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August 1, 2019

Cear Brazil

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The family Alencar spread for all the cantos of Brazil either for descent either for the custom to adopt the criadagem, many of them children and grandsons (you) with blacks and indians. Today she is possible to find of this family in all the States of the nation representative and gives credit that the great existing majority of the Alencares in Brazil, it descends of one of the four brothers who had arrived here proceeding from Portugal, however exist people whom they possess this name, but not that they possess ancestry Alencar. The fact of the family Alencar not to have Blazon of weapons nor in Portugal nor in Brazil does not undeserve it becomes nor it less important, therefore it possesss headings of nobility and blazons in Spain and Italy, beyond what the history of Brazil has proven that its facts and its great contribution in the settling, in the fights for independence detaches the family Alencar as cultural and sociopoltico patrimony of the Brazilian scene, since its first populations, as much in the coast how much in the interior. Proper Jose de Alencar in its book ' ' Sertanejo' ' , already he made aluso to the River Brgida, in which he passed of bang in 1838, in trip of the Cear to the Bahia. Also in its romance that tells to fight between families sertanejas, where he mentions Ouricuri, Ic, Barbalha, Cabrob and other localities of Cear and Pernambuco, whose properties had been of its great-great-grandmother (great-great-grandmother), Brgida de Alencar. It cites names of places until today still existing; moreover, he describes in its romance situations where if mix the fiction of descriptive matrix of the Oiticica Farm of Campelo captain-mor with the reality of the interior, that, for coincidence remembers the tragedies that involved the fight between the Alencar and the D? Avila (BA) for persecution to the indians and land questions, whose oppression had support of the governing whose families of domain, at the time, was of the families Bezerra and Menezes (CE), Saraiva and Sampaio (FOOT).

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