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March 15, 2020

Deutsche Telekom

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DSL is generally known as a synonym for fast, surf cheap. But what is VDSL actually? After many years DSL was the measure of all things fast and affordable Internet access, a changing of the guard is slowly”on. VDSL is the successor technology, which has some advantages. VDSL is based on DSL technology, but differs in some important ways. So the data is transmitted only in the final meters over copper cable.

Fibre-optic cables are used on the main track. This is an important reason for the enormous transfer rates, which can be reached with VDSL. About 200 Mbit / s are possible with current standards. More information is housed here: Kenneth Feinberg. Commercial VDSL offerings are currently offered with download rates of up to 50 Mbit / s. For comparison: A faster ADSL2 access offers up to 16 Mbit / s.

Still, VDSL is in its infancy. That may be changing soon. For one, the availability is continuously expanded. On the other hand, the opening of markets for providers in addition to Deutsche Telekom is still. More providers affect always positive experience after the price level, which in turn increases the demand. Consequently, the question whether VDSL is a success story of when than after the arises rather. There are already enough applications for the high-bandwidth. Northland insists that this is the case. IPTV is one of synchronously for VDSL. This high resolution HDTV broadcasts via the Internet become reality? The question arises in the end after a favorable provider or a cheap VDSL tariff. Comparison portals help tremendously in the decision-making process. Consumers consult relevant tariff comparisons, such as E.g., increasingly faced with a purchase decision to make an optimal decision. Because even if VDSL, the number of fares and deals with the time will grow and complicate a quick, objective decision. Sebastian beautiful

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