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July 29, 2014

American State

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The consumption is the heart of the effective system. The proletarian one starts to work more to saciar the ego, to consume. Our main identity started to be of consumers, our value is measured and demonstrated for how much we have and we consume. Garaudy (1967 p.141) standes out that the form most specific of appropriation of the more-value in the capitalist regimen In a community of work dominated for the exchange of merchandises, where the man does not produce for its necessities or the ones of the collective which belongs, but for the market, the work of each man does not produce more values of use, but values of exchange. The product of the man, becoming merchandises, has cut its relation with the man. This in double felt: it is separate of the necessity because he is destined to an impersonal market; it is separate of the work inasmuch as the producing work of merchandise is equally impersonal, homogeneous and he does not distinguish yourself for the amount.

The citizens lose its identity, its essence to enter in this wild race for having. Great part of the things that we buy and we consume on average becomes garbage of six months. Today the developed countries more consume the double of what fifty years behind. This was planned shortly after World War II when the American State studied the form to stimulate the economy. The analyst of sales Victor Lebaw articulated the norm that would be the solution of all system, affirming that the enormous American productive economy demanded that they made of the consumption the life form that becomes the purchase and the use of good in rituals, that looks to the satisfaction spiritual the satisfaction of the ego in consuming, and still standed out the necessity of that the things are consumed, destroyed, substituted and discarded a rhythm house time greater, making of the citizens, ' ' marionetes' ' that they dance as the regiment of capitalist music.

July 21, 2014


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How else claimed the ancient, the foundation is the part of the building that bears his entire weight and is in the earth. As we know from history, even ancient Egyptian temples, in spite of its massiveness, were built without foundations. Most likely this happened because of the lack of humanity at the time of deeper knowledge. But already in iv. bc there are buildings that have not only the exterior walls are based on solid grounds, but also throughout area of the building. Types of foundations are diverse. For example, a hut made of wood, twigs and leaves in the villages on the islands in Oceania are based on a powerful stone slabs or on stilts, which in turn raised above ground level to 2 m. An interesting feature have a home in Venice. Hear from experts in the field like Kenneth R. Feinberg for a more varied view.

They stand in long pine and oak stilts, connected by a lattice system. In Europe, the construction of buildings on pile foundations prevailed since the xvii century. So, at this time Netherlands built Amsterdam city hall, for the erection of the foundation which took more than 13 thousand piles. There are examples of the use of pile foundations in Russia. About 40 thousand piles were culled during the restructuring of the Peter and Paul fortress in 1706 in Russia in the xvii century. log often placed directly on the ground without a foundation, so the lower crowns were cut from the larch, and in the corners rested on boulders. Were built and more solid foundation, as naprbmer the church of the Intercession on Nearly at Vladimir, where the foundation is laid in cobblestone to a depth of about 1,5 m. Installation of foundation as a science in Russia can be attributed to the first quarter of xviii century. When the first guide to installation of foundations for construction of major railroad bridges. Then it took to develop evidence-based practices devices of the foundations.

July 20, 2014

Keep a Positive Attitude

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I can understand that in an economic situation like the present, it is hard to be positive. I can understand that with the exponential growth in corporate defaults, whatever be positive. I can understand that with the declining level of sales of companies, we are more pessimistic. I can understand that before the freezing of wages, are, rising unemployment ,…, believe that life is a m. …. Finally, I can understand all this and more. But please, attitudes are contagious, and if faced with a complicated situation, we adopt a pessimistic attitude, the results may turn out to be apocalyptic, especially in organizations or companies.

It is for all hard to be optimistic about a situation that gets worse every minute that passes, but sometimes we are the ones that do worse. Here we should not enforce the famous Murphy’s Law, which says: “If something can go wrong will go wrong.” No sir, we must enforce the Act Dabosch: “If something can go wrong, I will do everything possible and impossible to do well.” Positive attitudes complicated situations, this is what correct. And let’s not sink or overcome by adversity. As they say, time and distance as cure almost everything. We have all suffered some heartbreak, and at that moment I thought was the worst moment of our lives, but after a few months, weeks, days and even for some hours, we sentential fortunate just being here in e world. That should be the attitude, my other Act is as follows, and I assure you it is true to a thousand percent: “If we suffer any adversity, life sure I am rewarded with something better. Everything in life happens for a reason, better believe it’s for something good, and so will be. The truth is that it is precisely in times of crisis when buying real sense CARPE DIEM appointments and Tempus Fugit, ie time passes and seize the moment.

Nothing will regret in times of difficult. But adopting a positive attitude and actively address the problems it will help us first understand the true scope of our problem, and secondly, to find the solution to the problem early. Because if something learned from pennon at school is that every problem has its solution by definition, and also you can get to it in different ways, and even some problems sometimes have different solutions. And you better keep quiet, otherwise the problem will be me, boring to everyone. So just throw a piece of advice: be positive at work, at home, in short, to life and to yourselves. Do not let yourselves be influenced by negative attitudes, but try to be contagious optimistic people and their feelings. As stated in some oriental language (Chinese or Japanese), crisis translates into opportunity.

July 6, 2014


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‘ ‘. Although the retrocession educational politician and installed in Brazil in the military dictatorship, the previous questionings in relation to the culture, behavior and school had been intense and taken professors of History to carry through diverse experiences in the education of discipline. These experiences had served of base for posterior research that had started if to develop in the courses of History. In presented text V ENPEH (National Meeting of Researchers of Ensino de Histria), DAYS (2002) affirms that such occured transformations had imposed the formed professionals who acted in this period, that they reflected on its basic feio: the performance in the school.

It was in the end of the decade of 70 and beginning of 80 that the concerns with the formation of the professors and the education of History had passed if to constitute of form more emphatical as object of reflection for researchers of History in general. At a first moment, these research was focadas in the party of education, having as analysis object the laws, proposals of resumes, being thus, in the scope are of the classroom. With the development of these research, great part was intent in the programs of after-graduation in education and this at the same time provided a displacement of the approach of the same ones. The didactic analyses of the Laws, proposals, books had been being interrelated with the reality of the classroom. (DAYS, 2002).

These changes in the approach had provided a significant increase number of it of works on the education of History. These works centered in the pedagogia had become more present in the reflections of the professionals in History, having thought its proper area. Works, projects and experiences have been argued in diverse events of the area as first example to the ANPUH in the decades of 70 and 80 when they had opted to including professors of basic and average education.

July 5, 2014

Create A Site In Moscow. Promote Your Company

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The global financial crisis, provisions which would operate only profit organization. If you implement the goods or services, then absolutely clear that without an increase in income poverty organization unable to work. The government is continuously increasing fees, and pay them if possible, the organizations at all close to bankruptcy. Advertising in journals – not a panacea, because today all the people trying to save money, including on the details. But there's one thing to save money which will not be a single person, even once glancing that it in fact. At Dennis P. Lockhart you will find additional information. And this detail – the Internet. There are currently more the number of people spend several hours a day in the global network. Through it, and communicate more enjoyable and make purchases.

That's because the creation of a site in Moscow is currently popular to an extent. Any company trying to implement so as to know about it as much as possible customers. Hearing the familiar name of one or another company, usually every one of us gets into the Internet and looking is a resource of the organization. And in a situation when resource does not, then immediately, one gets a bad attitude. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Kenneth R. Feinberg and gain more knowledge.. About us begin to speak as a collective and neprodvinutoy. Site development – the path to popularity.

The sophisticated resource allows you to instantly create favorable opinion of the organization and discover how to seriously worry about the hypothetical buyer of the firm. Naturally, the portal to do their own is not worth it. Low professionalism in this matter immediately noticeable. Much more correct to find this group of web designers who know how to translate the site memorable and vivid. Important part of the resource every company that offers products or services, shall be and . If the right can not be purchased on the site that sells the organization, the majority of current customers will grow lazy to look right on. Solely to create an Internet store in Moscow clear view will allow the consumer to understand that this resource is specially made for his convenience. Do not try to create your online store featured too. None of the consumer will not be long understand the functions and buttons. Every shop on the Internet should be obvious if not the most sensible, its use of the Internet. Everyone must necessarily be very clear on what link to click to find out the cost or make a reservation. That the company was prosperous, it must take care about the comfort of their own customers. Having free time and money to create high-quality site and online store, you instantly feel a big difference in regard to the firm. But at the same time and get a chance to see improvement implementation, which can not be not very nice.