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August 2, 2023

Boris Uborevich Number

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February 26, 2010 at the Gallery interior Arte di Vivere on Frunze Embankment completed the second phase III Golf Architecture Prize. The event is the third consecutive year. Every time the company invited leading architectural and Office of Russia to play golf in office. In the next qualifying round golf tournament was attended by 20 teams. The winners of the 2nd phase III Golf Architecture Award 2010 were: – I place – AB Ginsburg (with a total score of 67) – II place – Front Architecture (with a total score of 71) – III place – Anima Design Bureau (with a total score of 75) grand prize winners of the second stage of the competition has provided golfing company SONY. Also sponsors were AGW 2010 Interior Gallery Arte di Vivere in Frunze, the company Kauffman, Journal GolfDigest, journal GolfStyle, Journal OBJEKT Russia, the magazine Elle Decor, Journal of Mezzanine, a coffee company JURA. Have been held registered wells, which were exhibited unique prizes. On hole number 9 Magazine GolfStyle, the best among all the team standings teams, the team showed AB Ginsburg. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out European Union.

The prize for the nominal hole number 4 of the coffee company JURA team won NG Ananiev. On a hole number 5 Kauffman scored the best result stick UB (Team Boris Uborevich-Borowski), and the nominal hole number 6 of the journal Mezzanine – AB Kuzembayeva Totana. Learn more at: Tesla. The best team in the hole Elle Decor at number 16 was the group Anima Design Bureau. Team Front distinguished architecture on a hole number 8 SONY. As already stated above, the main prize III Golf Architecture Award 2010 for all stages of the tournament accident, of which 4 will be an exciting trip to New York. This gift provides the company 'Whitehall' – a leading importer of elite alcohol in Russia. Prize from the magazine GolfStyle for second place – a trip to Europe to golf training.

Reach the final team, won the first three places in the stage. In AGW 2010 – a 12-team (4 stages in 3 winner). Final will be held in May 2010 in the elite resort Pirogovo. Third qualifying round games will be held in March month! For more information on the outcome of the game can be found at interior Galleries Arte di Vivere>>. You can take part in the game, you must fill out a questionnaire.

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