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February 15, 2014

Scope Cleaning

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So if you have no particular preference as to the scope of business, pay special attention to the specified segment. Let's start with the initial investment. If the initial capital you really close to zero, and the desire to enter the cleaning business is large, at an early stage to limit washing windows. The set for this work will cost you only $ 100-200. If you want to have a wider range of services, you should take care of more serious hardware (which, incidentally, can also acquire gradually, as business expansion). Thus, the disk machine for intensive deep cleaning of carpets is in the area of $ 2,500, a vacuum cleaner – about $ 500.

Do not forget about supplies (gloves, rags, sponges, etc.) and means household chemicals – this may also pull U.S. at 200-300. As the professional equipment for cleaning hard enough and often overall – think of a question is his delivery to the customer – and therefore hire a car or carry their own transport. So to the fixed costs of priplyusuet also the cost of petrol. And, of course, personnel.

While enough to start a 2-3-man, the problem with a set of workers in the cleaning business is particularly sharply. This is due primarily to the high turnover in the cleaning business – work, you know, not particularly prestigious. But still the biggest liability associated with the assessment of the reliability of employees. You must be a good psychologist, not to be mistaken with the selection of staff – they work in office and residential premises in which, as a rule, a lot of wealth.

February 2, 2014

Strong Link Transport Company

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What is needed for proper transportation of goods? It all depends on the driver, what experience he has behind the wheel, done that obviously not all can be professional drivers. Work as a driver in the field of international transport road, honor and responsibility. A very important part of the launch of the cargo transportation by truck is the choice of the driver. It is necessary to choose smart and motivated people because they are the face of transport company. And not only that care must be taken, because theirs tasks to carry goods from one place to another, and for this you need to know the convention of SMR, traffic regulations in all countries where he will go, and valid axle load weight. When will a truck inspection immediately after the driver returned to the course of transportation, then we can learn some interesting facts about what we have assigned to the driver work.

If the machine is clean and tidy, not only inside but also outside, then it is a fact of good quality driver, but if the opposite is true, then it is necessary to warn him because the car is the hallmark of transport company. Absolutely essential in the process is clear communication with the driver of the transport company's office. Commands to the driver should be short and precise. Assessment of the situation must be understood. There will be no fail if all this is accompanied with extra courtesy. The driver must follow before the flight and during the voyage of the technical condition of the truck. Yes, the truck can happen different, but in practice 70-80% breakdown truck travel occurs on the full or partial fault of the driver.

When an accident caused by car driver and he admits it's at, it pays part or all of the damage caused by his fault. Before leaving for the road the driver must look for the presence of all necessary documents for the smooth delivery of the goods and check validity of the resulting set of documents, as well as to check the weight of the goods, he must the same as specified in the documents. Otherwise, it will do for you at the border customs, and transportation company that can be a big problem. The ideal relationship with the drivers are text messages. Calls to phone only when problems occur. And if the driver's personal life interfere during the process of working through phone calls from home, then the driver must be held with the sum of these private conversations. Only recognized service calls.