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July 29, 2012

Climatic Change

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to it anniversary of the first Day of the Earth in 1995 were occasion to evaluate the environmental progress. In the western countries the good news seemed to be the air and the water was cleaner, the forests had expanded and many other environmental indicators also had improved. The combination, sometimes unstable, of the legislation, the actions brought by the NGO, the enterprise education of the public and practices more efficient, they had had a remarkable and positive effect in the state of the environment. But there were antagonistic opinions with respect to how good were these news. The journalist of environmental subjects Gregg Easterbrook informed in the magazine The New Yorker that the environmental laws " along with the enormous variety of private efforts stimulated by brings back to consciousness ecological have been an impressive successful the regulations on the environment, far from being troublesome and expensive, they have demonstrated to be extraordinarily effective, they have cost less than the advance thing and they have fortified, not debilitated, the economies of the countries have put that them in marcha". In the 2009 subject of the Day of the Earth was the green generation. EDN summoned to being active part of this half environmental network.

In the 2010 the 40 years are celebrated, and are several subjects including the climatic change. The final mission is someday to celebrate " Day of the Earth " , every day of the year. It is known also, that in Cochabamba, Bolivia, this being realised world-wide conference of climatic change and the rights of the mother earth. This historical fact is very important for the original towns because our fight does not have another objective that the preservation and conservation of the nature, indicates Mapuradio. The World-wide Conference of the Towns on the Climatic Change and the Rights of the Mother Earth, driven by Evo Morales after the failure of the Copenhagen summit, is developed in these days in Cochabamba with the participation of thousands of people who trust delineating an alternative strategy in the fight against the global heating, that includes a Climatic Court of Justice.

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