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March 31, 2021

But Sisyphus

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In the individual company, I go to the land registry office or see the purchase agreement. These contrasting cultures met and meet each other. Arabic laissez-faire against German thoroughness and authority. Contracts themselves and German rules are not always the solution. There are words with multiple meanings (such as un-certain nouns) and phrases with opposite interpretations. The definition of content is becoming increasingly difficult for example with increasing length of the contract.

The father our and the 12 commandments are a masterpiece in text soon and conciseness. Who delivers weapons to Israel, overrides the NPT for Israel and is unilaterally granted 40% EU tax incentive, Arsonist no problem solver! The same applies to Gaza and West Bank the opposite side about. Each one-directional support counteracts a solution! Who blows up every stupid traditional thoughts to a religiously-filled and God-given a dogma (dogma), and remains a part of the problem and is a cold warrior”! The gods have given us the ability to develop. It is not something JPMorgan Chase would like to discuss. Therefore all people have the duty, their skills (benefit) to use (the part and the whole thing). ERGO: Development requires dialectic (thesis I vs. anti-thesis > synthesis (= thesis II)) and dialogue! If two disputing parties bring not the will for reconciliation, then the dispute can be solved thoroughly and not in the long term. Then it takes a truly un biased moderator! As long as behavior not globally uniformly objectively assessed and condemned (hard facts), there is no agreement in Palestine and about 40 regional wars.

All spoke about it beforehand. Mean Offender and his actions are no better than your perpetrators and their act. As long as the UN is gemauschelt (7 permanent intervention powers can block anything), and the voting dispute (one-man-one-vote (vote according to population) or if the Palestine conflict will not solve 1 vote for each country (Palestine vote 1949),. The problem is complex and interwoven with many protagonists and antagonists that it even cannot be resolved, before not core parameter as corner values are set. We know from the psycho-Sociology: only who really deeply loved located, can hate each other just as deep (wars of the Roses). We fight what’s closest to us first: 2 Palestinians as the two sides of the same coin, closer together and same goes BBs not (back to back). Only when the negative emotions (suffering pressure, frustration), which regulate the action drives, are intolerable due to pressure from the outside ( Laffer-effect ), as well as by the controlling logic and Reason will be replaced, peace is possible. Only the desire (emotion) moves people to action. Short: Both must do, for both equal peace. This is already in the kindergarten as well as in Palestine. But Sisyphus (Leiden = desire) also like to made his job or? Wolfgang Schwalm (biology and

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