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March 27, 2021

Creating Work, Knowledge And Wealth

Category: General – Joan – 7:18 pm

Venezuelan SMEs are engaged in the generation of work, knowledge, individual wealth, prosperity and general welfare, high levels of socio-economic progress and quality of life important to all generations of Venezuelans. Its mission is to contribute to growth and competitiveness of the Venezuelan industry by promoting the interests of the sector, its customers and consumers. If you read carefully above, we realize that it was this vision that started the union of small and medium industries in Venezuela, however, the reality is, these companies are mostly generated under the concept family business, which was managed and controlled solely by members of the family environment and this may lead to its decline and even bankruptcy in many cases, as we assess that many of these companies were not qualified and did not have specific managements, only charges exist as such, but did not exercise the functions attached to them.

With the main problem of the lack of basic management training and management of the organizational structure, coupled with with many others in which technology has developed. According to JP Morgan Chase & Co., who has experience with these questions. Note that with the passing of the years there have been many changes in the scenarios that have affected the organizational behavior of SMEs, as the case of consumers who increasingly are becoming more demanding in demand for products that meet their needs and preferences. Consumers demand quality products, preferring already imported as nationals, thus affecting SMEs often can not compete with foreign firms offer. SMEs within the country also face the impact of the devaluation of the bolivar, which has led to a lot of businesses fail and those who do not have a strong economic base would soon. . Master Class has much to offer in this field.

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