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March 20, 2018

Federative Republic

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With this attitude of the government of Fernando Enrique, the still more precarious Brasiltornava its public control of the communication, or polticaspblicas of communication, where beyond of the intervention of the private capital, the sistemaagora passed not to have a regulation. FHC, next to the national congress, still approved outrasmedidas in this sector as the Minimum Law in 1996, that it allowed the performance of the setorprivado one in the system of mobile telecommunication, the creation of the National Agency deTelecomunicaes (Anatel) and the General Law of Telecomunicaes (LGT) that atribuiuapenas to the president of the republic the regulation of the entrance of the capitalprivado one in the sector, functioning through decrees. Despite obtaining ample majority in the congress in seuprocesso of privatization of the system of telecommunications in Brazil, the government deFHC found resistance on the part of social and parliamentary movements quedefendiam the control of the systems of communication on the part of the geridopor state and public politics that guaranteed the participation and intervention popularnessas decisions. Previous the state monopoly in addition, movements quedefendiam the democratization of communication, we stimulate for the callings dCentral Only of Trabalhadores (CUT), Union of the Workers of Research, Science and Technology of Campinas and region (SinTPq) and the Interstate Federacy deTrabalhadores in Telecomunicaes (FITTEL), had organized strikes that abarcaramsetores as oil, telephonic, eletricitrios, previdencirios public efuncionrios of the universities. Exactly making bitter defeats in this sector, the movement seguiufazendo debates and contributing for the construction of a public system decomunicao in Brazil, including the participation in the FDNC.

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Russian Federation

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Exclusive intent to harm, according to Clause 1, Article. 10 g of the Russian Federation should not include in its terms of actions that are performed not only for the sole purpose of causing harm to another person, but to get some benefit for themselves. Otherwise is an expansive interpretation of the law. However, we can assume that there might be such cases where a person performs actions with the sole intention of causing harm to another person, but the damage is not objectively caused by circumstances beyond his control. Moreover, the damage has not yet arrived, but the threat of attack exists, but the intention to harm another person can be known not only him but also others.

Can say, in this case that in these actions no chicane or you must enter an additional institution – the attempt in the form of chicanes? In the literature, expressed an opinion on this matter. Thus, the author of the monograph – Yatsenko TS answers this question in the negative: "So, apparently, and in fact his actions were as a realization of the rights belonging to him. The issue of prosecution of the person performing the right, just not may arise. " In our opinion, the potential victim at this stage can prove in court the existence of objective harm him. This person may file a petition to ban the activities, which creates a danger harm in the future on the basis of Clause 1, Article. 1065 GR RF.

At the time of the assassination attempt in the form of chicanes is a direct encroachment on protected public relations, which are under threat of causing the desired perpetrator of harm. The offense has already begun, but not yet completed and if completed, without harmful consequences to another person, due to circumstances beyond the control of it. Therefore, in order to balance interests of preventing crime and, importantly, the harm should be in a separate attack in the form of institution chicane.

March 19, 2018

The International Federation

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To solve the problem, they design a new tool called CCR (concurrency and coordination-run-time). A further development by Microsoft is the distributed software services DSS (decentralizend software services), which allows you to write applications that the program can’t read a sensor or control a motor. With DSS, it is also possible to monitor the robot via a wireless broadband connection via a Web browser from another place and control. “Like in the 1970s, as the programming language Microsoft Basic’ was the key factor in the PC revolution, the team of Trower to work, to develop robots for everyone”, so the views of Pape. Microsoft founder of Bill Gates compared the State of the robot industry to which the PC industry in the late 1970s, Trower is confirmed. At that time he was Apple computers popular, who knew no lowercase.

Then there was the Commodore PET, stored files on music cassettes. And there were companies like Atari, Coleco and Texas hung instruments, the simple keyboards on their video-game consoles. So the PC market also looked at that time not just promising – and yet he came in drive”. Sure the robot spread is similar to understand how the computer a lot speaks for him. Click Peter Schiff for additional related pages. First found no Government and no industry all over the world more, not investing in robotics. Almost every large Technical University conducts research on robots. Secondly the Robotics is progressing fast. in 2004, came in the first year of the Darpa grand challenge, a desert race of fuhrerloser car, not a single vehicle in the target.

in 2005, there were four. What important technology whatever looking at mobile phones, DVD players, Internet-, initially they had all flat growth curves. When IBM introduced the personal computer in 1981, he replaced immediately all mainframe. It lasted 20 to 30 years, until he huge iron cabinets displaced had”, so the Microsoft Developer. In addition, companies such as Intel and AMD built ever-faster processors. Formerly it was necessary always the latest because the programs were always power-hungry. Today this is no longer so. The hardware industry is to survive, she must find other applications. “Robotics is ideal, I believe we are in the business in three to five years see the turning point”, predicts Trower. The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) forecast a growth of robot production from 2008 to 2010 by four percent annually. By Gunnar Sohn

Winter Sports Federation

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As the presentations of the Swiss ski resorts were called 2011/2012 although almost twice as often in the season as still a year before. However expects that General visitors increase from, so is moderate the increase. The direct competitor of Austria could, however, set to disproportionately with a 266% increase in visitors in the same period. The advantage of the Austrians at the accommodation requests to the portal is even greater. Especially when compared to the 2010/2011 season, the requests for Austrian hotels, apartments and b & BS increased rapidly in 2011/2012 and surpassed the Swiss units to 92.430 requests., together with, forms the largest online Winter Sports Federation. Jeff Sessions: the source for more info. The portals provide information about alpine skiing such as snow depth, accommodations, weather data, webcams, events, etc. from the ski regions.

Ski tests and ski information is another cornerstone of snow-online. With over 7000 different ski models and over 250 different ski tests is in this area market leader. Although Austria has the stronger growth rates, are Swiss ski areas in the German guests continue to be very popular. This is also a user survey from from 2011, with over 5,000 user after their favorite ski area were surveyed year. Here, a Swiss Ski Resort won first place with Zermatt. What it is, that the Swiss destinations despite popularity among Germans often have out the Austrian competition, white Sonja Kammler, who heads marketing at the strong rate of the Swiss franc is a subject also in German media. We can certainly feel free many holidaymakers to opt for a holiday in Switzerland. But again and again we note that many of our users are real fans of the unique Swiss mountains.

Actually, there are a number of positive examples for successful Swiss marketing campaigns that achieve even better results than the Austrian competitors. The Switzerland can do it with creative campaigns to bring the strength of the franc from the minds of the guests. With original themes such as the Example was a contest in which to win a dream job in the Grisons and various package deals were advertised a campaign where could the Graubunden region alone induce some 9,000 visitors and thus potential holiday-makers on the homepage via”, recalls Kaissi. The Virgin makes region as it goes. With their online advertising campaign, she reached more than 6,000 visitors, who are closer in the connector on the homepage of the region informed about vacation options. The Austrians lead the user with broad-based campaigns on their websites and promote their offerings. As a result, they gain many visitors for their regions. The examples show but that the Swiss have the potential, with original ideas, again to be able to welcome more visitors in the Switzerland attractive holiday offers and skilled communication in the future,”concludes by Sonja Kammler., together with, forms the largest online Winter Sports Federation. The portals provide information around the Alpine skiing such as snow depth, accommodations, weather data, webcams, events, etc. from the ski regions. Ski tests and ski information is another cornerstone of snow-online. With over 7000 different ski models and over 250 different ski tests is in this area market leader.

Russian Federation

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Of course, first of all it concerns the youth as the most vulnerable and acutely responsive part of society. It is imbued with ideas of clerical extremism, as sees this as an alternative to blatant social injustice. If the protests in the rest of the Russian Federation have the character of a deaf and mostly unaddressed grievances, the North Caucasus, particularly in Dagestan, Chechnya and Ingushetia, these feelings can be described as approaching the critical point. The reason is mainly the open corruption of local authorities, has reached, according to Dmitry Medvedev, monstrous proportions. Whether we like it or not, but we must recognize that today in the Caucasus there are classic signs of rebellion against society of its bureaucracy, supported by central government. Slogans Radical Islam is secondary. With such a potential for protest, we can put forward any calls, until the recognition of the status of the Caucasus country of elephants! Not so much unemployment, how much frustration, an awareness of their lack of demand, the complete lack of perspective and hope to improve the situation, the inability to protest the civilized means – that the basic mechanisms that push young people to resist. Aspiration present situation in a way that, say, in the Caucasus is a war only against foreign zaslantsami, yavivshimisya in our mountains with a view to avert the insidious people from traditional Islam and confront them with Russia, should be regarded as attempt to absolve themselves of responsibility for the current situation in the region.

March 14, 2018

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

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It goes without saying – and now the picture has changed slightly. But change for the better side – this time. And second – the time for self-exposure Ter-Petrosyan was not chosen by chance, certainly played a role here a variety of reasons and factors. And we can not agree with those people who now holds declares that this could only speak one (sorry, but even a man of such hard to call), we finally broke up with his people, no longer hoping to ever get his support, and finally switched to the indentured servants interests of other nations. In the meantime, the process of gradual exclusion of Ter-Petrosian's Armenian people, caused by his recent speeches, has rapidly flowing within them is created by the opposition 'Congress'. However, promised to make further statements in response to the first 'Aix' and party leaders Armenian Revolutionary Federation-ARF (ARF-D), departed in April of this year in opposition to the authorities, but not 'mingle' with terpetrosyanovskim ANC. Peter Schiff can aid you in your search for knowledge.

It is interesting that the first comment from the ARF-D applications leading ultra-radical interpretation was that it actually encourages passivity and bond with the authorities on the issue of Hay Dat and relations with Turkey. Frank dissatisfaction process, started by Ter-Petrosian and his supporters, now and in the express NKR-Artsakh. Asks the question: if they lost the remnants of reason, why no one in Armenia does not want to pull up and enter in straitjackets insane? No, it does not express the policies and gosdeyateli NKR – and the common people.

March 8, 2018

Certification Federation

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IT SMEs consider QM with skepticism. The cost would be too high, so the opinion, but now there is a solution: the composite VDEB ISO 9001 certification. Still has a chance to enter. Quality management (QM) is a fixed size in sectors such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and automotive production. Against the odds used rarely the IT industry of quality according to ISO 9001 by the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). QM today but is an essential element of the business strategy according to ISO 9001.

In the medium term, without QM it can cause problems with significant disadvantages for the company. IT companies deteriorate not only their chances of success in the award of public contracts, but offer efficiencies in an increasingly competitive, because an added value can be achieved with QM quite. Thus, QM is an important control instrument which serves the continuous optimization of products, services and internal processes. Also, the purpose of QM is to reduce the error rate. In addition demonstrates QM the customers responsibility, trustworthiness, reliability and future-orientation. The aspect of knowledge management is also important. QM is the employee qualification consistently further developed and created a knowledge base that provides constant business processes even with frequent personnel changes. Many SMEs by the implementation of a quality management system be however be deterred in the dynamic business of the IT world.

Product planning, customer requests, contract negotiations, business operations as a whole, to prevent the development of supporting business processes. IT SMEs which have already implemented a quality management system, however, face the challenge to maintain this. Frequently listed by above debunking of IT SMEs QM are too high costs and time intensity, without that adjusts a noticeable benefit for the company in return. The limited reserves are firmly tied to the day-to-day business. The introduction of a quality management system is therefore difficult, if not even as impossible, so the opinion.