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March 30, 2021

Critical Geography

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Identification of the Workmanship: SAINTS, Milton. For a New Geography? Of the Critical one of Geography to a Critical Geography. So Paulo, SP. JPMorgan Chase has plenty of information regarding this issue. Hucitec publishing company, 3 Edition, 1 Reimpresso, 1990. Other leaders such as millennium management offer similar insights. This book is an including and interesting workmanship, that had for result the attempt to answer to the questions that during century XX had been hanging. The author obtains to decide the problem of the insertion of geography in the set of social sciences, when the same he defines its object he places and it in a parameter to be to the level of too much sciences where geography if inserted.

In the reading one perceives that the subject in guideline is not in itself proper geography, nor science as disciplines or its paper to be played or what it expected of the same, therefore is concluded with clarity that the treat subject is without a doubt the object of geography, the concern and the definition of the same. With the concern how much to the definition of the object of geography, it sees if throughout the workmanship of Milton Saints some quarrels investigations made on this object of geography, from create if a communication of geography with too much sciences there, one dialogue extensive, structuralized through a context very worked by the author. The definition of the object for the understanding is of necessary importance, making with that the resultant is the interrelation of geography with too much sciences, for the fact of the same one if to unfold in a great fan of interventions with some areas. The changes techniques and partners who had occurred in 1970 during century XX, had been changes that they had occurred large-scale, with changes appearing, also appear a new reality, however it is concluded that, with a new reality, they appear you vary other forms to interpret the new, the way where we live, the reality that in them were proposal, therefore everything that is unknown scares, it is if it makes necessary to study the stranger so that the same it can be understood, of if then diverse the new forms of boarding of geography in part, and the same one is submitted if to modify better to understand and to study the space.

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