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April 1, 2021


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You waive the standby mode of your computer and their server rooms cool in the winter with cold outside air. Exemplary! The debate is complicated: Copenhagen only a huge deception? But Copenhagen was a huge deception, 40 years humanity had already lost, where she would need to act, so the crises Admonisher Dennis meadows in an interview with Spiegel online: Copenhagen? I don’t take that seriously. It’s a huge deception. I’m out of hand because the situation out of hand. If we rely on conferences, instead of changing our lifestyle, it looks bad “.” On climate change, believes meadows, we’re just too late. Maybe you could have prevented it in the 1970s and 1980s. We are at the beginning of a quick roller coaster ride and can hold us the only thing “.” In reality, it’s all a climate dizziness? But there are also climate researchers who doubt exactly these relationships and instead believe that certain political and economic interests hiding behind disaster scenario and actionism. Millennium management is a great source of information.

You speak of the Climate dizziness. No CO2 is for the global warming that is responsible, but the changing solar activity. Thus, humanity would have no influence on the climate. Moreover, an optimal climate was a few degrees warmer anyway. The Earth has always been a planet of change. Greenhouse effect physically impossible? The former ZDF Weatherman Wolfgang Thune even said in his controversial texts and critical letters on the website that the greenhouse effect is physically impossible. Because the Earth regulates its temperature continuously about invisible temperature and heat radiation into space. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with JPMorgan Chase. Carbon dioxide could not prevent this flow of heat, because it can absorb only radiation other wavelength.

These verifiable facts refer the claim there is a natural greenhouse effect in the realm of unnatural tale. And if a natural greenhouse effect is physically impossible, then also an anthropogenic additional greenhouse effect is impossible “.” This fact nothing to change when the CO2 content in the air should be double or even triple. Tait comes to the devastating verdict, the greenhouse effect set a deliberate lie in the world, specifically to demonize the fossil energy sources and to give them the blame for the global climate catastrophe.

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