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September 29, 2015


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The globalization is one of the subjects that never leave scene, is as that pants that we use a time and that it passes years and years kept in the closet and times later it reappears in its body. Many do not like and they do not accept the globalization, the capitalism, however the following hypothesis is raised: it will be that today the world would be so advanced in a socialist system? It does not have doubts that the paid world a great price for being in a capitalist system, since its I begin, when the world passed for a species of land division and conflicts in which thousands of peoples had disappeared, where the society passed of humanist for consumista, an example is economic crisis that it affected and it affects the planet, where we have as great protagonist the United States, the first economy of the planet in full process of contraction and that for consequence it takes all the too much countries to suffer economic crises: unemployment, increase of the social inaquality, etc However a positive point for this process of globalization exists all: technological advances; the cellular computer science, Internet, telephones, the household-electric ones that they are indispensable to our day the day, as stove, iron to pass and the eletroeletrnicos, as radio and television. With this ' ' capitalism global' ' , the world can walk together, grow in sustainable way in all the sectors if not in igualitria way at least without great inaqualities, since that all fulfill with its functions, mainly State, that is to consider conditions of equality for all the peoples, making great investments in all the sectors, over all in education, and not to remove of the superior classrooms in abusive way with collections of taxes, it stops later to distribute the inferior population of low income or villain as the Brazilian government makes creating one ties of dependence until a certainty ' ' clientelismo' ' or ' ' assistencialismo' '. Before everything this, we can conclude that, the globalization can be better, but it stops this is necessary that it has a bigger participation of the State as already cited, the society if to join around the cause: reduction of the social inaqualities and the media to make its function: to show the reality of the facts, criticizing and considering solutions to decide the problems and to be the door voice of the society without any type of manipulation, the third sector working together with excessively. to jornalismoemprimeirolugar

September 28, 2015

12 Easy Ways To Fight Global Warming

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Scientists assert that to stop global warming anymore. Of course not, if you pursue this policy and do not do anything to somehow rectify the situation. Speaking candidly Euro Pacific Precious Metals told us the story. Cloud theory of saving the Earth – it is certainly well, but is the use of them will only appear after their successful introduction to which is still very far away. If you do not believe in the prophecies of global warming, the use of these simple ways to at least have a positive impact on your financial situation, not to mention a sense of value that occurs when you are busy indeed a great and desirable. Plus, the clean air has not hurt anyone. Great damage to the environment, of course, does the industry in the face of factories, plants, etc., but I think they pale in comparison to what comes from us, the population of planet Earth. Indeed, in the end, it is for us and try all of these companies to provide our consumer power. If we were more reserved in their desires, and simply more sensible attitude to the resources, neither of which global warming speech today would not exist.

And so, here are simple ways to which performance, certainly not harm your well-being (welfare), and just makes you more economical and at the same time help the climate to pull myself together. 1). Get as much information about global warming awareness – a pledge success. You can not fight, not knowing his "enemy" in the face. Determine for yourself how important to you about climate change.

September 17, 2015

Traction Alopecia

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To make your hair grow, brush 100 each day. FALSE: Brushing that can damage the hair cuticle. NOT recommended! In fact, your hair reacts better to a comb than a brush. Brushing will only lead to split ends and hair breakage. Sharing combs and brushes can spread scalp diseases. TRUE: Lice and other parasites can be transported from scalp to scalp through the sharing of combs, brushes and hair care tools.

Haircut makes it grow faster and / or thicker. FALSE: This common error comes from the fact that hair is thicker at the base of what is at the tip, shorter hair appears thicker at first. Cutting the hair does not affect its normal biologically determined growth rate or overall texture. A fine, limp or fine not always thicken in response to a haircut. Plump your hair by using volume enhancing products hair care, experimenting with a fattening Blunt haircut or get a permanent texture or color treatment.

Color treatment causes hair loss. Most false: coloring products contain chemicals that can cause severe damage to the hair if not used properly, but still can not initiate hair loss. Salon products are identical to drugstore products. FALSE: Although there are exceptions, generally contain salon products of higher quality, more expensive ingredients that are designed to consistently provide more intensive cleansing, moisturizing and conditioning results. The quality ingredients in salon products are not usually found in drugstore brands. If in doubt? read labels. Long sun exposure favors hair loss. False: Your hair acts as a shield against the sun. Hair loss appears at the level of the hair and the sun would have to penetrate at this depth to do any damage. The diet is linked to hair loss. TRUE: It is important to eat well to be generally healthy. However, no individual food has proven to be beneficial or detrimental to hair. Stress causes hair loss. TRUE severe stress (eg surgery or a death in the family), you can close the hair production, causing temporary hair loss (alopecia areata). The scalp usually recover, however, and the hair grows back

The use of tight braids, ponytails or buns causes baldness. TRUE Traction Alopecia: This is a very real condition of hair loss is very common among older women African American. It is the result of using a tight ponytail, braids or buns over an extended period of time. Over time, hair breakage or loss as a result of tight, stressed styles, can become permanent. Avoid this potential problem by opting for more flexible styles that minimize scalp tension. 15. Smoking causes gray hair. FACT: According to JG Mosley of Nursing Leigh, Lancashire, England, in an article in Science News (January 11, 1997) smokers are four times more likely to have gray hair than nonsmokers. Even worse, the snuff has been definitively linked to accelerated hair loss. ABSTRACT Play another myth about hair? Do your research? Ask an expert! This does not include your grandmother, best friend or local barmaid. Instead, talk to an experienced hairdresser or a trichologist. Get all the facts before acting on any hair myths? You owe it to your hair.

September 16, 2015

Drink Water

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Therefore, if you lose weight under the supervision of a specialist in a certain group, you should not rely on other people's achievements and upset because of their possibly modest results. At one time, you're bound to succeed, the main thing – do not stop halfway, 8. Your ideal image among all your photos, find the most successful, those with whom you are young, beautiful and slender. From time time, watch them and try to capture this image in your mind, get used to them; 9. Keep a diary Keep a record of what you eat. Such records will analyze your food preferences, discipline and help you avoid many mistakes. 10. Get rid of his own shortcomings gradually If you decide to quit smoking, not drinking alcohol, coffee, etc.

do not try to do it all at once. Much more efficient and reliable step by step to eliminate one bad habit for a certain period of time. Thus the body will be easier to rebuild and live in new conditions. 11. Store food only in the kitchen Many people are accustomed to keep all sorts of goodies in the car, on your desktop, and even in the bedroom. Snacks between meals, they are not thinking about the extra calories that get along with sweets.

In addition, such a habit may harm the stomach. 12. Do not skip breakfast every Begin your day right. Morning – the best time for eating, do not miss out this time. 13. food, avoid the temptation to try her meal should begin only when the dish is ready and you sat at the table. However, some housewives have time to eat during cooking almost half of what they cook. In this case, they were genuinely surprised by where they got extra pounds. 14. Drink daily to 2 liters of clean water Drinking enough water helps to eliminate toxins from the body, normalizes the organs and systems, and improves metabolism. It is worth emphasizing that the body is vital imeeno pure filtered or spring water instead of sodas, tea, coffee, etc. Annual consumption of pure water for each person per day to 200 ml per 10 kg weight. In order to normalization of the gastrointestinal tract is useful to drink a glass of clean, slightly heated water for 30 minutes before breakfast and before bedtime. 15. Eat slowly thoroughly chewed food will facilitate the work of the stomach and reduce the consumption of food, contributing to weight reduction. 16. Use smaller plates to reduce the amount of food consumed, you can use this simple technique. On a small plate of plain piece seems more than it actually is.

September 13, 2015

Czech Health Care

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Then health care will be available only in acute cases, hospital stay and possibly medication. This insurance is cheaper. Both cases are for those who have not obtained permanent residency in the Czech Republic. Upon receipt of permanent residence in the Czech insurance for children free of charge. If your child kindergarten age What are kindergartens in the Czech Republic? Kindergartens ( ) in the Czech Republic mainly state. There are private gardens, in which the range of a little wider.

For example, you can lead a child early and pick up later, additionally offers a variety of courses, including – Czech language courses. Choose a garden at home, or you can do so in the Czech Republic? The decisive moment – a conversation with the head of kindergarten. Therefore, start looking for suitable option is possible and on arrival. In advance, you can search the Internet addresses of kindergartens located in the city and the area where planning to live. So you can check the distance from the garden where they live, equipment and focus, a list of activities. You can also find pictures of the institution, educators and children. At what age children are in kindergartens in the Czech Republic? As a rule, from 3 years old. Nursery for babies is not in Each kindergarten. They'll take a foreign child in every kindergarten, or is there a limit? If the parents and the child has no problems with the Czech visa problems usually arise.