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December 28, 2013

Liquid Wallpaper

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Today, there are quite a variety of kinds of decorative and finishing materials for walls and ceilings. Wallpaper for walls often lose when selecting coatings for regular maintenance or when you make the walls of the new apartment. Come to replace the more practical materials, and modern man prefers something new than traditional wallpaper. Along with other decorative materials were often used in liquid oboi. wallpaper original form is a dry mixture consisting of natural cellulose or cotton fibers, dyes, high-quality adhesive and binder composition. Sometimes the mixture is added mica crumb bark or dried seaweed. Prepared from dry mix ready to use liquid wallpaper is not difficult – just need to pour the contents of plastic packaging in a convenient container and mix with the required number vody.Material liquid wall can be used for drawing on the walls and ceiling. The advantages of liquid wallpaper is the fact that they make it easy to make partial repairs.

In this case, simply smooth out the surface of a piece of old wallpaper, and a seat cause a new composition. Due to the fact that when applying liquid wallpaper on the surface there are no seams, no need to pick risunok.Etot material is very convenient in case when the walls of your apartment, there are many ledges and corners, which is difficult to paste over the traditional wallpaper. Liquid wallpaper on the walls form a relief coating without joints 1-10 mm thick, with a matte surface, soft and pleasant to the touch. Such wallpaper give the surface a magnificent appearance, and interior space can purchase a unique style. This is achieved by a huge variety of colors and decorative additives, textured finishes and methods Application Liquid Desiccant wallpaper possess excellent skills and vapor-permeable, which is a valuable quality in rooms with high humidity. In the bathrooms, where they are applied to finish liquid wallpaper disappears stuffiness and fogging mirrors and other items. The big plus of liquid wallpaper is their elasticity.

If a new house, he may eventually give shrinkage while traditional wallpaper crushed, somewhere may lag behind walls, and a liquid wallpaper that will not happen. Liquid wallpaper, thanks to its unique micro-porous structure, have good sound and heat insulation, breathability, ie, they "breathe". Natural particles that make up the mixture and carrying neutral electric charge provides antistatic liquid wallpaper (90% of the dust properties), and they say a positive impact on the health .Shiroky spectrum of colors vary the shades of wall coverings. Strict gray or beige tones will be perfect for creating a business atmosphere in the office. The presence of special additives in some types of liquid wallpaper will give your apartment walls, the effect Tissue cover, tint, sophistication and charm. liquid wallpaper for the walls with the addition of subtle gold threads create an atmosphere of luxury. Lovers of the avant-garde, perhaps, suitable cover with a combination of different colors fragments compiled by a professional master dekoratorom.S using liquid wallpaper you can achieve originality finishing flat, though the price of repair would be more economical than the cost of other decorative finishes materials, especially if the application you will make yourself.

December 12, 2013

Levin Graduate Institute

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Chinese companies have clearly defined their goals, aspirations, role, taking into account everything that involves economic reforms and its desire to be incorporated into the World Trade Organization. Maintain a continuing interest in the care market behavior, their needs, consumers and threats, plus take advantage of new economic openings, alliances that allow venture beyond its borders. Take into account what gives us the University of Knowledge Wharton newsletter, that as Chinese companies are increasingly interested in strengthening their capacity to compete in the global economy, they meet a new challenge: to develop international experience. One way is to go to Western executive education programs. Business education to managers who are used in the developed world is a relatively recent phenomenon for firms in China. It was not until 1979 when China, under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping, took the first steps toward free market.

A person with a long-term vision on the participation of multinationals and Western universities in coordinating programs for Chinese managers is Denis Simon, director and vice president for academic affairs of the Levin Graduate Institute of New York City, owned by State University of New York (SUNY). Simon, former dean of the Lally School of Management and Technology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, has worked in training programs for Chinese executives for 25 years “In China, business education began in the mid-nineties,” says Hobbs Liu, director of Executive Education at the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai, which provides programs MBA and executive education and is funded by the Shanghai Municipal Government and the European Union. “We were the pioneers in introducing Western business studies in China.” Importantly, as the bulletin says, the executive education market is thriving today because Chinese companies have much to learn in order to compete globally.

“The Chinese managers need a bit of everything, from strategy to marketing and finance,” said Liu, noting that CEIBS has worked with Wharton and other leading business schools in joint executive programs. “They’re thirsty.” Director of executive programs in the area of Wharton Executive Education, which also manages relationships with key customers in India and China, agrees with this view. “The management training is a relatively recent phenomenon in China,” he continues, “and there is some excitement around it.” As Liu points out that Chinese managers are seeking training at different levels. “We found, on one level, the need for functional programs, and other programs for senior management in order to meet the challenges of operating in a global market,” he says. “Chinese companies have been very successful in their market. But if they want to expand outside their borders, need access to people who are doing business around the world. Conclusion There is definitely a lot to consider organizational behavior, modus operandi of Chinese companies and of these guidelines are available that analyzed according to the characteristics of our culture could give feedback still some weaknesses that are manifested in the domestic firms, especially in relation to commitment, productivity, performance, quality.

December 4, 2013

Real Estate Market

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What will happen with prices for apartments in Israel? For some it is said, the million dollar question. Some say that the prices are prohibitively high and would soon fall, others – predict further price increases. Let us turn to the basic concepts that affect the price of any commodity – supply and demand. Population growth and fertility rates in Israel are high. A little land. And the land on which Jews are allowed to build even smaller. That is, for now the demand for housing in Israel far exceeds supply. Press is full of expert opinions and searchlights politicians who promise a quick approximation of a bright future, and lower prices.

I think chitelyam aged 35 + is something napomnaet. Obeschayut allocate land. But not enough. Some land in the center of the country is isolated, but not residential, and industrial buildings under construction, usually to institutions Hi Tek. Surrounding cities-examples – Tel Aviv-Jaffa and Rishon Lezion. The question on intelligence: What effect will the construction companies with highly-paid professionals in these and so is not cheap cities? Another intersnyh widely publicized measure of 'lower' prices for apartments – reduced taxes for contractors who will build houses for rent, do not understand that! That is, build them cheaper, but still remain in the building ownership. A construction loan will pay for the tenants.

Proponents of this solution argue that there will be more apartments for rent, and, accordingly, rent will be cheaper. Logically would like. But here we must note that today the Oklo 50% of buyers in the housing market – it's investors, that is People who buy apartments for the purpose of renting.