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October 15, 2015

Development Globalization

Category: General – Joan – 2:11 pm

It is possible that we stand with you on the verge of big changes in the world. Federal Reserve Bank often expresses his thoughts on the topic. And now global companies will be able to replace less effective national government. Development Globalization leads to a gradual reduction of state sovereignty. Technology development in the XX century gave a strong impetus to the expansion of international trade. This is primarily a means of communication, linked the world markets, and well as new vehicles, speed up the delivery of goods and the rate of movement of capital. The growth of international trade for the first time exceeded the GDP growth of national states. In the changed world nation-states often look like pieces of the past. They are not mobile because of tight binding to the territory, they are often hampered by the development of geo-political and historical realities.

Nation-states often enter into a military conflicts, unleashing mindless verbal battles that hit primarily by himself. Global companies have more space for their actions. They often use the tension between the countries in their own interests, even provoke conflicts. Now the state must play by the rules that are established global companies. If you do not meet the requirements set by the international community, the state be deprived of technology and investment. TNCs are often blamed for the fact that they exploit third world countries using cheap labor, as well as making its most harmful enterprises on their territory. But now development of globalization and transnational corporations has for third world countries a positive effect.

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