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August 3, 2023

Avoiding Temptation When Dieting

Category: General – Joan – 1:27 am

Resist the temptation is not an easy task when it comes to dieting or simply avoid fattening foods. Recently Nicholas Carr sought to clarify these questions. We’ve all had victories and failures in the field. So what does it depend which sometimes manage to resist temptation and sometimes not? There are several factors that influence the decision to yield to the temptation or resist it. Environmental cues. The tantalizing foods have characteristics such as its smell and appearance, which have been associated with the satisfaction that comes from eating. When these signs are present, you may feel the urge to eat something, to get satisfaction. While this may seem obvious because we experience daily, is important because if an odor causes us tend to eat something, we must begin to strive to resist temptation.

Each signal drives us to eat with different strength, signal strength will be greater the larger the biological relationship between food and signal. For example, perceive the smell of a meal or can see someone eating it make it feel more willing to eat if we see it. In this case, as a species have the instinct to choose foods that others choose to avoid food poisoning and the smell is strongly associated with the taste which is what gives us the satisfaction of eating. There are signs that are characteristic of the food. As a time of day, a specific place, or a custom action. For example, if you are used to eat ice cream in the evening (one hour), arriving in the afternoon can feel a craving for ice cream, or if you always go to the store after lunch and buy a candy bar (a custom action) after lunch may feel a strong desire to eat one.

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