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April 13, 2018

Angelina Jolie Income

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Normally, the vast majority of people have a linear income, that is to say that they change their time for money, or who are employed. One of the huge disadvantages of linear income, is precisely that only pay for time worked: if not work not feel like money. Unfortunately so educated us from a young age, in schools, our families, our environment. There is always this programming to have a good job to live well according to this social norm. But, what if that source of linear income, is suddenly shattered? If you would like for example a dismissal, or an illness, a disability, or any other cause external? It is simply lost, and your future suddenly looks completely uncertain, this is like living a horror movie in the flesh, especially if you have a family to take forward.

It is more for people who live in the belief that we must give the best of their lives to a job, us who are dedicated to the internet marketing (in my case I) believe that I do anything good with my time because they never see me go to a job for hours and hours. Interestingly, all attributed to our solvency economic employment of my wife, because she if you quit working and I do not. What they don’t know is that we earn more money than people with jobs, and that also is residual, or that in my personal case, I can last a long time without moving a finger. The residual income is that which you do well once, and pay you over and over and over again. Examples of residual income: writers: they write a book and make money of their royalties for many years, even after dead. Singers: They recorded an album and they continue to claim millions of dollars royalties. Actors: they recorded a program or a film and they still charge even they not already recorded, according to data of the magazine Forbes Jeniffer Aniston almost equals the income of Angelina Jolie this year (although Angelina has done more films) thanks to royalties from Friends.

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