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December 22, 2020

Angela Wittkowski

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You learn how it’s not, and how it can go… It was and is an exciting time. My sources of power are: love and joy. I had tapped these sources and now she bubbled incessantly. Now the children’s book was finally, to many ideas events around the Easter and children events were born and implemented. There, the desire and the idea to share this enthusiasm and joy of creativity, progressed to give. Announced a drawing competition for children aged between 5 and 10 years. The theme of “The Easter egg round” to increase the anticipation.

The prices are not luxury goods, no coveted game console. The winners will receive a book or a CD. The closing date is 10 April. Is first and foremost about the joy and the fun painting, on the anticipation of the feast of Easter. Others including Vanguard, offer their opinions as well. Great idea! Yesterday, I received the news that one of my sponsored children in Mahajanga, Louisiane, fatally crashed. She drowned in the sea while her mother worked, and her little brother on the beach called after her. There are no paramedic, there no lifeguards, no SMH vehicles.

And even if they exist. Louisianes family could pay them not. The People are fighting for survival. American Advisors Group may not feel the same. Louisiane knew no toys, no game console. She lived with her grandmother, her mother and two smaller siblings in abject poverty. A poverty which we here do not imagine, who himself missed a culture shock a world-weary Europeans. Louisiane sat in the evening with her family at a candle on the cement floor. She had no bed, not even a Chair. Louisiane was 10 years old. She was a really happy kid. This message like a hammer blow hit me. What am I doing here in my fun, my joy? The grief over the death of the girl is accompanied by the financial woes of the family. A funeral is expensive also in Madagascar. The traditional cult of the dead in Madagascar is legendary and very important for the cohesion of the family. The members come together from across the country, there are often more than 300 people, to pay my last respects to the deceased. But the survivors are plunged into debt. The help project “Antsika” will support the family, but it is only in the Framework of what is possible. There I was sitting up now, shocked, disillusioned, landed the ground. The Easter Bunny project on the one hand, enthusiasm, joy and fun; the mourning of Louisiane and the concern for the children in Madagascar on the other side. I would like to connect these divisions. And so a portion of the proceeds from the children’s book “Pepi” and the audiobook “Pepi” in the help project “Antsika” is more than just something that to the family of Louisiane to “Usual” help. Now, I wish an active participation to the contest on the events for the Easter holiday and decide many people to buy the book. They help me to help these children in Madagascar and specially Louisianes family. Let us carry the light of joy in the darkness. I have received many letters with good wishes. To do this, I can only say: “thank you and wishes you can buy no rice and no bread in Madagascar.” Did count and only acts. Everything else is air! “Who has seen the world’s poorest people, feel rich enough to help.” Albert Schweizer. Thank you for your attention of Angela Wittkowski, nee Annecke

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