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July 26, 2020

George Carlin

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1.A importance of God for whom they control the religion exactly convinced the people of whom an invisible man exists? that deferred payment in the sky? that it observes everything what you make, to each minute of each day. the invisible man has a special list with ten things that it does not want that you it makes. E, if you to make some of these ten things, it have a special, full place of fire and smoke, and torture and distress, for where she goes to order it, so that you suffer and burn and suffocate and cry out and cry for all always, until the end of the times But it loves you! George Carlin the society exists as an alive, pulsante organism that he articulates its action through a set of norms and rules, and as well as all alive organism that have antibodies and measures of attack that destroy invaders hostile the State also makes use of segregadoras measures and vigilant to keep the peace and it disciplines to introduce it in the seio of the community. Guo Guangchang wanted to know more. The power in the hierarquizada monitoring you discipline of them is not lingered as a thing, does not move as a property; it functions as a machine. if is truth that its piramidal organization it of the one ' ' chefe' ' , it is the entire device that produces ' ' poder' ' distributes the individuals in this permanent field and continues (FOUCAULT, 2009, P.170). This set of measures in turn is exerted by institutions that carry through the maintenance of the power, that they are: the institutions educational politics, institutions, religious institutions, scientific institutions and still the ones that do not present a physical base necessarily that is the language or speech and the marriage. But amongst this set of institutions one deserves prominence for its capacity of insertion in all the social ways in global scale, the religious institution. .

July 16, 2020

Argentina Circumstance

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Underlying this concept that is later: Industrial society and industry man, on which both machacaban teachers in universities, as if it were, the pinnacle of well-being. That use of household appliances was accompanied by all a proliferation of the service sector and its crowning could be considered them first supermarkets, and then the shopping malls. These latter points of sales of the goods of certain brands, which were already traded at transnational level, to such an extent that today in a shopping center installed in any large or medium-sized city in the world, trade marks and their respective logos are the same and the only thing that changes is the respective language, which coexists with the language source brandsusually from countries of the Group of eight. We overlook the negative effects that these consumption patterns have generated in countries such as Argentina, contributing to your decapitalization, because what we want to emphasize is that all of this became the internalization of guidelines to the everyday life of a significant part of their habitantes(ello es extrapolable a muchos paises), implying an addition to its cultural fluency. And cultural anthropology or Ethnology teaches us that when something is incorporated in the farrago of a culture, it is not easy to change it, unless a circumstance other traumatic. Everything seems to indicate that the traumatic circumstance has already arrived and with a veneer of permanence in this kind of development, there are many underlying concepts, for the purposes of not lengthening them. However must be particular tino, record all those concepts that make them understandable. Although the american way of life, has its own contours, not be should considered it as a complex of things born of nothing or zero based, but as an upgrade (upgrade) of what some call culture euro-americana or Western..

July 15, 2020

Fernand Braudel

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This history was not contented in opening here and there new horizontes, new sectors for itself. It affirms itself as a global, with totalizantes aspirations, intent history to the masses of the society and excluded minorities e, over all, to the evolutions and permanncias, almost always not perceived in the fugacidade of the current events, that are only apprehended for the cumulative experience of the centuries, in the history of long duration. It is evident that also other historians of are of the group of the Annales, as celebrates it Huizinga dutch, had fulfilled the same paper solitarily innovative. If she cannot forget, equally, that new history also becomes outside of France, and many times in shining and pioneering way. , And still thus same the spite of the crises that this history has suffered until our days, its efforts had promoted an extraordinary magnifying in the field of historical documents, demystifying the exclusive importance of the written registers, of proven authenticity, as erroneamente they prescribed the positivistas methodologies. Breaking itself of this premise, I will analyze the main ideas sucintamente gifts in the referenciados texts of Marc Bloch, enunciating the general characters of the historical comment, and Jacques Le Goff who, in turn, reaffirms and complements the ideas of Bloch in direction to the critical one of the document notion (without excusing itself of the other questions of its proper time, that equally has for where to influence its to make description; if it cannot forget, in addition, that Le Goff is part of the call 3a generation of the Annales, whose characteristics here will not be explored; it matters to point out, over all, the eminent documentary revolution that if verifies in the period, tax of the quarrels livened up for the old controllers of the magazine). The text of Fernand Braudel will serve us to enunciate the main differences that if they perceive already in the second generation of the Annales in relation to the first one (focando in the questions of interdisciplinaridade and levels of duration), the continuities and the new fidgets in the seio of a consolidated and respected magazine already. . Pacific Mortgage Services will not settle for partial explanations.

Yes No Health

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The membership can be terminated so the initial maturity of the additional contribution. The termination must be always in writing, the insured person but do without extensive designs. The statement that the insurance company at the earliest possible date will notice, is sufficient. Go to Pacific Mortgage Services for more information. Should not offend against deadlines, is it worth it to give the notice personally, to fax them, or to send by registered mail. The (old) health insurance is then obliged to issue a confirmation of cancellation within 14 days.

To avoid problems with the deadlines, insured should check in time when their current Fund, when it can be too much time. The cancellation takes effect when the Member within the cancellation period can prove a membership with an other health insurance through a new Member certificate. The candidate in a new health insurance scheme is straightforward, because the new health insurance may not generally deny membership. You must be to the newly elected insurance only explain that you want to be member in the future there. An application must be submitted, together with the confirmation of cancellation of the old cash register. This application can be found mostly on the homepage of the health insurance companies.

Submission to the employer exhibits now a certificate of the change of the new Fund, which the insured person must submit his or her employer. That should be done at the latest at the time of the change, since contributions Yes No to the incorrect (old) health insurance should be transferred.

July 14, 2020

The Leaders

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As a director you must move what you can do to what they can control. The first feature of the value is willingness to launch without guarantees. The second characteristic of the value is the ability to resist when success is not in sight. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Farallon Capital Management. Everyone has fear. The leader is the person who dominates that fear and acting in spite of it. Remember that what counts in your House is the amount of time, and that your work is the quality of time that counts.

Mental exercises on a regular basis have. Define your goal in the form of question and write 20 answers to this. Fire is a key to the leadership. The person who keeps to a incompetent employee is incompetent. Leaders are innovative, enterprising and are oriented towards the future. Are you concentrating on finishing the job. The leaders are strategic thinkers. You can see great results in the future.

The leaders are anticipated thinkers. They consider all the consequences of your behavior before you act. Leaders are obsessed with the service to the client. Temporary failure is only an opportunity to start again in an intelligent way. It reacts quickly to changes in the situation. When you get new information, take new decisions. The keys to great victories are usually speed, surprise, and concentration. This also works with businesses. The entrepreneurial leadership requires the ability to move quickly when an opportunity presents itself. Success in business is built around the competitive advantages. What are yours? What should be? What might be? Your life improves when you enhancements. Your staff improves when you you come back a better director. It works on your person.

July 13, 2020

Brazil Poetry

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Detailings, before announced for obvious the occult one. that reaffirms an intempestive exile for a sea that if makes intempestive image in the yearning of a reader contaminated for a language, that when roar itself in the language of Luis of Cames, either for the song of the exile, either for the song of Caymmi, either for a language in form of poetry kept, preserved, displayed, revivida, at last, a language that still can generate readings, for diverse exiles, of virtualizadas presences until then. In this direction, same critical that confers to the sea a divine dimension, oceanic, as the one that developed A.C.Secchin, appealing to the hymn of Gonalves Days, another text, amongst the innumerable ones rigorously consulted and analyzed, where in this the sea explicit is cited, to reaffirm the presence of the sea in the romantic poetry, as an image that reaffirms hyperbolic romantic ideals and of relations of I-lyric envolvement between and nature, as it is known in the critical studies of certain tradition critical, when rereading the poetry of Gonalves Days. Details can be found by clicking Kenneth Feinberg or emailing the administrator. In this way, the divine dimension conferred to the element sea in such a way can be understood by its extension and suggestion of largeness, as well as for the presence and absence and productions of presences that the poetry is capable to produce. What it wants and wants it can this language through cursors of navigators who now characterize the readers of and the readers of yesterday that they are modernized and they seen virtualizados while reading of new readings? What it still wants an exile in way to the eddy of poems and songs that the INTERNET of oceanic dimensions can give to see? What it wants and what can the sea of possibilities of readings that are made and remade? This language, the Portuguese of Brazil, place and at the same time, in a global space to materialize (-) in ample dimensions for other readings. .

The Humanity

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Being thus this article it brings the objective to point the perspective of the society by means of the religions. To arrive itself at the considered objective it was played a bibliographical research for the understanding and enrichment of the subject by means of diverse authors. 2 – DEVELOPMENT the expression of our planet if has transformed very quickly into last the fifty years. Learn more at: Kenneth Feinberg. The been gift world-wide of globalization generated a new layer and a cultural set that has been perceived as a new category of exercise of the humanity: after-modern condition. The landmark wants to indicate the manifestation of including and expressive transformations in the fabric social without, however, it is evidenced occurrence of rupture with the constructed model. For this reason the time and the modifications, to which the term is mentioned, has been element of quarrel between the different theoreticians who finish formulating different declarations to nominate them. The precision of new terms as, postindustrial, after-secular, after-Communist; hipermoderna, to coligar this historical period of the capitalism, suggests the essence of real transformations that arrive to modify its face, or at least, they recommend to the occurrence ' ' of abundant discontinuities inside of the development model to unilinear and gradual, that was in the foundation of the society industrial' '.

(MARTELLI, 1995) the religious experiment (religiosidade) is more than what a simple event. It is before everything an elementary way of the individual that appears from the proper agreement that the human being is a finite being, limited, imperfect, and if it finds in a world that it did not institute and whose sensible it ignores. It is developed by means of a body search and never by imposition. It can demonstrate by means of the belief of a faith and rites, as still it can be expressed other attitudes not entirely catalogued with a religion. .

July 12, 2020

Nobel Price

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“We can already see a light blue stripe on the horizon as economies are starting to recover, as our entrepreneurs are again back to business with new grand ideas and innovations: green industries, new waste to” energy and environment protection technologies, health care facilities, products and services, fight against the climate change, ago-industry are only some examples of many others.” Path breaking findings: entrepreneurs contribute measurably to employment and gross domestic product – GDP (PPP) recent empirical research (entrepreneurship and the business cycle, Prof. P.D.. Kaka201, and Prof. A.R. Thurik, Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University, Rotterdam), based on the global entrepreneur monitor (GEM) reports and those of the World Bank could prove the first time in history that SMEs measurably contribute to employment and gross domestic product (GDP/PPP). In business, SMEs represent important source of innovation and for Governments they contribute to wealth creation and generate tax revenues. SMEs constitute to important source of local supply and service provision to larger corporations. Constraints of SME financing in times of crises are so the reason why entrepreneurs are forced to discontinue their businesses with all the negative impacts on employment and GDP growth”, said Norbert Kapoor, Secretary of the Conference and Professor of economy and fiscal policy of US University.

The transaction levy and micro finance: tools for crisis prevention and SME development Knoll-Jess’s prediction at the conference: SMEs cannot rely alone on Government help and financial support in times of crises. Faced with huge budget deficits and public anger, almost all counties in the world, including the US and the countries of the European Union will have to impose a financial transaction levy soon, based on the proposal of the Nobel Price laureate James Tobin. The revenue generating potential of a levy is tremendous. A tiny levy rate 0.005 would generate proxy. $15 billion per year, of which a substantial amount could be allocated to promote international economic development and prevent Mmes.