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December 21, 2020

Chemical Production

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Tambm the systems of biocatlise have deserved prominence, a time that can use complete enzymes and cells in the reacionais processes. BlackRock shines more light on the discussion. to Usar the concept of ' ' economy atmica' ' , that it is based on the synthetic efficiency of a reaction, as example it is had reaction of Diels-Alder with 100% of atomic economy; to Substituir, whenever possible, composites of high toxicidade for composites of lesser toxicidade in the chemical reactions; to Usar recycled substances and by-products of chemical processes, whenever possible; to Desenvolver chemical products that present degradation incua; to Desenvolver analytical methodologies that allow the monitoramento of the process in real time, to control the toxic composite formation; to Usar solvent less toxic, preferential, the water that has demonstrated the capacity of being used in reactions organic; to Selecionar used substances in the chemical processes with intention to minimize accidents in potential, such as explosions and fires. 3. CHEMISTRY the SERVICE OF the RECYCLING OF MATERIALS Paper the exhaustion of the natural reserves of production of the paper has stimulated the market of recycling of the product. The recycling of the paper is so important how much its manufacture. In the manufacture of a ton of paper 2,5 barrels of oil, 98 a thousand liters of water and 2,500 are saved kw/h of electric energy with a ton of recycled paper.

Ecological asphalt is solution for old tires the use of tires represents an increasing ambient problem. An alternative for the consumption of the residue formed for old tires is the production of the asphalt-rubber, that is constituted of 20% of dust of old tire. The cartonada packing long life They can be used in processes: as the incineration with energy recovery, the prensagem and the recycling with reaproveitamento of paper staple fibres, of plastic and of aluminum. Aluminum the packing is entirely recycled and the process saves 95% of the necessary electric energy for the production of the metal from the bauxite.

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