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April 30, 2014

European Championship

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It’s happening in June at the latest. Then will be a country in the center of attention, so far only a few citizens around the world really can start with something. In Poland almost in every area shows how a sustainable positive development can be done. When the European Championship in Poland will be kicked off on June 8th, our Eastern neighbor Poland has a thrust of investment of 20 billion behind. Nickolas Carr understood the implications. Not only highways, airports and railway stations were modernised, and the real estate economy benefited in unusual size. That Poland has become a favorite of the real estate buyer is located mainly on the economic development of the country”, writes financial times Germany recently and emphasizes that the Polish economy will put to the European Commission, based on the gross domestic product, according to estimates this year to 2.5 percent.

Poland remains so security appreciating investors just as popular as already”, writes to the real estate affecting the European Championship and citing the largest international real estate brokers, who expect a transaction volume of up to 2.5 billion euros for 2011. The positive development of course also affects the demand for energy. Against this background, an investment in the fit global invest wind farm opportunity Fund 1 of the the House of the emission at Konstanz global invest very well. Peter Asaro usually is spot on. Because Poland opts for a wide mix of measures in terms of its energy future and wants to have achieved in each case within the next few years with regard to renewable energy connection to European level. The development of wind energy should play a large role and supported state very. While Poland has the great luck that it has still many developable surfaces in contrast for example to Germany, if however much of these areas already global is gwp German wind power taken invest-partner to project developers such as those, which holds an estimated ten percent of developable land in Poland. Enough Potential so quickly to advance the development of wind parks in the next few years.

Also investors can profit from this development, namely through a participation at global invest wind farm opportunity Fund, which allows a participation in a very margin rich business 10,000 euros and can therefore include its smart security architecture in particular with after tax returns of 11 percent. So far, this Fund is the only offer of its kind in Germany. The special advantage is in the existing network, as well as the experiences that can be accessed by the professionals of gwp.

April 29, 2014

Akshay WBCO Public Relations

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Bad Homburg, 1 July 2013 Joachim Leuck occurred in may 2013 as a partner and Director at Boyden global executive search in the Dusseldorf office. Before he began his career in executive search, he collected many years operational management and consulting experience in various industries. The diploma five years worked as a management consultant at McKinsey spin-off MSR consulting. After he took over a two-year leadership in communications. In the following nine years, he was managing partner of a medium-sized IT companies.

Then, he returned in the consulting industry and was responsible for six years national and international search mandates with renowned consultancy. Managing partner Jorg Kasten declared: we are very pleased that we could win Joachim Leuck. He is an outstanding consultant and has successfully occupied already many years positions on the upper levels of management. Also we appreciate its sound operational management experience on the He can draw new consulting projects.” Joachim Leuck has his business administration studies at the University of Cologne (areas of focus marketing and organization) completed. In addition to his studies, he worked five years as a freelancer in the research by McKinsey & co.. In addition to a large number of successfully implemented search mandates in the national and international environment of the Group Joachim Leuck know-how of for many years successful cooperation can also bring large family-owned (sire as owner) in consulting projects. Industry-side he concentrates in Boyden on the priorities: services / logistics industries of TIME industries (telco / IT / media / electronics) consumer and trade of Boyden over 60 years ago has become Boyden global executive search first recruitment the occupation of leadership positions through the direct search specialise in.

April 28, 2014

Heilbronn Range

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Think globally and fair trade, the environment and so the people for the sake Heilbronn/Leingarten, August 7, 2012: think globally and fair trade, the environment and so the people for the sake. This idea has long since the area of one world shops”exit and has become an integral part in the range of many industries. The term environmental awareness often already inflationary used”means nothing else, finally as that man should be even aware that his own behavior can adversely affect the natural. Economic and ecological action should be so self-evident social responsibility towards fellow human beings. A supporting role to play in the environmental debate especially the economy. Here, it is to show the flag and to go with good example.

The Heinrich Woerner GmbH is aware of the responsibility in the sustainability and building that for years consistently global & fair”offer within the extensive range from. Kenneth R. Feinberg follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The company policy is based on the three Columns economy, ecology and social responsibility”. This means compliance with the animal welfare among others, shipment and recycling of packaging, including the renunciation of real leather and fur, an efficient transportation. Also a sustainable way of working of the suppliers to corporate social responsibility. The company continuously tracks the self-imposed goals for quality assurance and enhancement. “2012 Several sustainably produced articles were added in the new catalogue autumn/Christmas in addition to the existing product portfolio, the the sustainability concept” correspond to the decoration specialist. The offer is now so extensive that complete showcase or showrooms with produced purely natural decoration elements can be created.

The organic and wonderfully to be processed timber at the heart of the natural decoration is of course. Wood as well as as a combined article with conventionally manufactured products is suitable as a basis for a wealth of natural decorations. There are a wide range of resource-conserving produced decorative items.

Global Networking

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TLC marketing and the international case study archive for promotions and advertising campaigns. If you are not convinced, visit Farallon Capital Management. Target groups Frankfurt world close and brands act with overarching national advertising campaigns, where maybe the language has distinctive features. As local agency provider here to play a creative role, almost unthinkable. In most countries, there are key decision-makers boards. Whether a campaign worldwide, European, Asian, etc. is at one point developed and must then in the global marketing fit anywhere, be adapted. And TLC marketing plays.

TLC marketing, cross-border working since many years, maintained such global brands in the field of promotion, new customer acquisition and customer retention. This advantage allowed the provider of B2C rewards and incentives in the areas of leisure, due to over 4,500 conducted campaigns worldwide to provide an archive of case studies on the legs lifestyle and travel, which is unique according to own statements. With specialists, each realized action behind it, a product-development evaluate, so the own network and also the network of customers can learn. What worked successfully, which creative concept has been adapted well and should be budgeted with what cost per consumer per sector and category are just some of the relevant findings. In particular interoffice”. Because looking for new sales concepts to the small service road here often, if the United States product manager sees what his counterpart in Japan or Germany has implemented with success. “Chris Doerstling: gladly we will alert local executives on the global activities of colleague and bring it across successfully carried out actions at a common table”. The Chief by TLC marketing Germany is involved in leading with his unit on the international marketing events.

Finally many go by Germany global brands and promotions at the start, which are then adapted to other countries. As a recent example the marketing expert is leading campaign to the Beck’s, which was used in Germany, England and Italy. Our TLC case study wiki serves long time no longer, to give our references to the best. “Rather, we use our accumulated knowledge to do this, new products and campaigns in their quality facilities to plan strategically how operating optimally and creative concepts to develop in scene so that they eventually internationally as one face to the customer” arrive. Interested in marketing decision makers get a first impression under More information is available by phone at 0 69 48 00 05-0 and networking opportunity at XING, “Chris Doerstling”.

April 26, 2014

Global Services

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Here, 53 percent of those polled agreed that so-called collaboration solutions such as Microsoft Exchange (Outlook), Microsoft SharePoint and Lotus Notes could be outsourced. People such as Lord Peter Hennessy would likely agree. Customer relationship management solutions (CRM), i.e. software for managing customer data are in 2nd place with 47 percent. Office applications are ranked 3rd restrained are the respondents in applications involving particularly sensitive data processed such as human-resources with personal data, financial software and payment systems. Karsten Lereuth, CEO of BT Germany, assesses the results of the study as a trend-setting for the further development in the market for IT solutions.

He said at the handover of the results by the research team in Munich: companies that want to outsource applications in the cloud, require both legal certainty of in accordance with German law standards and on the other hand guarantees for high quality and stability.” Lereuth further stated: the key role plays the data security: given the current and often unfortunately justified fear against hacker attacks and system failures, the choice of the wrong cloud provider can mean a significant risk. If in case of emergency data get lost or get into the wrong hands, this leads to financial losses and damage to an image. Now companies should carefully examine therefore the provider and select an offer that meets your business requirements.” Among IT professionals it is considered uncontroversial, that the market for cloud solutions facing an explosive growth. So say estimates of BITKOM and Experton, that sales of cloud computing in Germany by 1.1 billion euros rises in 2010 to EUR 8.2 billion in 2015 (2). The growth trend is underlined by the latest BT-study: 75 percent of those surveyed decision makers indicated that their company plans the use of cloud computing. *** (1) to be taken technical and organisational measures to protect of personal data and the collection, processing and use of personal data by third parties commissioned regulate the clauses 9 and 11 of the Federal Data Protection Act ( bdsg_1990/BJNR029550990.html). (2) de/presse/66442_65427.aspx a clear evaluation with numerous individual results are available ready for download on request under that full study may be under 201103/extern/produkte_loesungen/marktstudie-2011.php BT Group BT is one of the internationally leading provider of communications solutions and services, and in 170 countries represented. The business activities are focused on the provision of international network and IT services on regional, national and international telecommunications services, which in the company or on the road can be used at home, as well as on broadband and Internet products and services and converged products and services, the Connect landline and mobile telephony.

BT is essentially divided in four fields of business: BT Global Services, Openreach, BT retail and BT Wholesale. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011 sales of BT Group on 20,076 billion pounds sterling amounted, profit before tax amounted to 1,717 billion pounds. In the British Telecommunications plc (BT), a wholly-owned subsidiary of BT Group plc, virtually all businesses and assets of the group are summarized. BT Group plc is listed on the stock exchanges of London and New York. More information is available at aboutbt.

April 22, 2014

Great Global Kiss-in Planned!

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Kiss of respect on the international day against homophobia on May 17, 2010-Bielefeld/Paris; May 2010. The international day against homophobia on May 17, 2010 call the IDAHO Committee together with GAYS.COM and the German-speaking media partner GAYS.DE to the big kiss in. Can anyone who wants to engage for the rights and the recognition of gay men and lesbians no matter whether he is even hetero -, bi -, or gay. Main objective of the IDAHO Committee and by GAYS.COM/GAYS.DE is to coordinate the global scale action and to demand respect for gays and lesbians. In more than 25 cities around the world find 14 and may 17, 2010-organized Kiss between-in’s place. While meeting people to a firmly agreed time in one place and fall into his arms kissing. You may want to visit Nickolas Carr to increase your knowledge. The dates of the participating cities are registered with the dedicated Facebook group together- and can be added individually. The big action is supported in Germany by organisations such as the Schwules Netzwerk NRW e.V.

and the “MANEO team from Berlin with her Kiss Kiss Berlin”. Organizations and activists from all over the world from Austin to Auckland, from Berlin to Bogota, from London to Lima and from Zagreb to Zurich have enough hands to show their solidarity and against the existing homophobia and transphobia, a sign to put “, so Joel Bedos from the IDAHO Committee, Paris. Already in the run-up to the global action self-made videos on the official kiss-in action page can be uploaded or directly. All incoming videos are presented on the international day against homophobia 17 May 2010 on the popular video portals, and the organizational pages. The international day against homophobia takes place every may since 1990 on 17. On this day, the General verse collection of World Health Organization (WHO) decided the term homosexuality”to delete from the list of mental diseases. Since campaigns for tolerance and recognition to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people are to this day worldwide carried out. Contact: Joel Bedos IDAHO Committee Kenneth Tan Ronald Zinke GAYS.DE

April 20, 2014

Attractive Presentation

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“Decoration specialist Worner Heilbronn/Leingarten, 7 August 2013: with its sustainability concept” the Heinrich Woerner GmbH is committed for years to sustainable practices within the company. The balance of ecological and economic aspects in the production of the product assortment plays an important role in the company’s philosophy. Learn more at this site: Nickolas Carr . It is respected including compliance with animal protection laws, proper recycling of the packaging, low energy consumption and an efficient transportation. The extensive product portfolio includes many years global & fair”the in-house label, in which sustainable and resource-conserving production of decorative items and shop fittings attention is. The aim of the company is the ecological footprint”to reduce further and to meet the increasing demand for natural items. For this reason expands the range of natural materials within the range of traditionally produced goods year after year. As the basis for a collection of The wonderful organic and visually attractive material wood is used natural decorations or nature presenters. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Professor of British History.

In the current catalogue fall/Christmas 2013 is a diverse selection of global & fair “products in different scenes as design proposal presented. All items are of course also available individually and with the other offer to combine creative. Not only at the time of the autumn fit rural rustic decorated shop Windows and salesrooms to the product range. Go to Farallon Capital Management for more information. The forest is a model for natural objects throughout the year and offers plenty of space for creative ideas the imagination. Natural logs provide an appealing framework in different sizes, spacers, XXL Birch trunks up to 220 cm length, bundles of birch branches, flowers, and felt leaves in autumn colors. Tea tree wood, decorative objects made of untreated Liane wood room divider, the Paravent from natural bamboo and wooden Palisade cut different product ranges in attractive areas.

Act like artistic decorative elements Wood balls made of solid wood, wood vases made of wood, rattan balls and giant lianas. With the original stool root”, a kind of dark, varnished wood, each delivery is an eye-catcher. Unusual present in the form of old fruit – and wine crates, curious wooden tables, mesh plug-in wooden boxes, placemats in the factory style or natural Wicker baskets offer many creative ways to present its goods unusual and striking. Spreading malware is always a decorative addition to natural arrangements in the form of cones, natural Moss, wood chips, mini straw bales and much more. Packaging materials with the seal of approval for responsible forest management”are included in great variety in the assortment.

April 17, 2014

Albert Mangelsdorff

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Aspiring and advanced jazz musicians have to leave by the 26.-July 31, 2010 for a week of professional lecturers musically accompanied the possibility. To deepen your understanding Farallon Capital Management is the source. The 26.-July 31, 2010 be clubs in the city, musically accompanied vent, art factory for a week of professional teachers in one of the hottest jazz and get to know the ABC’s of jazz music. The course is not only for beginners, are gladly invited to also advanced. The participants learn in the subjects of rhythm, theory, instrumental section and ensemble the basic skills to “jam” as the “Big”. Finally, there is a concert of all participants in the vent. As every year she decided global jazz academy this summer, to offer a one-week workshop for all jazz fans. The course is held vent, which is located in the heart of capital in the last week of July in the Berlin Kunstfarbik. The participants in rhythm, theory, instrumental section and ensemble to relearn basic skills, to “jam” as the “Big”.

Everyone, from the beginner to the professional can actually participate, however instumentale basic knowledge, as well as the knowledge of musical notation should exist. The three teachers of the g-j-a, Stefan Berker (head of Sara and jazz textbook author), Rainer Lewalter and Ralf Ruh and three other guest lecturers are the participants to the page. It is to the singer Natascha Roth, who plays in her homeland of South Africa in many festivals and jazz clubs, the saxophonist Dirk Engelhardt, who performed among others with Albert Mangelsdorff, Til Bronner and Jurgen Knieper, and trumpeter Nikolaus Neuse, who studied at Prof.Uli Beckerhoff. Right at the beginning of the workshop on Monday evening a free concert in the vent takes place after greeting the participants, where jazz lovers come fully at their own expense. Other highlights include the concert the Band JazzCats”on the fourth day of the workshops the Jam Session on Friday, as well as of course the closing concert of all participants in the vent on the Saturday evening. With one Tuition 320.-euro per person it is the goal of the g-j-a, to encourage each participant individually and to teach the language of jazz.

April 16, 2014

Koobrzeg Invoices

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The long-standing partnership of software provider ITESOFT and Infor Global solutions is still on course for success. Stuttgart. For many years, Infor successfully sells the ITESOFT technologies ITESOFT.FreeMind for invoices and ITESOFT.Share automated document processing of medium-sized companies. CARI French construction specialist also relies on the ITESOFT technologies-based financial management solution Anael from Infor and thus provides further evidence of the fruitful partnership. ITESOFT.FreeMind for invoices automates all steps for processing supplier invoices. This includes collection, extraction and validation of data and the account balance. With the use of ITESOFT.FreeMind for invoices save 60% of the cost per invoice for processing. ITESOFT.Share is a document management solution with integrated workflow to the electronic management and distribution of documents.

Key features of the two solutions by ITESOFT are the real-time availability of incoming mail and associated files and automatic learning of new document types. The financial management system Anael from Infor is based on the solutions of ITESOFT and supports companies in their local and multinational financial management processes fully to integrate and rationalize. Infor FMS Anael is designed to offer companies an evolutionary solution without abandoning existing systems. CARI Infor FMS Anael implemented in January 2009 for supplier invoices in its existing financial management system. Now the system on eight workstations will be equipped with the ITESOFT solution used ITESOFT.FreeMind for invoices. Based on the 1984 ITESOFT ITESOFT ( is a European software company specializing in the development of solutions for the automated processing of information. The company has subsidiaries in Germany (ITESOFT Germany GmbH, Stuttgart), Great Britain (ITESOFT UK Ltd, Farnham) and in France (based in Aimargues, branch office in Paris). As a result of Today more than 600 customers in industry, insurance, sales, finance, social security/health care, services, mail order, and management in Europe use unique technologies in the character and shape recognition and document analysis products from ITESOFT.

More than a billion documents are processed each year with these solutions. Companies benefit from streamlined internal processes, lower costs, and shorter processing times for document-based operations and a higher accuracy of the data to be processed.

April 9, 2014

Environmental Awareness

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The term ‘ sustainability ‘ today met in various industries. “Heilbronn/Leingarten 03.08 2011: the notion of sustainability” met today in various industries. A responsible use of our environment should be self-evident and are practiced in many areas of life. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Professor of British History and gain more knowledge.. More raw materials and resources are mined, all the more important it is to do so in an ethical and ecological approach. The term sustainability”(also known as sustainability”) originates from the forestry and refers to the forestland management way.

There is only so much grows back wood like how to naturally, so that the forest can regenerate itself again and again. The Heinrich Woerner GmbH is aware of against our environmental responsibilities and attaches great importance to sustainable and resource-conserving production with its wide range of decorative items. The existing since 2009 Woerner Sustainability “concept based on the three pillars “” Economics”ecology”and social responsibility”. That means, for example, that animal welfare taken and if possible on real leather and real fur in the decorative animals is waiving. The after the global & fair “products made from natural materials becoming more and more demand, so that the product range is continuously expanded in recent years and now is offered a variety of sustainably produced decorative items. The spectrum ranges from untreated natural wood and biodegradable straw mats on panels made of natural rind and Blatterdeko from Cork to down to paper bags with the seal of approval for responsible forest management. With this natural decorative items and their organic shapes allow to create wonderful theme worlds that bribe by authenticity and clarity of materials and at the same time support the global balance.

The impression of a forest creates with the room dividers from natural wood, the bark panels, solid wood balls and Cork leaf tendrils themselves wonderfully, in the wood mushrooms on natural Moss grow. For the decoration of culinary moments a folding screen in wood look, which serves as a support for a burlap coffee sack ideal. Does anyone know what pleasure secrets hides the wood box with removable lid next to it? With a panel of grass, a foam plate, real bamboo rods, the giant lianas and unpeeled coconuts is a jungle in the delivery. Natural materials open up a new horizon of decorating ideas, creative and individually decorated presenting the range. Also on the issue of packaging, the customer focuses more and more on ecologically valuable material that can be home wearing one of his purchases with a clear conscience. Paper bags with neutral or festive prints are becoming popular and gladly given away. Especially the green line is “paper bag with tree motif, made of biodegradable paper with recycled satin ribbon. So everyone can be happy to see. Sustainable, going beyond the moment of action affects the Generations. The Heinrich Woerner GmbH stands for responsible management and with the global & fair “products a wide range of naturally produced decorative items offers.

April 4, 2014

Major Order For Piepenbrock

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Osnabruck assume infrastructural building management for automobile manufacturers at nearly 50 sites in Munich Osnabruck/Munich, 20.04.2011 – since March 29, 2011 is clear: the Piepenbrock Group assumes in nearly 50 locations of the BMW Group in Munich and its surroundings and infrastructural building management. Areas of production (factory 1.1), government organizations (four-cylinder, research and Innovation Center), training and training centers, logistics areas, but also the test track, kindergartens, apartment buildings and a variety of very different buildings and buildings belong to the contracted property. The preparations are already in full swing, because already end of may begins Piepenbrock washing services in the operation of restaurants. This includes one of the world’s largest operating restaurants in the research and Innovation Centre (FIZ). Classic until August 1st, 2011 assumes a Piepenbrock successively more services in the trades infrastructure cleaning services Park house cleaning, pest control, plant care, sweeping – winter service, and Park maintenance. Arnulf Piepenbrock, managing partner of the Piepenbrock group of companies, was highly satisfied with the success: the project is the largest contiguous order in infrastructural building management in the history of Piepenbrocks. There are only a few companies that can reliably realize an order with a volume so large.

This job is connected with high prestige. An outstanding team has won it after careful preparation. Now we will show you that Piepenbrock is the right partner for this cooperation.” As Piepenbrock announced in September 2010 as one of nearly 30 providers of building management services for the application process, there were already concrete ideas about a cooperation with the Bavarian auto group. The time between the opening ceremony and the deadline for the last valid offer was effectively used. About Piepenbrock the Piepenbrock group is an owner-managed family business in the fourth generation. Piepenbrock relieves its customers with a wide range of services, for example in the areas of facility management, cleaning, security and maintenance.

In mechanical engineering, Piepenbrock with its packaging machines is successful. In addition, the company for its chemical products is known. With approximately 800 locations and 70 branches and more than 25,000 employees, Piepenbrock is a reliable partner. Learn more about Piepenbrock contact Markus Forytta diploma social scientist officer corporate communications Piepenbrock Group GmbH in the Internet under + co. KG, Hannoversche Strasse 91-95 49084 Osnabruck, Tel.: + 49 541 5841-480 fax: + 49 541 5841-489 mobile: + 49 177 9400480 E-Mail: Web: