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March 9, 2021

Ayatollah Khameneis

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Ayatollah Khamenei wanted the West partout confront and absorb the constant ferment in the people against the impositions of the system installed for thirty years. The right to nuclear research has been declared the national honor, behind which the population could provide. The more talked up the United States or the International Atomic Energy Agency on the Iranian nuclear negotiator, Ayatollah Khameneis and other hardline positions have been stronger at home. With Ahmadinejad has the regime but unity intensified efforts from the inside”to obtain. Shia Islam is strongly represented and official State religion in the Iran.

It is a revolutionary Islam that foresees the Constitution of Iran to export the own ideas of a theocracy in the whole world. Some regime officials imagine a reason-driven approach including, while shy little substantial spirits prior to any atrocity. This group of intrepid imagines itself acting on behalf of God, writes a just superficially Society on the flags and mercilessly and underhanded deals with dissenters. The followers of Mesbah Yazdi prevail more and more since 2005 in the power elite. The methods to obtain consensus is reminiscent of practices of Communist and Fascist regimes of the past century. Women, students, bus drivers or human rights defenders be punished hard if they stand up for freedom, participation, or the rights of others.

National minorities such as the Kurds, Balutschen, Azeri and Arab or religious minorities, such as Baha ‘ i, Sunnis and Sufis find themselves ideological accusations, are excluded from the society and also with tough State violence faced in part. The entire intellectual leadership of the Baha ‘ i faith was imprisoned, is accused of betraying State secrets to the West. The Sufis have begun to avoid the persecution and destruction of their meeting houses star March on Parliament ahead of the elections to the Presidency in June 2009. As Raja news, a newspaper related the hardliners to Mesbah Yazdi, in February 2009 reported.

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