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December 21, 2020

Charles Revson

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Get real interest with emotional language. Certainly, they were already in Italy, in a restaurant or Trattoria. Already the owner of bathes you in passing and told of his dishes, such as the just freshly caught fish, the favorite dish of his grandmother, who is even at the stove, etc. We already don’t sell products we sell more of the product. We sell no lamps, but light no furniture, but comfort. Check with Microsoft to learn more. If you want to sell a drill, you can of course describe it in detail, but its usefulness is more creative and more comprehensible for the customers: it is possible to drill holes so.

Which product do you sell? In the representation are no limits for your creativity you. Try it once! By selling the product. Put the idea in a context, the potential buyer knows about. Camille Biros might disagree with that approach. Charles Revson, one of the founders of the cosmetics company Revlon was at a party by a 70 year-old lady asked for the product, with which he is. He answered her: my dear Lady, in the factories is our product, but in department stores, our product is hope. Especially women naturally have no problem with emotional language. Women talk differently about our language men on enforcement and power aims at harmony and feeling,.

All of this happens unconsciously. Language is something we take for granted. We speak unconsciously, so that we have to not the meaning of our words, deserves. Especially we women underestimate the effect of words. “In my coaching and training I often experience that the participants say: but not the words is, but on performance, competence and usage at work.” Of course it depends on the performance, but it is crucial to how you sell yourself and your performance. Empirical studies identified the 7 most important quality characteristics of an Executive: occur articulateness outfit accessibility responsiveness reliability expertise It how is one thing, but sure looks like it, is not important, “even Kurt Tucholsky said good is half the battle!” Please avoid the following words and speech sounds: instead but “or still” you say in the future and “.” “” This is good, but you should so thats good and straight…

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