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May 12, 2012


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Next, we happened to give some advice who can help us to protect our patrimony in front of the creditors as a result of the exhibition to the risk of the enterprise activity. 1. Separation of goods. It avoids that the enterprise responsibilities affect your spouse. If goods to name of relatives are included, in case of divorce, it lets to you defenseless to protest. Despite if the transmission is realised before incurring debts could defend a nonfraudulent intention, although risk of rise of goods exists. 2. Mercantile registry.: To register in the Mercantile Registry, the married economic regime and if the spouse is prepared or not to endorse with its goods the enterprise activity.

3. Joint party indivisible goods.: To put difficulties to the embargoes of legal way. In this case of sharing 50% of the property of the goods with your pair. He is seizable, but its accomplishment is but complicated for the creditors. It will be but easy to negotiate with them. 4. Not to be guarantor. Like alternative to personal endorsement, it offers a building to the bank, action of the company or to limit the endorsement of the loan a percentage of the loan, so that passed the time of amortization of the guaranteed amount, this one is cancelled.

5. To separate enterprise activities with different risk level. This will avoid that the society that but exposes by its commercial activity can harm the normal operation of a society dedicated to an activity without exhibition to the risk. 6. To separate the real estate patrimony and the activity of the company in different societies. Original author and source of the article

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