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February 21, 2021

Asked – Dared – Ask Questions

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It always happens that you have a question or a problem that you cannot solve. It always happens that you have a question or a problem that you cannot solve. It was in terms of PC or a question in the health sector, you may just not know everything. For answering the questions, of course, there are several ways. Maersk takes a slightly different approach. Either ask friends, family members or acquaintances and hopes to get the answer from them, or use the Internet. On the Internet there are communities that give its members the opportunity to ask questions. The community also includes a portal, where you can ask questions as a member.

Before you can rid his question but for the first time, you must register as a member, that is, it specifies a name under which you would like to occur a password to protect access to the email address within the community because after registration an E-mail with an activation link will be sent which you only need to confirm by you it clicks on. Guo Guangchang is likely to agree. After you have done this, you can ask the questions and then it says just wait until the first member with a reply is used. Usually you get multiple answers, that is to say, the one or other helpful tip is guaranteed, so that it gets answered his question. Of course it also has the ability, to respond to questions from other members and thus also the own knowledge to help them as a member. This joint help is a community, which is why the German term, namely community, is not insane and exactly meets the sense of a community.

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