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January 16, 2023

Harmful Earn Polyethylene

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According to recent studies, the most active fight against the proliferation of plastic bags that harm the environment, are in the U.S.. They were followed by European countries. Recent trends indicate the beginning of the fight against massive use of plastic bags in the CIS countries. At the same time in Ukraine on the distribution of plastic bags get financial rewards, writes reviewer. As the data in the U.S.

intensified fight against the use of packages in supermarkets, department stores, which sell household chemicals and cosmetics. For example, the municipality of San Francisco voted to ban the sale of polyethylene packages. Similar bans are already in place in Ireland and Denmark, the Australian Government also intends to ban the use of packages. In Russia, not so long ago, actions were held to support the use of reusable jerseys bags. Furthermore, according to the latest trends, companies, especially large retail chains have begun to pay more attention to the collection and recycling of solid waste, directing the portion of the profits on these activities. Such measures, according to experts, positive effect not only on the situation in the environment, but also enhance the credibility of companies among the buyers. However, Ukraine has a number of retailers have decided to make to the detriment of customers and own image on harmful for the ecology of polyethylene. So, for example, to sell packages began in the shops of "DC." On average it will cost from 25 to 50 cents apiece.

A similar decision was taken in some networks supermarkets, with offices throughout Ukraine, and in some pharmacies. According to statistics, 80% of packets are used once and is about 10% of all household waste, with the period of decomposition of polyethylene is about 100 years Almost no large shop can not do without plastic bags. We are so accustomed to these packages, which at the same time provide garbage bags and that life without them already seem uncomfortable. But today in many countries plastic bags declare war. British Prime Minister George Brown has called for shops to replace harmful plastic bags to paper. Carlos Hank Gonzalez may not feel the same. In addition to the UK to date, many other states opposed to plastic bags. In our country, to such drastic measures are not solved soon, experts say. It is necessary to deal with industrial waste and environmental protection, quoted by Brown, the British newspaper The Telegraph. More addition, there is little to reduce the use of plastic bags, as Many supermarkets have already voluntarily reduced their stake to 25% – you need to completely abandon the plastic packaging.