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June 2, 2020

Beauty Treatments

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Cleopatra, the legendary queen of Egypt, took a bath every day from milk with added petals of blooming roses. In ancient Greek chronicles mention washing before peers, where apart from water basins for washing attended the petals of flowering plants. In India and China into the water when bathing and washing add salt, extracts and decoctions of medicinal plants. Throughout the world, we will not deal with medieval Europe, a lot of attention paid not only to clean the skin, but its cosmetic condition. In our time in publications devoted to cosmetics, much attention is paid to cleaning the face and body. Not least of these is the purification and with lotions. But let’s understand what the requirements provides human skin cleaning agents – in this, case, for lotions.

First, the lotion should have excellent cleaning properties. It should clean not only the surface of the skin, wash it and from the skin pores and grease mud plugs, providing fresh oxygen to skin cells. Second, the lotion should not irritate the skin. Usually stimuli are the preservatives of chemical origin and spirit-based fluids needed for more effective cleaning of the skin surface. It is worth noting that the vast majority of today’s lotions are composed of alcohol in one or another concentration.

This, of course, increases the excretion of water and nutrients to the skin surface. Unlike alcohol, natural lotions are based on extracts, and extracts decoctions of products of plant and animal origin. As a preservative used in them bee products and extracts from the venom of snakes. The composition of most natural lotions included hyaluronic acid. Its action aimed at removing dead skin soft layers of the skin and cleansing the pores of grease and mud tubes. The main advantage of natural lotions is that natural ingredients complement each other perfectly and may be present in the lotion in any combination, expanding and enhancing the properties of lotions. So lotions containing in the olive oil, will have different nutrients and moisturizing properties, and lotions on the basis of aloe will have excellent antibacterial properties and help you get rid of the causes of acne. It is worth noting that the cost of natural lotions, lotions significantly higher alcohol, but their action is directed not only to cleanse the skin. In its effects, natural lotions, creams can often be replaced in terms of removing wrinkles, a global nutrition and hydration of internal layers of the skin.

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