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February 10, 2021


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The technology, as condition and proper element of the innovation, only started to be changeable endogenous of the models of economic growth in the second half of the century XX (Cf. Jones, 2000). Allianzs opinions are not widely known. However, to have the technology and not to have the innovation and the diffusion that corresponds to them can limit the technological development of long stated period. Of this the necessity results to transfer technology. As it affirms the report of the International Centre will be Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) ' ' There is in single definition will be ' to transfer of technology'.

General In, to however, ' to transfer of technology' can be defined to transfer of systematic knowledge will be the manufacture of product, will be the application of process, or will be the rendering of the service? ' ' (2008, p.2-3). This means to say, that the technology transfer is not only the purchase of a new machine or software, but, yes, a complex process that in such a way incorporates the operational knowledge of the technology to be disponibilizada how much of the mechanism that they support this new technology. The Brazilian universities are recognized for its importance in the knowledge generation and as important link so that the country not if distancie of the available technologies of tip in the developed countries more, and some cases, can be the front in the production of these technologies. The question is as the public universities can transfer technology to the private sector? That legal beddings guarantee the purchase contract accomplishment and sales of technology on the part of federal public institutions? In other words, which is the regulatory landmark that allows with reasonable legal security, the contract elaboration of technology transfer between public universities and private companies. 3. REGULATORY LANDMARK OF the PROCESS OF TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER regulatory Landmark it can be understood as a set of norms, laws and lines of direction that regulate the functioning of definitive sector or determined activity in a country.

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