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July 29, 2014

American State

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The consumption is the heart of the effective system. The proletarian one starts to work more to saciar the ego, to consume. Our main identity started to be of consumers, our value is measured and demonstrated for how much we have and we consume. Garaudy (1967 p.141) standes out that the form most specific of appropriation of the more-value in the capitalist regimen In a community of work dominated for the exchange of merchandises, where the man does not produce for its necessities or the ones of the collective which belongs, but for the market, the work of each man does not produce more values of use, but values of exchange. The product of the man, becoming merchandises, has cut its relation with the man. This in double felt: it is separate of the necessity because he is destined to an impersonal market; it is separate of the work inasmuch as the producing work of merchandise is equally impersonal, homogeneous and he does not distinguish yourself for the amount.

The citizens lose its identity, its essence to enter in this wild race for having. Great part of the things that we buy and we consume on average becomes garbage of six months. Today the developed countries more consume the double of what fifty years behind. This was planned shortly after World War II when the American State studied the form to stimulate the economy. The analyst of sales Victor Lebaw articulated the norm that would be the solution of all system, affirming that the enormous American productive economy demanded that they made of the consumption the life form that becomes the purchase and the use of good in rituals, that looks to the satisfaction spiritual the satisfaction of the ego in consuming, and still standed out the necessity of that the things are consumed, destroyed, substituted and discarded a rhythm house time greater, making of the citizens, ' ' marionetes' ' that they dance as the regiment of capitalist music.

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