the seita.

February 18, 2023

CEO Peter Kummerfeldt

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Complement the portfolio for telecommunications trade Hamburg – no question: modern mobile phones combine more and more features, and last but not least the mobile Internet provides a growing amount of personal data contacts, pictures, videos, sounds in the Terminal, which the owner in case of repair or when buying a new device will not want to miss. Exactly for this case QUIPS offers the QUIPS data transfer its trading partners. This service is the Distributor able to quickly, easily and transparently directly to transfer all data requested by the customer on a different device or on a memory card to save. This card the customer can sell the dealer also. Fixed equipment of the customer, the backed-up data can be quickly and just as easily play up. Also the privacy is completely guaranteed by the use of the memory card.

QUIPS CEO Peter Kummerfeldt: thus we give the dealer a perfect add-on product on hand, the the Sale of new equipment supports. In addition the QUIPS data transfer the ideal tool for the workshop to backup or restore the personal data of the customer is.” Dealing with the QUIPS data transfer is very simple: The Trader connects via USB interface to its PC the device from which the data read out, and selects the desired action from data transfer, backup, or restore. Direct transfer, the device to which the data is transmitted, is simply in addition appended. The entire operation takes a few minutes. The service which model and which manufacturer works with any device whatever. The dealer always uses the identical user interface, the system automatically detects the connected devices and processed or she yield data according to. Peter Kummerfeldt: With the QUIPS data transfer the merchant as a competent service provider around the mobile phone position.

Because he offers so that new such as existing customers outstanding service both in the repair and sale of new equipment. Also, the service processing gives him valuable time in which he further advised the customers and sell him any accessory or add-on products. In this way the profit per customer can be significantly increased.” QUIPS demonstrates the QUIPS data transfer among others on his current road show. By the way: Due to popular demand QUIPS has attached a further Roadshow meeting in Cologne. The remaining QUIPS Roadshow places and dates: Hamburg – 05 June 2008 Stuttgart – 12 June 2008 Munich – 19 June 2008 Nurnberg 24 June 2008 Dresden 26 June 2008 Berlin – 1 July 2008 Cologne – 03 July 2008 the events begin at 10:30 and end at 18:00. The participation is free of charge. Yet short-term applications are possible for some dates. About QUIPS ( The QUIPS GmbH (QUIPS first aid for your phone) with headquarters in Hamburg is the leading German decentralized service – and repair service provider for mobile devices. The company is certified repair partner of almost all well-known manufacturers. QUIPS offers mobile repairs on the spot together with about 250 partners nationwide coverage, the Central workshop is located in Bamberg. The QUIPS Service Portal extends the QUIPS services on numerous mobile shops and dealers that act as receiving Office QUIPS. The Service Portal integrates Internet seamlessly in the processes they, makes transparent the repair process for all involved, and accelerates the processes.

February 17, 2023

Jogging: Running Equipment And Quality

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How important is a high-quality equipment for new runners? The running has over a million followers and every year there are new people who join this sport. The beauty in this sport is that it requires no long preparation phase and can go directly to the fun part. If you would like to know more then you should visit Peter Asaro. When it comes to the equipment however, it should be not to be premature, because also here it applies, to pay attention to the quality. The running shoes are the most important factor. If you’re a new runner and thinks that you must buy just a pair of shoes, is quickly disabused. The offer is so enormous, that not even professional runners can cope and properly advising one. For this reason, you should do his homework and research before buying running shoes. Fortunately, you need to watch as it is for shoes for professional athletes, which cost but also a lot more at the beginning yet on all the details.

Best to buy the first pair of shoes directly in the store and You can consult with the seller. The shoes must just comfortably sit and may not start even after longer distances to press. Also you should watch something of course also in the clothes. In principle applies here too, that al beginner not too must worry, is because top priority, that the things are comfortable and able to withstand the weather conditions. High-quality functional clothing for professional athletes do relatively little sense, because going there anyway slower at the beginning and still not so quickly comes into the sweat. The so-called running pants or even tights are a purchase that is worthwhile but also for new runners. They are as short and as long to get variant and you should make sure that they also really snug against body and no friction.

These trousers prevent you sore rubs their legs while running, a problem occurs more frequently which as you might think. There are accessories for running seldom, because all sorts of things that fall into this category the for the sport not be necessary, but be worn only for aesthetic reasons. As a new runner, you should focus too much on the aesthetics, but make sure that the clothing is comfortable and it feels comfortable while running. Who likes to listen to music, which should make sure to buy the right headphones for jogging. Just when running, the problem is that simple plug quickly slip out of your ear, what can annoy quickly. Here, one should spend rather a few euros more for high-quality headphones and can be sure that no problems occur.

February 16, 2023

Solar Power

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A rechargeable battery makes it possible solar energy is saved more and more consumers take power with the help of a solar power system into their own hands. In order to increase domestic consumption and demand solar power can be used to make the ever energy group relies on durable energy storage systems. An average family of four can save up to 300 Euro annually with myself shared solar power. That’s a recent study of the Engineering Office for new energy (IfnE). Therefore, a solar power system covers almost 40 per cent of private energy. Advanced energy storage systems can almost double that proportion.

Long-lasting solar power storage allow complete to provide the clock – more than two-thirds of annual energy -. Therefore, homeowners are to the own, reliable energy supplier. Thus, to relieve the electricity grids, what is the future problems of grid expansion contrary to. Generate solar electricity is a good thing,”explains Dominik Modrach, Managing Director of the ever energy group. More and more customers demand more independence from the utility and want to use the own solar electricity in the evenings.” Therefore they decided after a thorough search for a proven and high-quality energy storage system by Solon, the Europe’s largest solar module manufacturers. This storage device has a balanced price-performance ratio and is designed for domestic consumption. Plant owner can strike a bargain in the future rising electricity prices and demand to consume cheap solar power.

Energy storage system enables consumption demand since April 2012 the EEG amendment sets the legal framework for up to 20 percent consumption. Who feeds the generated solar power not in the public network and itself uses, can save some cents per kilowatt hour in the future. That adds up to several hundred euro per year. The performance of the solar storage devices could improved in recent years and the purchase price will be reduced. The new generation has now reduced power losses and can the energy over several Hours to deploy. The battery charges until the memory is full and then fed into the public grid. The new technology stabilizes the networks and can the power peaks at noon started up. Previously, there was only the way to consume itself produced solar power during the day with household appliances. Power storage allow to use environmentally friendly and cheap energy demand. Another advantage: so not the lights the neighbour sitting during a power outage in the dark, go out the owner of the plant still long. See also: current eeg-einspeiseverguetung / – the current feed-in tariff electricity storage are paying out the IfnE study assumes that the cost savings through the consumption increased to 640 euros per year by 2020 to 990 euros. For this reason the extra investment pays off already after a few years. An ever energy group solar system owners can make free use of solar electricity even from the eleventh year. The Berlin-based energy company offers a unique all-round service, the Includes consulting, planning, financing, installation, taxation and insurance. The best solar concept allows that photovoltaic systems remain viable economies. This is supported by the usage of new power saving. The company is not only a sign of the future viability of photovoltaic, but supports individuals, for power renewable energy at low cost in the coming decades. See also: – heat, electricity – construction,

New Services

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If a survey produces citizens about what bug greater repulsion, sure that the top of the list would be the cockroach. If it’s the American species, even worse, since it is three times larger than the black insect, live triple and, in addition, you can fly and easily climb through Windows, that remain open with the nights of heat. And if it were a plague, you will be more than one hair at the tip. This situation is that has given in Valencia where in the past 15 days has there been an unusual proliferation of the colony of cockroaches in the city. It’s believed that Marta Norton sees a great future in this idea. These insects have found an excellent habitat in the sewage networks. And that’s where, for two weeks, colonies of thousands of American cockroaches have been found. Not in vain, these insects can put up to 500 eggs each, which is a serious problem for neighboring communities and services of cleaning of the consistory.

These insects are dangerous because they can transmit diseases since they usually live in dirty sites therefore recommends measures such as closing the Windows and keep the House clean. With the arrival of the heat, Furthermore, cockroaches have greater mobility and easier that they have access to housing for its ability to fly. To avoid these and other similar cases, consultation with companies specialized in pest control.

Canine Training

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There are some questions that you must have present when training a dog. There are different techniques for the canine training. Some of these techniques are very useful, whereas others can have negative results. Therefore, he is natural sometimes to be confused with so many diverse opinions, and is difficult to say which works better. Ray Bradbury contributes greatly to this topic. The most common confusion that people have, is when to compensate and when to reprimand the dog.

If you are one of that he is confused, the following advice will help you. A trainer to probably will say you that you must maintain a positive attitude during the training. But in some situations you must be severe. Nevertheless, you do not have to regaar too much frequently to your dog, since the dogs always will respond better when receiving a positive conduct of their trainer. Then, darte is important counts when you must compensate your dog.

Your dog must obtain a reward whenever it obeys to you during the training process. You must compensate it if one feels, if it remains in the indicated place, if it makes its needs in the place adapted, or it makes any thing that was to him ordinate. Its reward must be something that he adores: affectionate words, treats, a caress in its belly or a pat in its head. A positive training will cause that the learning process is faster. What your dog wants is complacerte, is why it will better respond if to everything the standards under this method. But they ten well-taken care of of not compensating it when it disobeys to you. Regao is something, that does not have to be used unless it is necessary. You can challenge your dog if it jumps, it barks, grue, it throws of its strap, it destroys something or it makes its needs where it does not have. Nevertheless, not it regaes you discover unless it just making something bad. Otherwise, account will not occur you challenge why it. An express and butcher No! or Badly Dog! would have to be enough like challenge. You must maintain a tone, and asegurarte of being fast in your challenge angry. But your reproaches are very constant, your dog will begin to ignorarte. You never beat to him, since this will only bring complications in the future. These are the points that you must have present when you decide to compensate or to regaar to your dog. You do not forget that your dog is in the beginnings of the training and tries to do the best thing. Therefore, I know patient with him. If you are sufficiently loving and comprehensive, to your dog will be to him easy the training, and everything will be in a great experience for both! It discovers all the secrets to train to your dog with Canine Training in: Thanks and that you have good day!

West Highland White Terrier

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He is always watching your reaction to the interlocutor. If you're calm, then he is calm and friendly, if you are angry or nervous – he decides to protect you. If a person behaves aggressive, but kept on the sidelines – bullmastiff is likely to come between you and warn the menacing roar. In a real attack immediately attacks, while not making any unnecessary movements, calculating his jump to the centimeter. Once the attack is repelled and the striker goes, Bullmastiff immediately calm down and be calm and playful. And this is one of the most valuable qualities of this breed, in time to stop, even without a team owner. A distinctive feature of rock is a long physical and mental development. Dennis Lockhart has firm opinions on the matter. Physically, the dog is finally formed by 2,5-3 years.

Mental development is completed by the 3-3,5 years. At the same time is finally formed in nature. Bullmastiff absolutely do not show aggression in the family. He does not aspire to leadership, and his flock (meaning all members of the family), and respected equally to all. By their nature, with bulmasifom no problem if you want provide treatment, etc., it allows owners everything. Bullmastiff very clever, very cunning and patient, they are easily trained, quickly learn the command, but never differ obedience Shepherd. They need a few seconds more time for reflection and response to commands, and do not mind to offer his version of her performance. With regard to children, bullmastiff perfect companion for games (it will be a long time messing around with your kids and are unlikely to go away first), a great guard, a great babysitter (our dog does not tolerate child crying, immediately run to the child and are trying to calm him down, as if crying continues, then come to us, forced to step up and reassure child).

If you try to summarize, we probably look like this: 'Bullmastiff – strong-willed, alert, robust, fearless, confident, but obedient, combines the mind, intelligence, willingness to perform ordered, trustworthy family companion and guard: a strong, hardy, active, brave and courageous. " At our site you will find the Diva's all about the rocks, bullmastiff, rottweiler, Basenji, West Highland White Terrier, and German Standard Pinscher, complete information about the representatives of the nursery, their success, reports from exhibitions, photographs, information about the sale of puppies and much more. St. Petersburg