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February 16, 2013

New Economic Path

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Today, a little cold night where I live, just occurred to me tell you how I started to be a freelanse and as it was my own habits I carried it in my 27 years of age. I am owner of an Fm radio station, I always liked this work, I’m not broadcaster or journalist. On my own I half work in technique, editing, artistic and commercial art, clear a great investment! But the best thing is the success of the product, the worst thing the final gain of the same. So it is with my ease and addiction by the computer I found on the internet asking the search engine as take advantage of globalization world dollar and after many attempts with the affiliate networks to do only I found a company who I could put my trust, this is not as simple insurance that no trust is a great word difficult to implement. Seeing me rebalsado in my usual life by debts and a future to be built, two beautiful children a wonderful woman who I Bank at all. I started to take off, for many freelanse a new term and until I myself did not know its meaning but it is as very slowly leaving many debts, loans for investments that never recover etc etc. Not leave dedicate myself to the only radio I started to dedicate a little time to my work freelanse, trusting a company I started with another and so on say that I got a small salary in dollars, I speak dollars since it is an convencionalizada currency, now you wonder do producer of radio and without money? As I said the radio product that had created next to a large investment is successful you don’t have is market already that journalists and music both excellent level is not the priority where I live at the time to raise, I’m in an arid Mountain Valley, where bet representative at the Remove of minerals with cyanide opencast, clear this representative free opinion dislikes of the journalists nor to give to know the opinion of the world on this destructive and polluting activity, where the gain of only mineral goes, for now still in my beloved province of San Juan in Argentina, through my media and with honest people we continue to disseminate awareness messages, but it is no longer my flow of money but only a taste where I together with people who have hopes and utopias. Only reaches a simple analysis thanks to the internet, just imagine, any person in any nation in the world where the economy nor the labour market meet your need and right to work. Anyone can join a labour market without the need to give explanations of schedules or hours of work, there is only one thing, while you work at your computer more desire, globalization world money a tools of globalization as perhaps the most important! Internet has managed to make that many excluded can find a decent and comfortable working distance so as the scale is balanced with this I am not saying that it is the best job in the world nor the most easy is a job like any other which one must spend time, effort, ideas and certainly many things more…

February 11, 2013

Alicante Director

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Alicante, February 2009,-Directive Soft in its eagerness to offer solutions for innovation and cutting-edge, invites the most outstanding companies and innovative of the province and the Valencian Community institutions, to participate in a space where innovative solutions for Spanish SMEs will be showcased. This event counts on the collaboration of important business public sector institutions, which presented various proposals for investment in organisational innovation and organised management. Likewise, it will be announced important initiatives training and quality focused to the development of the Spanish enterprise computing industry and free Software, and will count with the presence of Kyle Rosier, Director of sales for America and Europe of Compiere San Francisco, who visits us from United States. It will also highlight, as rapporteur presence of D Isidro Fernandez, as representative of Directive Soft, in the same way, with the presentations made by Felipe Sanchez, Chief of the unit of Computing the tax agency; Enrique Selma, Director of Marketing of the technological Institute of Informatics of the Polytechnic University of Valencia; and Laura Sanchez, Director of the Digital workshop of the Alicante University; among other personalities. Thus, Directive Soft, in collaboration with important companies and institutions in the sector, seeks to provide effective solutions to optimize the productivity of local enterprises and thus strengthen their performance in situations of crisis.

The event will be held at 5 p.m. on Monday, February 9 at Hesperia Alicante Golf & Hotel (Hansa) in Alicante. For information and sign up, contact us by e-mail to, confirming their attendance.

February 8, 2013

Global Architect

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Article published at the Diario de Burgos as and example of Burgos native who is succeeding in the world. On Saturday, January 7, 2012, the journal Diario de Burgos published an article about architect Alfredo Munoz Herrero, as an example of Burgos native who succeeded in the world thanks to the projects of his architectural firm ABIBOO Architecture. The Diario de Burgos begins his article by mentioning Alfredo s childhood and his early interests. The article goes on to praise Alfredo Munoz s achievements along his already extensive experience despite his youth: his work is one of the most relevant in the world among all the talents of his class. Munoz (Burgos, 1979) is the president of the architectural firm ABIBOO Architecture (Munoz Herrero) left his mark at the Polytechnic University of Madrid when I graduated in architecture in only five years, something that no one had done in decades.

Even the best used to do it in six, seven or eight years. The article also mentions his development and professional growth, starting with his early work, and his total dedication to the Japanese firm Toyo Ito architecture, his work in the American company SOM (Skidmore, Owings and Merrill) until the creation of his own architectural studio, ABIBOO Architecture, with dozens of projects of global impact y Oficinas en Madrid, New York and India. Immediate after his debut as a student of Architecture he started working in the studio of the architect from Burgos Agustin Herrero (/..). After that, I have searched somewhere else and, before graduation, I have already had experience in the studios of Alberto Campo Baeza or abalos and Herreros, three of the top firms in the area of architecture. He also took the opportunity to travel around the U.S., Latin America and Europe. I knew that great architects (citing scholarship holders s like Le Corbusier) were not so great until they learned through their travels he affirms.

February 2, 2013

Marketing Techniques

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There are many techniques of marketing and publicity for this, as in the example of the restaurant, you can put a sign on the door and distribute some leaflets, this cost very little money, or can hire professional advertising by many thousands. The advantage of publishing on the Internet is that you can get traffic (visits to your page) for little money. Then, returning to the subject specific of this article, the first concept you should take marked fire when you encares your Internet business, is not to abandon. All passed by this time at the beginning, we must overcome it. When you have more experience you will learn to better plan your endeavors and not have to go through this downturn. The way of doing business on the Internet, never ends, we are always in motion.

LEARNING. Of course, must reach the point where you’ll be reaping the fruit of so much effort and so you retroalimentaras to go ahead. But don’t expect results too soon. When you have the wheel rotating can analyze, according to your plan, how the business will and how much they won. This has nothing to do with Internet business only, has to do with life in general.

For this reason, I say and I repeat. If you want to do business on the Internet, you think that you would on a traditional business. It is the same! Get ahead yourself, follow your intuition, but get organized from reason and common sense. If before the first hurdle or difficulty, you become the turn and flee, your life will eventually not make sense. There are two ways to view an obstacle, the first, is as a problem, and the second, as a great opportunity. If you see a problem, you laptop case, you deprimes, as I said before, is almost inevitable to pass by that time if you haven’t done your work plan. In the best of cases, you will take long time to overcome it. But get it!! If you are at this point now, I want you to feel that you took of the flaps and you zamarreo a little, awake! Why do you leave your dreams? Instead, if you have a PLAN, you will know that these undergoing a normal time of any project and you will see the opportunity to improve, you take that obstacle as a challenge, is part of your path and you looked quickly a solution, like circumvent it, correct to follow later. A very important Council, lean on somebody, not be alone on the road. Also It is common, surely by anxiety, believing that we can do everything alone. Think of someone who has already gone through what you’re going on and ask for advice, saving you time and probably money. Neither hurts, VES in when, a pat on the back, will help your self-esteem. It has me, if you think suitable. In short: do you fear him to something? Truly doing business on the Internet? Only you can answer these questions. Now overcome yourself! Looks after your dreams, you not distracted, not some rest. What can be more important than your dreams?