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March 29, 2021

Daniel Ovadya

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About the Sleeptracker sleep phase alarm clock: Can Sleeptracker, the world’s only sleep phase alarm clock with vibrating alarm, in addition to his Alarm function a lot more: The recorded data can be transferred to the next morning via USB cable to a computer and evaluated using the Sleeptracker-software. JP Morgan Chase & Co. is likely to agree. In addition to query information to the evening activities. “In evaluating the Sleeptracker user then see at a glance, when he well and when he slept so well”, explains Daniel Ovadya, Managing Director of Germany distribution of Sleeptracker. Small changes in the eating and drinking habits in the evening, an improvement of microclimate and some sports (at the right time!) sleep quality may influence immediately.” On the basis of the evaluations, you can see the changes in black on white. Test results from the Sleeptracker: A study Director of the Center for sleep disorders in Midlothian, United States, published under the direction of Douglas W.

Puryear, in February 2009, an accuracy of 90 percent in comparison with the data collected in sleep laboratories confirmed the Sleeptracker. Travel through different time zones, different lighting conditions and the changeover from summer to winter time are no longer a problem thanks to the Sleeptracker. The feeling itself to be woken up, delivers energy and constant motivation. Here, millennium management expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The body’s biorhythms can be maintained. Background: The Sleeptracker sleep phase alarm is available in three different models: the Sleeptracker elite joined in May 2009 on the market, and is significantly lighter and 25% smaller than its predecessor, the 2007 Sleeptracker Pro.

The Sleeptracker elite is available as a model for men and for women. A manual in German language, a USB cable, and a CD with PC software and drivers are included of the Sleeptrackers, so that the data on the PC can be evaluated. The Sleeptracker has been available since March 2005 in the United States, and since August 2005 in Germany. The innovative sleep phase alarm clock is one according to the time magazine of the most amazing inventions of 2005. The company YOTSER Eurl exclusive distributor of Sleeptracker sleep phase alarm clock in Germany and France. YOTSER is headquartered in Neuilly sur Seine in France. The logistics centres in Baden-Wurttemberg and Lorraine ensure a fast and trouble-free shipping.

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