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December 29, 2017

Inventing The Saxaphone

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Adolphe Sax was the son of a musical instrument maker Antoine Joseph Sax, known as Adolphe Sax was born in Dinant, Belgium, November 6, 1814. Started very young in the manufacture of instruments and the interpretation of the clarinet, perceived imperfections in it and is dedicated to address them. An ideal obsessed Sax while leading the workshop of his father invented a wind instrument that the character of his voice can approach the string instruments, but has more power and intensity “(1) Working on changes to achieve better sound quality and solve some of the noise problems of the clarinet, Sax build what is now known as. “Better than any other instrument, the saxophone is capable of changing their sound in order to give the qualities that suit or power preserve a perfect equality in their entirety. I’ve made-inventor-added copper and cone-shaped parabolic .. The fingering is like the flute and clarinet.

On the other hand, you can apply all possible fingerings (2) In the early years who was himself executed Sax saxophone. In 1841, the city of Brussels, he played the saxophone in his first appearance in public. In 1842 the young manufacturer comes to Paris with his embryonic saxophone, receiving a warm welcome from major composers. Erin Callan understands that this is vital information. After continuing work to perfect the patented in Paris on June 28, 1846. Hector Berlioz composed in 1844 the first known work for Saxophone: The Sacred Song sextet, released on 3 February the same year Hertz in the room, under the direction of his Berlioz and Adolph Sax playing the saxophone.

December 26, 2017

Arthur Clark

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Although the interatividade is a characteristic cream of the radio, the Internet influenced and provided a qualitative addition in this dialectic. That is, at the same time the listener can not only create and to select its programming, how much also she can order one email expressing its opinion on the proper programming that is hearing. Still under impact of the technological transformations and the Internet, some theoreticians as Arthur Clark affirm that the idea of transmission in satellite and the notion of nets are predestinold to the disappearance in detriment of the eminence of the webrdios. Air Force Chief of Staff shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Therefore the creation of these webrdios reaches a how much international market in such a way national, to the step of that if they become unnecessary the affiliated ones, that is, the proper creation of nets. However still it is early to even say itself in extinguishing of the conventional radio because the same one already is considered one of the most including medias of mass.

Whereas still very it is argued on the fact of the Internet to be or not a media of mass, therefore even so it has busy a great space in the society, the computer did not become accessible object all the classrooms and therefore it is not so including while ' ' mass media' '. A change that also it can be perceived in the new structure of the radio saw Internet is in the advertising. The virtual market is presented lucrative however it depends on being had access. That is, the advertising, main sustenance of the conventional commercial radios, also starts to support the webrdios. However, in the conventional radios the propaganda arrives more of form practises almost and that involuntary reaching a great one I publish. To the step that in the webrdios the access to the site and the attention or of internauta is not that they go to guarantee the favorable result of the announced product.

December 23, 2017

Managing Director

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Cologne Agency services launches Cologne, 26 June 2013 the Cologne event and marketing agency Edwards media offers immediately their services with a focus on the eSport-and gaming on. You worked during the founding phase only in the background one wants to now officially offered his services with the release of the Agency Web site ( Among the classic marketing tools like facebook marketing and Public Relations include the services of the Agency. Euro Pacific Precious Metals may find this interesting as well. In addition, it offers communication solutions in the gaming, but especially in the esports-area. The eSport has undergone a development and professionalization in the past few years, which is very interesting for companies, their target audience young, technology and gamingaffine people are,”, so Christian cross, Managing Director of the Edwards Agency.

The structures of the esports community are however largely unknown for many companies, so a commitment in this segment cost much time and money. Here is our range of services. We Companies that want to promote your brand or your product within the mentioned target group, offer a total package, which extends to the support of the project from conception through implementation,”continue to cross. Already during the start-up phase could convince the Agency with positive results. So it was entrusted, inter alia by Ubisoft subsidiary company nadeo with to introduce the new FPS game ShootMania storm in the framework of a German release events. In the end it was visibly satisfied by nadeo: Edwards media pole of competences is a genuine and eSport size on extreme quality resources over actual productions.

It’s been a pride and a pleasure to experience their enthusiasm and efficiency along the release process of Shootmania. It’s one rare and precious kind of partner whom you’re always satisfied to have shared efforts and confidence with. It’s a very kind group of gaming and esports of actors who are bringing the ‘German touch’ to life and projects to their end”, so Jean-Pierre Ceccaldi, eSport senior producer at nadeo/Ubisoft. Now you want his in the coming months Expand the customer base. In particular the gamescom 2013 in Cologne, the largest entertainment fair in Europe, is an important factor for the fledgling Agency for this endeavor.

Characteristics of Work

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Back on the specifications and plans and make a thorough study of how to know exactly all the characteristics of the work. All data taken from each of the steps outlined, must be registered in order, to quickly make further consultations required. The key is to capture the dominant idea of each item, in regard to the technical and / or design and execution system suggested, except in cases where this is specifically required, but even in these cases the documentation usually have holes where, with skill, the employer may change the systems, reducing costs and / or deadlines, and maintaining or increasing the quality end result. Election Implementation of technological systems accurately known the essence of the documentation and the degree of freedom exists in regard to choice of building systems, should be raised for the most significant items implementing all options imaginable, even those that a priori seem unlikely. Significant items are considered those that equal or exceed ten percent of the total budget or inputs with ten or more percent of the contract period.

The following should be evaluated objectively as possible, all the alternatives put forward to adopt the most suitable in each case. For this purpose it is essential to establish clear guidelines to assess and evaluate the system for the variants. Choice of topics: Generally the topics to be considered for the evaluation of the alternatives are: a) Input labor ($) b) Consumption of materials ($) c) Execution Time (days) d) Capital required ($) can be used many others such as: equipment needed, the relationship between qualified personnel and common, and so on.. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Euro Pacific Precious Metals.

December 21, 2017

Peru Inflation

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Editor’s Note: An officer of the IMF sees Peru as the economy number one in Latin America, when the world shows Brazil in that post. Here the reasons, and a recommendation of a very strong, in an excellent context company, and that it will soon debut in bag. Nicholas Carr can provide more clarity in the matter. They can send me your comments to: the second lowest rate of global inflation is in Latin America Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 13, 2008 the rise in international prices of food and energy inflation makes one increasingly major concern to Governments. Inflation, a ghost who was believed extinct in the Decade of the 90s, returned to re-emerge with force around the world. Others who may share this opinion include Erin Callan. Why is having a low inflation rate appears as a highly valued item. Precisely, in relation to this, one of the countries of the region was in the month of April, the second country in the world with the lowest inflation, according to IMF data.

And this country is Peru. Peru, with a rate of retail inflation which in April reached to 0.15%, has a rate of inflation of 5.52%. It is certainly not a low rate, but in the present context if it is not. Peru is going through a good moment in its economy. In the opinion of the executive director of the IMF, Javier Silva Ruete, Peru is becoming one of the most robust economies of Latin America: in the region, Peru is number one, because it has the lowest inflation, exports continue to grow, also has a scale positive current account and a balance-of-payment positive. The Peruvian economy continues to grow strong.

In February grew 11.92% and the market analysts increased their growth expectations for this year up to 8%. Although Peru grows strong and has inflation under control, still maintains an outstanding debt and with the reduction of the poverty level. Own first lady acknowledged, two weeks ago, that despite the economic growth, poverty in the country has not diminished.

December 18, 2017


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The arbitration like means for the resolution of conflicts, limited those parts of the Right device, in which the public order of the state is prote’ge’ must be estender and be applied much more there than at present it is used. He is not new in our historical-legal tradiccin then already goes back with his own characters to the Roman Right or this one of ” equidad” or of Right, because in both cases it allows to put our controversies into the hands of a neutral referee, neutrality that neceariamente has to be born from the previous acceptance of the referee or the referees by the parts. At present in the field of the consumption it is gone to him very frequently, to perhaps save costs solely because usually they are controversies to derimir by derisory amounts, but in contracts as they are for example the movable telephony, they do not avoid that the client feels desemparado when not despised because it is custom that the great marks nor give the face, perhaps why at heart they have brings back to consciousness of the abuses that comment and what he is worse, brings to them it counts, because still losing it is still to them profitable the system by arbitration. Despite the field of the arbitration it would have to be extended towards those died zones in which to day of today it is not used and that to the being straight available, can perfectly be encardinar in this way of heterocomposicin. But not only the arbitration in if but the submission in all type of contracts to previous conciliatory acts not only it is not in opposition to Right in the part that does not affect to the order and public interest, but including the conciliation every day in the own jurisdicin is fomented more, as much by procedural economy whatever reason why has of acceptance of the pretension other people’s of voluntary form and therefore by a greater predisposition to the commitment. Nuesta modern society is indebted historical of other long ago less complex societies and therefore where the intevencin of ” man bueno” he came to solve not few conflicts, the complexity of the human relations and commercial to date of today, he does not facilitate the things; we do not forget therefore the old aphorism of which what we pruned to solve from the watchtower of the good faith, does not have to go to soothes Judicial because an evil is better agreement than a good lawsuit.. Jeff Sessions will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

December 13, 2017

National Institute

Association of entrepreneurs of Ibi (IBIAE) has signed an agreement with Beeztel, a telephone operator of new generation which will reduce the rate of phone up to 98%. Through this agreement, the Association will available to its partners a series of very advantageous rates in their calls, which will have a minimum expenditure, without roaming and call set-up. According to the latest data provided by the National Institute of statistics (INE), this agreement may be a relief for entrepreneurs in the area, because the expense of Spanish companies in phone and fax is 10.844.701,98 euros. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out author. Of special interest may be for those companies engaged in the manufacturing industry, extractive and construction which are the worst hit by the phone bill with spending that exceeds 1.6 million euros, and that gives the chance that there are companies which enjoy greater presence in the polygon of the city. At a time where the Spanish market passes serious trouble is a good solution to offer the services in foreign markets which are out of the crisis. Emerging countries such as Latin America or Asia, which today enjoy good economic growth, will be somewhat closer, since this new Convention of IBAE ensures that international calls pass to have price of local rates. This action IBIAE is intended to improve the conditions of their companies, reducing communication costs and improving competitiveness to open avenues of Commerce until now little affordable.

December 11, 2017

Social Function of Literature

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This, is therefore the social function of literature, to stimulate the reader for a bigger perception of the world that the fence, to make this reader to perceive the world in its plurality and diversity, thus this implies to say that reading and reading acts in the construction of a social process of double hand, developing a type of action that if of the one in sufficiently ample space, therefore the myriad ones felt attributed to a literary text and of it also absorbed enter in accord with the history of life of each one, and still, in accord with the imaginary collective staff and of the individual. Then it is in this interlacement of magic and encantamento, therefore in this affinity, that literature if confirms as an element of social construction that desestabiliza the reader, when considers it new investigations and consequently new questionings, at last, fidgets and perplexidades. Following this reasoning Oak (2006) it comments:: The process of reading of literature contributes for the formation of the citizen not while only reading, but, over all as historically situated individual, a time that the interaction text-reader promotes the dialogue in such a way enters the set of literary norms and social gifts in the literary text how much in the imaginary one of the citizen. … Further details can be found at Kenneth Feinberg, an internet resource. This means the magnifying of horizontes, since the incomplete identification workmanship-reader, from the shock of different literary and social norms, compels the individual to think its sociohstrica condition, having as consequence a possible change of position ahead of the society. (P. 127 and 128). We can then say that literature contributes to stir up the man, while subject social, to a bigger understanding of the world and of its history, therefore when deciphering signs this man interprets the images who receives through the fiction that creates and recria the reality, bringing in its history the history that also is of the reader, reality and history repletas of flavors, therefore each word has its taste and its to know deep and fruitful, therefore as art has literature this freedom, thus says Gonalves (2000): The art is one another reality of this first reality that is there in them to bother the all instant.

December 10, 2017

Buddhist Social Commitment

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Bernard Glassman: Instructions for the Cook. Life design of a Zen master, edition steinrich 2010 a great spiritual master in the interests of the world interfere are finally here, here is one fighting game against injustice and despotism, stupidity and imprudent. Bernard Glassman advises not to meditate themselves from the world, but to bring meditation to the world, in business life, in the family, in the hearts of the people, to keep them out of the final solidification. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jeff Sessions by clicking through. (Konstantin Wecker) the American Zen master Bernard Glassman, one of the leading representatives of a socially-engaged spirituality, is founder of the Zen peacemaker order, a spiritual network that campaigns for peace, reconciliation and justice worldwide and has launched a variety of social projects. In this book, Bernard Glassman distilled the essence of Zen Buddhism, as well as its practical experience.

The author describes numerous projects, which he built and where he allows homeless workplaces and housing has. Glassman shows that Zen not lifted and formally only in a temple can take place, on the basis of its social projects. All companies that he founded with homeless people and for their livelihood, became successful and grown. He belongs to the variety people who give to eat no fish to a hungry, but show him how to fish, so the hungry can permanently satisfy his hunger. A very dedicated, practical and even profound book that shows how spirituality and social commitment can successfully go hand in hand. Hardcover, 224 pages, ISBN 978-3-942085-05-2, EUR 19.90, Christy Reiss

December 9, 2017

Cleaning Technology

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Reduce downtime of your vehicle with the new cleaning technology of Advanpure for several years be used diesel particulate filters in diesel engines. The proportion of DPF in new vehicles or retrofitting is increasing in the area of passenger cars steadily, with only diesel particulate filters are used in commercial vehicles. With the introduction of the EURO 6 standard (from 2014) no manufacturer of diesel engines is do without more on the use of a diesel particulate filter. Attorney General may help you with your research. A major component of the exhaust gases of combustion consists of environmentally harmful soot particles which are deposited on the surface or on the inside of the filter function of DPF. By the deposition of the particles increases the differential pressure generated by the waste gas volume flow through the filter.

A certain threshold is reached, so a certain soot in the filter stored is the regeneration of the filter will be initiated. Certain exhaust gas temperatures are needed for the regeneration process. In favorable circumstances (Highway mode) this re genera sound intervals are large or are not needed, because higher exhaust gas temperatures. It becomes problematic in the short haul, here, there may be an increased loading of the filter and get the regeneration temperature is not reached. This in turn causes that due to the high amount of soot the filter clogged”, the differential pressure increases, decreases engine performance and increases fuel consumption. Here are two options to consider, a more expensive replacement or but cost effective cleaning of the filter come for the vehicle owner. u0085and right here is the new technology of ADVANPURE! The motto is: fast clean inexpensive; The environment for your sake! Diesel particulate filter cleaning by many years of experience and research in the area of clean technology, has the Advanpure UG developed a new method to the diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning.

Advanpure 3-phase cleaning technology the quality of the particle filter cleaning will be tested in three phases (basic cleaning, treatment, function test) and could precisely each other coordinated processes on 95% of the original capacity be increased. This technology makes it possible to clean the Advanpure UG not only diesel particulate filters of all common types of vehicles (automobiles, trucks, buses, construction equipment and CHP), allows it to also do this in a very short time. For example, losses are possible for car cleaning periods of 70-120 minutes without any qualitative. The downtime of the vehicle is thus reduced to a minimum. By removing the cleaning to the Assembly Advanpure is on your side.

Brazil Century

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In agriculture they are distinguished it onion, the tomatoe, the watermelon, the cantaloups; in the cattle one, the bovine and goat flocks. The Tourist attractions of Forest are: the Church of the Rosary with its project architectural, plant of only ship, altar-mor and two collateral, salient sacristias of the body of the church. It possesss two massive towers, slightly recoils of the main faade. The image of Ours Lady of Pains is wooden, having been ece of fish in the church in 1863. The Church presents a common faade in the Brazilian religious architecture of century XVII and that it was remained in the following century, especially in the agricultural zones. Captain Jose Maciel Pear tree got the license to build the chapel for order of the Bishop Diocesan of 16 of February of 1780, the 22 of July of 1792 had the inauguration of the temple, with solemn blessing. It was first up to 1897, when Lady of the Rosary had its invocation changed of Good Jesus of the Aflitos for Ours. In 1942 widely it was restored, losing, however, the environment of the choir, the construction older than it exists in the city, located between the Square Fausto Ferraz and the street Captain Emilio Novaes, in the center of the reestablishment city, needing of the choir and improvement of the internal installations, inlaying them.

It also possesss the Building of the Old known Public Force local as ' ' The Batalho' '. One is based high of the level of the street one 60 centimeters and presents faade with 40 meters of extension, being distinguished of the too much local constructions, formed for houses of a floor. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Kenneth Feinberg by clicking through. Constructed with the purpose of seminary and bispado headquarters of. In 1912 the construction of the building for the first bishop of Forest was initiated, D. August Alvaro Da Silva, later first in rank cardinal of Brazil.

NCT Group Discount

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And finally, has a value of the competitive situation. In the absence of competition, the loyalty program can be useful, but unnecessary. If you are a seller of water in Desert, do you have a loyalty program or not, is not so important. " However, when loyalty programs, many companies come to the same rake. You may find Janet Yellen to be a useful source of information. So, often a program run solely from the fact that it is in competitor on a "worse than we are." "Often companies are copying programs from one another, oblivious to the fact that if you copy the principles of the project and its realization is possible, then copy the audience – no. Because of this Copy the project dies, "- says Sergei Belyaev (, NCT Group).

For example, a sporting goods store chain has issued a 3%-WIDE discount cards, which were distributed to all buyers, the main reason for launching card project was the emergence of a regular customer cards at half the competitor. As a result, the discount program was implemented has led the company to a loss of about 5 million dollars – customers buying as much, but now at a discount, some customers are "offended" by itself or discount, or on its size and went to the competition. This error, as the launch of the loyalty program without economic justification, quite often. Here's another One example: grocery chain, "developing" his program, all the time increased the percentage discount on club cards. The result was the cover off the margin of the main group of goods purchased with the presentation of maps. .

December 8, 2017

Labor Code

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This information should be submitted not less than two months to reduce, and in case of mass layoffs – not later than three months. Cash compensation for the reduction According to Art. 178 of the Labour Code for terminating an employment contract due to downsizing or staff workers are laid off employee shall be paid an allowance equal to the average monthly earnings, as well as it saved the average monthly earnings for the period of employment, but not more than two months from the date of dismissal (with the offset of severance pay). Thus, the average earnings for the period of employment for the second month the employee is paid only if the employee can prove that in this period, it did not work. So can serve as a confirmation of employment history, in which there is no record of a new job.

In exceptional cases, the average monthly salary is reserved for retired during the third month from the date of dismissal. Documented rationale for this is the certificate authority employment services for registration. The certificate is issued if the employee who applied within two weeks after his dismissal, was not employed service employment within two months from the date of dismissal. Payment of the average earnings for the period of employment is made after the end of the month during which the employee was not employed, and after submission of the relevant documents. When dismissing an employee he must also pay compensation for unused vacation days (Article 127 of the Labor Code).

Chamber Theatre Lake

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Online blog wants to compensate for information and communication deficits listed with over four thousand read access the new Island newspaper Hiddensee”, which has been online since early 2010, rain within a few weeks of encouragement. Developments in the tourism business or in the community Parliament of the island also includes topics such as reports about the Hiddenseer gastronomic and cultural scene or oddities and problems of island life. The beauties of the island is always in the critical focus, because nature and schnapps, smoked fish and Gerhart Hauptmann, sea and painting courses alone do not suffice now once. It involves the relationship of economy, culture, tourism, politics. And it is all about transparency and information – so far a deficit on Hiddensee “, it says in the editorial of the privately operated online blog. Under the Baltic island Hiddensee with their has nearly 20 square kilometers, located Northwest of Rugen, although only about 1,000 inhabitants, but more than 100,000 visitors come every year on the sote Lanneken”the sweet Landchen, as Hiddensee the locals and island lovers is called.

The impressive nature and a certain seclusion make this island so popular, especially since it is closed to private traffic: A large part of the necessary supply vehicles are electrically operated and much will be transported by horse and carriage. “Hiddensee is a paradise for hikers and cyclists, but also for those interested in culture tourists: the maritime Chamber Theatre Lake stage” as well as various galleries and exhibitions to create an intellectual and artistic flair. Hiddensee is far less attractive than “Media”: if not just of the lagoon between Schaprode and Vitte freezes and the only company with Fahrkonzession for the public transport due to a ship wreck paralyses the entire supply of the island, as happened in the past winter, hardly a newspaper or a TV station reported on the island. In the local edition of Rugen the Ostsee-Zeitung or the NDR Hiddensee tends to be a sidenote. A magazine, the with issued 11 annual spending directly on Hiddensee, deals mainly with biological and historical treatises, and provides a quite competent overview of literature and painting. But lacking on Hiddensee diverse timely reporting and more open political discussion.

The new newspaper of the island”will close this gap: short reports, event tips, background information, comments and reader polls in a modern format. “The online blog on the basis of the Google service blogger” is with the popular social network services like Twitter”or Facebook” link. So-called gadgets in a clear side bar offer, quick information such as the island weather and current press releases for Hiddensee. (Editor: Kay Rahimullah mountain)

InWin Series

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I would like to say a few words about the cheap housing from the InWin, manufacturer, whose body has never been 'consumer goods'. Traditionally, the cheapest housing for office and home are taking the cheapest producers, Microtec and noname, but with appreciation of the past, as well as the fact that many buyers gradually increase the demands on comfort, quality and design of buildings, there is a tendency to take the more expensive housing in the region of 45-50 Euro is Foxconn and Winsis. Until recently, Time had no choice, t.k.kachestvennye InWin start from 68 Euro, and the case Thermaltake, Chiftec and others seemed simply extraordinary. Now there was a different situation, because InWin blow to competitors by a series of ea. About her and will be discussed. See Robert Burke for more details and insights.

Series ea counts for 18 buildings, all of the traditional black and silver or white colors and soothing classical forms, equipped with a usb * 2, 1394 (FireWire) and audio connectors on the front panel. You can choose to suit every taste. The housing has external 5.25 'x 3, 3.5' x 2 and Internal 3.5 'x 6 compartments, 7 expansion slots, pci / agp, dimensions 415 x 190 x 445 mm (16.3' x 7.5 'x 17.5') This is a simple and robust housing made of thick steel sheets, but without the fans included (but safer to take Fans party, as they generally better than the proposed 'in the appendage'). There is the possibility of installing 120mm fan. Corpus denied cutting sharp edges as cheap Chinese case, therefore is suitable for assemblies. Housing is reliable and well cooled high-quality fan and power supply. Also, numerous lattice in the side cover allows to organize additional cooling if needed. If you use more than 1 hdd is desirable to put fan blowing.

All mounting screws (cap, drive, HDD), still way shell is designed for fans of upgrading and overclocking, it is intended for general users collected the car one time with quality components of quality housing. In the case perfectly placed standard atx motherboard and mATH, standard video card (2 Dinov flagship 8800, the old 1950 and 7900 Extreme series may not fit, ask the sellers). Housing designed for conventional media or working set of 'iron', ie organize extreme cooling does not happen, but the usual 'iron' and the cards before the 8600GT will be inclusive perfect accompaniment to this case. Housing is convenient, reliable, beautiful, and the native power supply from the company PowerMan also features a small marriage and stability in their work. By the way, bp PowerMan has all the standard connectors, including sata. Thus, InWin Series ea is now the best choice for office or a simple home machine, the best combination of quality and prices today!

December 7, 2017

Marketing GmbH Alexander Thomas August

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SuperComm data Marketing GmbH hired marketing experts Thomas Vetter and Marcus Reitz Bonn September 2010. SuperComm data Marketing GmbH expands with two new experienced staff from immediately their competence in the sector of online marketing. With Thomas Vetter and Marcus Reitz, two professionals with years of industry experience join the team of SuperComm data Marketing GmbH. Recently Army Chief of Staff sought to clarify these questions. SuperComm data Marketing GmbH informed about their two new top recruitment. SuperComm data Marketing GmbH from Bonn with Thomas Vetter and Marcus Reitz brings two experienced online marketing experts on board. With the strategic expansion of its sales and the expansion of the product portfolio, the SuperComm data Marketing GmbH, founded in 2003, will lay the foundations for further growth so the opinion of CEO Sven Nobereit. SuperComm data Marketing GmbH, the specialist for digital direct marketing and performance marketing, will also expand its advice and after professional new media management Bill bear the strongly increasing demand.

Thomas Vetter goes from the adRom media Marketing GmbH, where he to be responsible for the management of the sales team had in the past three years, at the SuperComm data Marketing GmbH. was the Diplom-Wirtschaftsinformatiker in various leadership positions at the largest Swiss direct marketing service providers, the MS Mail Service AG, has been working in St. Gallen. Marcus Reitz also comes from the adRom Media Marketing GmbH. As head of lead generation, he was there in addition to his work in the creation of marketing concepts for the development of new lead generation products responsible. The diploma-operation and Economist previously served as Director of sales & customer service for sales and customer loyalty in the full service agency atrikom mbH active fulfillment company for project services. This is one of the leading direct marketing services agencies in Germany.

Sven Nobereit and the team of at SuperComm data Marketing GmbH are optimistic about cooperation with Thomas Vetter and Marcus Reitz and look forward to a successful cooperation. About SuperComm data marketing company and Sven Nobereit: SuperComm data Marketing GmbH operates since 2003 successfully in the sectors of online and offline marketing. The portfolio of SuperComm data Marketing GmbH includes email marketing, the generation and provision of address pools and co sponsorship. More services, including the management of fax shipping, from banner advertising and CMS-driven websites rounded the full realization of the SuperComm data Marketing GmbH. SuperComm data Marketing GmbH’s reference customers include international media agencies and leading tour operators, airlines and hotel chains. Sven Nobereit conducts the business of SuperComm data Marketing GmbH. SuperComm data Marketing GmbH is Bonn.

December 5, 2017

Marine Insurance

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The maritime insurance had a great importance in world trade once when it comes to the best known insurance companies of the world, is likely to be the marine insurance in the first place, I don’t think. This is probably first and foremost to the fact that this insurance mainly on industry and trade is tailored to. However, she made an important contribution in the 19th century when it comes to rebuild the world trade. The marine insurance is certainly one of the most important insurance companies of the 19th century. It has its origins in the England of the 18th century, where a public monopoly was limited to two the number of maritime insurers. However, in the course of the 19th century the demand around the world: more and more industrialized nations wanted to insure their shipments. Gen. David L. Goldfein will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

There were many problems and shortcomings which had this insurance. For example, the fact that it was hardly possible to cover the total value of the goods is one of the most important problem. For this reason, it made sense for many trading companies, several insurance companies involved and with the protection of Were to hire. In practice, insurance companies set a certain percentage, they wanted to pay. The more valuable the cargo, also the percentage was greater. The policyholder, in turn, have to pay to get the performance of a certain percentage. If, for example, goods to the value of 10,000 marks transported a customer and the turnout was 4%, amounting to 400 euros had to contribute.

First and foremost, most maritime insurers wanted to avoid a complete security because the risk was very high. At short distances such as from Southampton to Cherbourg, it was possible to get a complete protection. If however, the route led from South England to Chile, the insurance was considerably more expensive and rarely in a whole package to get. There was a large number of criteria on which the amount of insurance contributions oriented. For example, the age of the vessel and the ship’s crew belonged to these criteria. Had an experienced and reliable reputation, the crew declined the posts for the insurance. Just for riskier customers, many customers repeatedly ventured a risk that played an important role especially in the long term. Who wanted to insure his goods quickly and effectively, decided for a number of different insurers. But especially in times of crisis and on very long and dangerous route, there were only a few insurers that wanted to insure these goods. In the course of the century, but also the contributions to the insurance declined, the transport of goods was always safe. The reason why fell the posts can be found also in the quality of the packaging. Most policyholders secured only with damage by sea water. Finally the quality of this packaging could always continue to improve, so that the contributions for insurance declined significantly. As a whole can be said from today’s perspective, that the marine insurance – especially in comparison seems trivial to the car insurance or life insurance. While today such insurance is cumbersome, can for example life insurance easily comparison closer in a life insurance be lit. However, there are many insurance agencies, which offer their customers still a suitable insurance for transport.