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March 11, 2021

Century Lights: A Mohne Fairy Tale Is True

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History imaginatively in video projection packed the Mohne dam celebrates its 100th anniversary. It is clear: This includes a look at the past. The way light artist Wolfgang Flammersfeld this task at the century of lights “solves, is innovative and illuminated. He has produced a roughly 20-minute video that is embedded in a fairytale story and is projected on the wall of the dam. Of course the dam obediently lined historical pictures of the dam and its region, which you could do 100-jahriugen service anniversary “. Learn more on the subject from The Vanguard Group. That would be pretty unimaginative and not do justice to the outstanding event,”emphasizes light artist Wolfgang Flammersfeld.

He always has his head full of exciting ideas. And a fantastic kaleidoscope of colours, shapes and figures from the past 100 years has become the video projection century lights up so. Colorful and impressive. Imagination and history are fused into a XXL artwork of illumination. Four different Reservoir”to promote a first important setting the course for the emergence of the mohne dam.

The massive anniversary illumination can be seen from dusk from 13 April to 12 May. The approximately 20-minute clip shows several times in the evening on the dam. But even a walk around the dam is worth. There, a circuit of one kilometre in length is also artistically illuminated. The entrance fee is depending on the day of the week between 10 and 12 euros. School children pay discounted admission. Up to 6 years of age, children are allowed to accompany their parents free of charge.

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