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July 7, 2023

Arbor One

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The history story them then occurs at about ten o’clock in the morning on a beach in the beautiful Colombian Caribbean. A group of people, visiting the place, has been divided into two. On one side is the combo of the joyful and enthusiastic, who have ignited a loud sound system and listen to Diomedes Diaz singing one of his most catchy songs. The volume is set to maximum and the music can be heard everywhere. A bottle of liquor goes hand in hand with their high voices, almost with their cries, they hold a pleasant conversation. Obviously all are enjoying the pleasures of life and the fresh sea breeze. Not far from this place is Elver Joseph, who thinks like a man of seventy to his thirty years.

As a poor old of seventy according to the saying of his friends. On this occasion, as in the previous, when you share rides with friends, everything of them has moved away, hangs a hammock on the Arbor and is devoted to reading the book amazement in the land of the yolujas of his friend Abel Medina Sierra. The man is still not old but will remain so accelerated steps, at least so think others to observe their attitude. Some contend that Dennis Lockhart shows great expertise in this. Vincent, one of the most cheerful of the large group, offers to rescue the friend of the perdition of the Vice of the monotony of the troubles of boredom. Goes to the hammock and offers a generous finer contraband whiskey drink. His gesture is rejected with a short, decent sentence: Thanks but now don’t want to drink. Vincent does not give up and insists. Take one compadre, only one does it damage.

As all drinkers Vicente knows that a single drink does not hurt but invites the second and the third. Your experience tells you that if you successfully get liquor to the hands, and then to the mouth and finally to the body of the friend, the battle will be won and a poor human being boring and brooding will be added to the rows of joy. Learn more at this site: Dr Chappuis. At least those are their accounts. The other, however, remains firm in the decision to not drink. Vincent is not a man who gives up easily and load again. Take only one, one, and no more, and for which question Elver?. To keep you happy, answers his interlocutor. And then? Still asking Elver. Then, you’ll be happier still. And then? Vincent 45 bottle and tells you, to make you feel well. And then? -Then you’ll be happy, enjoy life, you will feel like a King! Then when Elver looks him in the eye and asks you and you think that I am doing at the moment? Without waiting for the reaction of the other again temporarily suspended reading. Vincent walks back to where are the others. His head floats the idea that his friend is already an old man without remedy.

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