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June 29, 2012

Global Wind Energy Council

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The numbers are in China Wind Power Outlook 2010, new report divulged for the Greenpeace, the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (BELIEVES) and Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). ' ' Completing the news article: ' ' 410 million tons of Co2 emissions, or 150 million tons of coal that the country consome.' ' They will have to be reduced. One of the impediments for the use of the aeolian energy in Brazil, is really in the raised cost of its components. They manufacture them to the Chinese and they place in the international market to a 60% cost the minor who the manufactured ones in Brazil. It is the old greed of the government that demands of the private initiative that almost suicidal investments, garroteando them with highest taxes. Something is calculated that the addition of the existing aeolian resources if presents around 70.000 GW 73.000GW, as the 5 6 times what it is consumed at the moment. Some studies indicate that limitations for the use of the aeolian energy exist.

One of these studies indicates that these limitations would be in function of areas for farming or subsistence agriculture. Probably this reasoning does not come to condizer with the reality. The generating structures do not occupy so important spaces thus, well less than a PCH. One of the impediments related with the use of the aeolian energy if says respect to the distances in which if they find ' ' tunnels of vento' ' , of the places of use and application, due to loss of energy in its transmission. But this happens with the hidroeltricas. It is the case of Itaipu. Some studies futurista indicate that the aeolian energy will be able to be generated in something sea, which had to the constant winds. Future If to analyze some points in relation to the potentials installed in Brazil in relation to the aeolian energy, have that to consider that for the aerogeradoras installation of a simple unit or some units, a permanent displacement of wind of the four order will be necessary the seven meters for second.

June 25, 2012

Environment And Globalization

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Environment and Globalization Ahead of the world each more linked time for the medias are evidentes the occured changes in the societies, as much in the social, economic field, politician, cultural and ambient. In elapsing of the times the gradual rise of the consumption levels, as much in the developed countries how much in the peripheral countries, it comes demanding the diversification and the production of good in volume each bigger time, the ambient problems also they had increased. These transformations they contribute each time more to increase the aggressions to the Environment. As the society is always in process of change of habits at distinct historical moments, it will be always constructing the space and at the same time, being constructed for it, in a relation that many times is not harmonious, mainly, in times where the consumption this increasing and many necessities are invented by the great hegemonic groups, the great capitalist corporations, so that the market and the profits grow each time more, in a process where the natural dynamics of the environment does not obtain to support, thus appearing, some ambient problems of the present time. The Globalization is an accented process mainly in the last few decades, represented for the period of training most advanced of the capitalist system, for the technological innovations, that have appeared and if perfected quickly ahead of our eyes, where, one to blink, it is sufficiently so that everything if brings up to date. One another factor booster is the speed of the transmissions of the information with the job constant of techniques on this field, reaching millions of people instantaneously, mainly, through the Internet, cellular, TV, radio, systems saw satellite, that reach the planet all. Opening of markets to the international trade, the migration of capitals, uniformizao and technological expansion, everything this, sped up for a frantic expansion of the medias, seems to be uncontrollable forces to change habits and concepts, procedures and institutions.

June 19, 2012

Global World

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A language intrinsically is related to the thought that, simultaneously, is forged by a culture in particular. A culture means the way to see the world. Thus it is that when the translator does his work in fact he is assimilating since angle a person, trained in a context different from his, contemplates the life. In the present context, this task acquires an ample dimension much more, because with his office the translator becomes means in itself by which the culture is transmitted. This subject has been exposed very well in the book that the Irish author Michael Cronin contributed with the title Translation and Globalisation.

Also Susan Bassnett, in its work Translation, History and Culture, reflects on the importance of this complex task for the communication processes that take place in the new global scene. In opposition to which it could assume, the translation must be understood like the art to find the meaning and the intention of the author, elements that are implicit in the handling of the language inside of the original text. Then what it is translated are not mere nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs, but a complete mentality that has been in writing. The challenge for the translator is exactly to enter the head of the other and to contemplate the reality from the same armchair. We consider, for a moment, the first translations of the Sagradas Scriptures, starting off of 1280, with the appearance of the Alfonsina Bible recognized like the first edition in Castilian, sponsored by king Alfonso X until the recent publication of Santa Biblia: Reign realised in the United States under the direction of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Saints of the Last Days. From a translation to another one, the interpretation of the Christian world evolves enormously according to what different groups from scholars and theologians consider that, at the time, they meant the diverse true Biblical personages and which were the meaning of the chronic manifolds that relate the sprouting of the same humanity. No there is better way to demonstrate than the translation also enriches the culture and the traditions and preserves the memory. Finally, we consider that nowadays this important office no longer is limited only the work with the used languages more within a specific geography.

In a globalised world, which vanishes are the physical borders, reason why now the translator faces the challenge to assimilate new developing languages born from the technology, in particular of the Internet that to little by little is taking us to all towards the learning of a common language. He is in this cultural revolution where the translator finds another exciting battle area. And the rest as soon as we must be kind to its performance, because our understanding of the moment that has been called on to us to live depends on its handling of the language, as diverse as can be in a world that inevitably is condensed day with day.

June 14, 2012

Great Opportunities

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Who could think that there are great wealth in front of your computer? Good, if not these familiarized with the tendency to gain ticket in are contiguous, then primitive east in the good news. In fact, it is a great opportunity where income in great pumping can be obtained. Now What the news are more encouraging that many types of businesses exist that you can do through Internet? Even there is a great amount of industralists and companies in Internet who quickly helped you to that you know the world the businesses in straight line, in return you will receive a generous amount by your realised effort. The fly that you can win in the businesses of Internet is so generous, that sometimes you won more than what appetite a regular employee. The unique investment that you need to initiate your business in semistraight line is to take correct boldness. For example, the fact that are hundreds of opportunities to gain capital in ringlera would take to you to carefully incline the company with which you are going to work.

A good serious example registrarte in sites of free agents, to sail by the categories that your abilities and capacities agree with. The companies like those of writing of articles, surveys in chain, design Web and programming Web are other examples to gain parn in way. On the other hand of being an independent professional, also you can start the business of cession and reventa. This involves certain products or services in which people this interested. Pages Web as eBay and Amazon are examples where you can start up your enterprise race. In fact these two sites take passage to a great amount of successful industralists in the businesses in segment. You can betray old woman things, new products, and even and-books that are of your authorship. The possibilities to sell things in Internet are limitless.

June 12, 2012

The Future

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When you do not even have nor centravo, you can have a success idea, does not concern whichever money you have so that you can have successful ideas. Sometimes you have been in a deviation in the way and had to make a decision? All we have been in this problem. In my case, I knew that my work was killing to me. After being in a work that was making me bad to the degree take me to the bankruptcy. My doctor said that if seguia to me thus terminaria in the died hospital or. Debia to make a decision and it was necessary to arrive at a plan B.

4. Hgase a personal promise. Often the people not only are scared to the failure, also are scared to the success. Like result, they are paralyzed by the fear and they never reach his potential. We can write a note for which harias that day before sleeping. Sometimes serious a great task, in other occasions trataria of a small action, but, even so estariamos moving to us towards the success. I have always wanted to obtain something, but you are scared to take a step? What happens if it today give only a small passage towards that objective? 5.

To wait for what is going to happen. There is a saying that says you obtain what you hope in the life. When you have a success expectation, the universe abre and to ofrecera the answers you. 6. It constructs his business for the future. This lesson must be mantra that must learn any new industralist. Many people concentrate simply in the form in that they are going to generate income. They do not misinterpret this to me is important also. Without embargo, at the end of which it serves a millionaire without time, with bad health, and without friendly or relatives to share this who serious class of success for you? Only your you can respond this.

Ricardo Semler

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As theoreticians more recent as Robert Young, the miscomprehended is not present in the act of if investing in new enterprises. The first sight, on the basis of the theory of these scientists, the controller of the Semco could not be considered an entrepreneur, but, in one analyzes more gone deep, to notice it that the acquisitions and partnerships of the company had come of meeting with trends of futures market e, in this in case that, to find new niches of market and solutions to face the dynamics of the market in the contemporaneity, happened as the globalization, is not an activity that a simple investor would obtain only with its vision and experience in the market financier. For the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter, entrepreneur is all that one that obtains to destroy standards old, substituting them for others of bigger effectiveness and productivity, and ahead of this definition, do not have doubts that Semler is in fact a phenomenal entrepreneur. It developed a different form to give to some services offering products of quality at an opportune moment in the market and with significant innovations, mainly in new methodologies of work with its team. Exactly in the economist vision of the classic theoreticians of the miscomprehended, he notices himself that Ricardo Semler is in fact an entrepreneur beyond its time, visionary.

The form as Semler manages the Semco group, with focus in the individual, in the people, must be the center of the attentions in a full world of new technologies of information. The competitiveness and the success in the enterprise area of the current days are only reached when ‘ Intellectual’ capital; it is used of efficient form, going beyond the simple use of the knowledge, of experience and of the specialization. The entrepreneur must harmonize individual or collective efforts and to be capable to create something new and creative. The entrepreneur of the Semco if perfectly encases in all the aspects and concepts that can identify or classify an administrator beyond its time, the proper creation of a Corporate Venturing as one of its diversified activities already is the sample enough to certify its profile. 4. Bibliographies 4,1 Books? DEGEN, Ronald Jean. The entrepreneur: bedding of the enterprise initiative. So Paulo: McGraw-Hill, 1989.

June 6, 2012

Tax Exemptions

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COLOURS & BEAUTY SPA, proprietor of Colours & Beauty, is a company/signature of Italian origin specialized in the manufacture and product distribution exclusive of fashionable and cosmetic imitation jewellery, accessories (manufacturers graduates of marks like Benetton and Bluemarine among others). Colours & Beauty counts on international presence through a network of 150 300 stores and corners located in establishments marking of all Europe. With its stores the chain has introduced in our country a novel proposal of business, oriented to the young and present woman who looks for quality a reasonable price. The standard is developing like one of the tax exemptions aesthetic more innovators as much by its concept of business like by its model of management. The power station will facilitate to its franchise-holders all the articles in deposit with the aim of increasing the yield of the establishments thanks to the reduction of expenses in the purchase of stock, representing a unique opportunity at the sector of the fashion and the cosmetic one. Make Up Store the concept of Make up Store is born in Sweden to end years 90, when his creator Mika Lias decided to venture itself in the difficult task of finding best products for his school of maquillaje.

This initiative together with the limitations of the market gave to foot to the creation of the Make concept up Store: stores of vanguardista style, with the elegance and the Swedish minimalismo, located on foot of street, with the greater supply of products and services of maquillaje never presented/displayed. Professional products of first quality, with the best results and to the best price. A concept that revolutionizes the world of the cosmetic one and that finally is abre to the world of the tax exemption in Spain. If you look for a new business, with a positioning of image and prestige, and with a high yield, this it is your opportunity.