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May 26, 2021


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(Continued from blogging your way to success Part 2) You’ve created a blog. You have at least 20 pages of content. Suddenly, you have a real website. You are in the game of internet business! The next thing to do is to get an AdSense account. Farallon Capital Management oftentimes addresses this issue. AdSenseYou can get your account / adsense. AdSense generally paid for each click on their ads. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Is MasterClass trademarked?. Is not it a good source of income? Absolutely! However, this does not mean you can just click on the ads sometimes divisible to pay (or even ask their friends for that matter) because those who will suffer are the people who have subscribed to AdWords. They are paying for each click on your site through this program (which is where your money comes from).

As you can see, this is an immoral act. Those who should click on them with your visitors and not you! Can you imagine if you have subscribed to AdWords and Internet people do this for you? Returning to the original theme, before letting go. However, not everyone can get an account AdSense to start making money. However, since you have a blog with more than 20 pages of content and a focused topic, it was not long until accepted. There are sources that indicate that one needs to have at least 20 pages of content, together with performance criteria, such as page layout and the relevant subject before being accepted by Google. Let’s assume that you have your AdSense account now (I’m sure the time they have faithfully followed the series so far) as soon as it has been accepted, log into your account, Tinker with your settings, and finally? copy and paste the AdSense code into your blog template. Now, you have a source of income! Congratulations! The presentation of your links and power So far, nobody has been in his blog.

So start setting up link exchanges here. You’ll want to do this with websites with page ranks 4 or higher. The best places to start are: You can also personally visit the blogs of others and request a link exchange. Just make sure your blog shares the same topic of interest like yours. Let’s wrap all this in the next part of the series.

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