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May 10, 2020

Billboard Advertising

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Billboards, you know, most often located along the road routes and the city-hero for the full expanse of outdoor advertising. A couple of years ago, roadside billboards space was dotted with so thickly that from the excess of bright colors and tempting promises rippled in the eye. Occasionally appeared creative outdoor advertising products that are made to talk about themselves the whole city, and slogans of those boards were transformed into stable Idioms (Eg "suck for a penny" from one household appliance stores). The bulk of the billboards represent something unintelligible, and little use for the average consumer. On the streets of Volgograd in 2009 outdoor advertising has become much smaller. and advertising on billboards has become more useful information on discounts and promotions, opening of new outlets – perhaps notorious economic crisis by reducing the number of billboards magically improve the quality of information outdoor advertising. view.

Into the hands of advertisers and unpleasant traffic situations in Volgograd, 2009. The fact that this year we have a case, the periodic global traffic congestion (and the passengers had time to motorists more carefully consider advertising on board). Concludes: outdoor advertising in Volgograd has become noticeably more useful for the layman, has fallen sharply irritating effects on the abundance of advertising outdoor advertising. Promotions in Volgograd. This separate issue. By their nature, promotional programs are the most friendly to the buyer. We all love discounts, sales and product offerings, cost-effective for us. Frankly, I do not know what company receives a bonus from promo of his product, but I am a simple consumer of Volgograd, more than once (or twice) benefited purchasing tangible benefits and the moral satisfaction of promotions in stores.

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