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March 30, 2017

National Register of Legal Acts: Belarus

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Registered in the National Register of Legal Acts of the Republic of Belarus, May 17, 2000 N 8 / 3484 THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS DECISION of 27 April 2000 N 70 ON APPROVING THE RULES AND MAINTENANCE WORKERS Rinse-off Cure Fund In accordance with the Council of Ministers on April 4, 2000 N 455 "On delegation of powers of the Government of the Republic of Belarus on adoption (issue), legal acts' (National Register of Legal Acts of the Republic of Belarus, 2000, N 36, 5 / 2920) Ministry of Labour of the Republic of Belarus has decided: 1. Approve the attached Rules for employees washing away and neutralize the means (Hereinafter – the Rules). 2. Ministries, other central governmental authorities, associations (institutions), subordinated to the Government of the Republic of Belarus, if necessary, develop a specific subordinate organizations and claim in the prescribed manner industry rules for employees and leaves no neutralizing agents. Alabama Senator often says this. 3. Employers who do not have named in paragraph 2 of this Resolution higher authorities, in dealing with security personnel and washing away the means of neutralizing apply this Regulation or, depending on the nature of activities (of work), the corresponding industry rules for employees and leaves no neutralizing agents. Minister IA Lyakh Approved by Decree of the Ministry of Labour of the Republic of Belarus of April 27, 2000 N 70 RULES AND MAINTENANCE WORKERS Rinse-off Cure FUNDS 1. In accordance with the laws in work with harmful and (or) dangerous conditions, as well as on studies related to pollution of the skin, workers are provided free of charge washing away and neutralizing agents.

March 27, 2017

Swiss Watches: Step Forward

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In early 1980 the Swiss watchmaking was on the verge of a dying art. A country that was once the world leader in traditional mechanical watch movements to the brink of extinction. Threats at the time came from Japan and the introduction of quartz watches. It is not something Carl Icahn would like to discuss. Quartz watches were cheaper. For more specific information, check out Primerica financial. They can be produced with less effort, about one tenth of the cost of traditional mechanical clocks.

And, while labor costs force in Japan is much lower than in Switzerland. They were too accurate. Many of the biggest companies have adapted slowly. And many have tried to make it so that the transition to a store with low prices and tried to copy the Japanese style. Even Rolex, old luxury brand in Switzerland, was the introduction of quartz movements in its watches. But even that was not enough for most companies to stay competitive.

Two trends emerged at the time, however, marked a turn in the Swiss watch industry. First developed Swatch. It was a breakthrough in the watchmaking world, because he committed to the traditional method, and most of the assembly to do just quartz watches. The emergence of Swatch allowed to raise the highly mechanized production, which moved to Switzerland, the high labor costs and enabled the country to create a genuine Swiss watches, which were much cheaper than Much has been done in Asia.

March 26, 2017

Economist Bernardi Kosacoff

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Although it is not possible to know what is really happening in Argentina (and will be much more difficult to know when the passage of the media law that will allow the Government to control them is achieved), the Argentine Government is made very difficult to maintain the motto around here, everything is fine. Without a doubt, Argentina has problems, but these problems go beyond their current economic situation. They are fundamental problems that do not find a solution path. Myopia in government policy has resulted in serious situations for environment business in Argentina. Not by chance Argentina was one of the countries that greater capital flight suffered since 2007, capital that for the Economist Bernardi Kosacoff: went by the negative expectations because there were no plans to resolve the problems of infrastructure, energy, with subsidies that eat the fiscal surplus.

And this determined that there are no investments and that it chose to more imports. Truly it is difficult to invest in this context in the Argentina by more goodwill that entrepreneurs have. Speaking candidly Alabama Senator told us the story. It is the possibility of doing business in the country is affected by the prevailing uncertainty and instability. The context not allows to think in the long term and also produces specific loss of business. I put in the place of the employer that seeks to open up to new markets and leaves in search of clients abroad, which, despite the attractiveness of the offer received in terms of price and quality of the product, do not accept it before the big questions surrounding the ability of the Argentine businessman to comply with their commitments to the uncertainties of the local context. The erroneous policy causes not only a drop in the volume of investment and in the foreign direct investment (FDI), but also affects the quality of the little investment that is performed. After all, more risky to be entrepreneur what logic can take it to bet on a 5-year investment project or to bet in sectors with a high potential for profitability but which affect the sensitivity of the Government? The disappointment and the high risk employers are clearly reflected in the data. The data that provides the Acebeb consulting is more than Developer: investments announced in the month of August in Argentina fell 88.8% year on year and by 30% in monthly terms, reaching only US $485 million.

In Argentina we are witnessing an effect domino that ends up hitting the strength of the economy. Is the Bolivian economy to the Argentina more solid? Yesterday commented in a news decision to Moodys improve the creditworthiness of sovereign debt of Bolivia which already now boasts a better score than the Argentine public debt. This decision is a signal for Argentina. To where you want to look at the Government, you will find that the situation in the Argentine economy is not good, the topic is who wants to look towards any side. Horacio Pozzo the economy and markets the Brazilian real has appreciated strongly in so far this year. The extraordinary recovery of the economy of Brazil predicted what was going to happen with the Brazilian currency. Would you like to know future investment opportunities early by deciphering the information that provide us economies? To understand how the economy determines the great movements of the markets, we offer you the elementary course of economy which will provide the basic elements to understand the functioning of economies and anticipate its trends. More at.

March 25, 2017

Lowcost Digital Marketing

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Marquardt + Company presents a new comprehensive articles on content marketing and its benefits for small and medium-sized enterprises. Content marketing is a topic that is making big waves then in print and online media, is still completely unknown for many business owners, and if it is known, is often underestimated. The facts speak for themselves. The progressive saturation of customers with advertising slogans of all walks of life forces to new concepts. Market and economy are so agreed: without an effective marketing approach, many applicants for market shares remain in the future on the line.

Just who the constantly changing mechanics adapts can in the long term ensure its existence. Where 15 years ago still register entries in telephone and business directories were sufficient to provide a basis of information customers, the Internet today is the most important place for the own business representation and product placement. The step to the online presence today is not compared to the beginning of the Internet age big deal more. Many vendors responded to the necessary measures and provide the user with low-cost solutions to the own Internet presentation. But also who actively aggressively marketed his company Web sites and social networks, is threatened by a new technical component.

The growing establishment of mobile Internet usage. It increases the number of users, increases traffic and hence the frequency of advertising several times. The customers pick up users to turn away so increasingly from advertising. There are even many software programs, the advertising or promotional emails block before delivery. What now? Provide useful content and the customer will read it. The right information or the optimal solution, all that fills a single click on the net. The treatment of the information provided to consumers is even more important. These images and informative texts addressed especially users. Clearly structured and well-understandable content is a prerequisite for the creation of so-called content marketing”. Content marketing without much effort and cost with far-reaching benefits can be realize with the planning of the advertising strategy tailored to the needs of the company.

March 24, 2017

Positive Speach

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Depending on the level of consciousness, we are able only to think about the words we say, or even to feel and to act accordingly. But certainly we will at some point to these words. Our body vibrates in every moment in a power frequency and the clearer our communication takes place, our words are more clear, our life is more defined and we are stronger in the implementation of all our daily actions. Each action affects in turn on someone or something in our environment and acts like a domino effect. A leading source for info: Carl Icahn. What we think about others, will again drive us, because we are all made from the same “stuff” and everyone wears the same potential.

But we are also all self-responsible individuals, who can control their own thinking and acting. Is how important so our positive language, if we become aware of them? Is it as important in everyday life, in politics and in the day-to-day business? Not for nothing there are countless “Coaches and advisors” that show us where we are still growing to our way of thinking and acting. For suitable, that have been here, it’s time to meditate every morning and evening in what they have said or thought to release this is and umzu-“formulate” in the positive words and feeling every day to get a lot closer to their own visions and goals, or to realize are these ever look like! Life is a miracle, a film with his own directing for everyone, no matter what situation he is, and becomes a colorful and creative playing field that can be fully equipped with fun and joy. So I wish all that just find themselves and find their “positive word” and speak and act!

March 21, 2017

Business and Strangers

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It's no secret that the success of any business or a business – it's sale, the goods or services we offer to customers. Therefore, those engaged in the business often have to talk to strangers, promoting their goods. Of course gradually over time to do it get better and better, but hardly anyone can say that at the beginning of this path did not feel any fear of owl calls, or simply communicating with potential buyers. Let's talk about this fear, and borrow the experience of those people who have coped with it. Here is a saying from our forum, "I had experience as a sales manager sites, it was very difficult to muster the courage and call to the company and invite them to make a site. Filed under: Jeff Sessions. Every time the thought over a long time, what I say, therefore, calls on the day I had a little bit:) She's gone from there, decided that making the site itself – earn more, so what happened …

And experience communication – invaluable! But the fear of phone calls is still preserved, and sometimes because of this, even losing customers "I can confidently say that any fear is if you overcome it. In such cases, psychologists usually advised "that's what fear, then do it. To step over ourselves and make up until the fear disappears. " I can tell you an episode of his working career when I had to call, but has not anyone else, but unfamiliar Japanese (!!!) And communicate with them on technical equipment.

March 1, 2017


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Just … – Hell, – an oath, he quickly withdrew his hand from the heated sun bonnet. – You had to put the car in the shade – in a hurry closing the door again he was sorry. It was the afternoon, the sun beating down mercilessly, and rare passers-by tried not to linger long in the sun. From the store with the package came in the hands of the one for which he's already three o'clock he basks in the glow machine.

Crossing the road, she quickly moved away in the opposite direction. – Again, go away! – He thought, and went after him, but soon stopped, and for some time hesitated, thinking about something. After a short time, otmahnuv all doubts, and gaining confidence crossed the road as the "Rubicon", and has a solid step was to overtake her. An asphalt path was through a wasteland of new building, where, apparently, is sent to a stranger. A young woman, letting the heavy bag from one hand to another was, it seemed not so fast, trying not to stumble in high heels. Distance inexorably declined, and in a minute or so he even regretted his act, but it was too late to retreat.

Almost in desperation, he caught up with her. – Hello. Let me help you, – he said timidly. – Welcome – was not surprised and not embarrassed, replied calmly stranger. Pausing, she looked around at the people caught up with her and see make sure you install the products still can trust him, allowed himself to take away from the load.