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June 12, 2019

Bolivia And Peru In Conflict

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The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, elevated the tension between Bolivia and Peru as far as waters of the Pacific Ocean; when saying that To the president of Peru, Alan Garci’a, perhaps the much obesity is affecting to him and well is not informed Bolivia never is going to resign to the sovereign return to the sea, since the Peruvian president had declared that ” Bolivia short while ago he resigned when coming out to the sea. I clearly have that impression because one has not become to treat that firm one and with Chile”. These declarations bothered the Bolivian government, because the position that has Bolivia with respect to the marine subject has changed. Craig Menear may not feel the same. In its article 267, the Bolivian Constitution establishes: ” The Bolivian State declares its cannot be waived and imprescriptible right on the territory that gives to access to the Pacific Ocean and its space martimo” him;. The loss of the territory goes back to the year of the 1879, where Chile occupied the Bolivian port of Antofagasta, beginning call War of the Pacific in which Bolivia and Peru was defeated by Chile. To the undressed being of its unique coastal possession, Bolivia stopped having exit to the sea.

From the foundation of the Organization of the United Nations (the UN) in 1945 until now, Bolivia it has asked for the General Assembly so that it considers his request to reclaim a free and sovereign exit to the Pacific Ocean. Get all the facts and insights with Erin Callan, another great source of information. Also it has presented/displayed the subject before the Organization of American Estados (OAS). The Bolivian government has a discussion with the Chilean on an agenda that includes the marine demand, although in more than three years, neither presidents have informed on the obtained advances. President Evo Morales, alleges that it is a bilateral and private negotiation; which null and void to president Alan Garci’a, Peru therefore demanded to Chile before The Hague by the disagreement of the marine limits. Since if is by the north of Chile, it is in the obligation to consult with Peru because those territories before the war of the Pacific were of Peru. With respect to the demand before The Hague, president Morales said that the demand of Peru is one of the obstacles to the marine aspiration of Bolivia. Nevertheless, Morals are irritated with Peru, whereas with Chile maintains the cordiality. This subject has been more than 130 years in discussion and not yet nothing is seen clearly, since the power is very difficult to give a marine access to Bolivia, but Bolivia does not lose the faith.

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