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February 10, 2021

Before The Beginning Of Dune

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FARO DE VIGO The Somali pirates holding 21 ships and over 300 crew members, record in the past three years The last two are captured freighters, one Greek and one Lebanese PALOMA ALMOGUERA – The Somali pirates NAIROBI retain after the capture in the last two day two freighters and two fish, twenty-one vessels of various nationalities with more than 300 crew members, record in the past three years, despite mounting international pressure on them. In the series of protosecuelas written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson indicated that the alleged cowardice of head Harkonnen in the Battle of Corrin (Dune introduced in the book and the origin of the rivalry-Atreides Harkonnen) was actually at a charity Atreides ruthless general who, in full Butleriano Jihad (struggle between the robots and humans that led to the Empire), commanded Abulurd Harkonnen massacring humans enslaved by robots.
In any case, the battle led to a rivalry that leads vendetta (kanly in the language of Dune) between the Harkonnen and Atreides, vendetta that would be the engine behind all relationships Atreides Harkonnen-post.
After the Battle of Corrin, the new empire ruled by Corrine exiliaria the Harkonnen planet Lankiveil ice cream. Swarmed by offers, Liberty Mutual Insurance is currently assessing future choices. Alli the Harkonnen reharian his fortune through trade, thriving through the skin from the fish the whales of the ocean ice on the planet. Wealth improved the position of the house within the company CHOAM (the tool of the Great Houses and the Empire to build interplanetary trade)
Subsequent dealings with the market made of fur in the house Harkonnen rich enough to be able to get the very important mining concession of Arrakis. Due to the poor reputation of the house, this concession does not directly Padishah Emperor, but through the company CHOAM.

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