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March 30, 2021


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According to the number of workflows in the pump: simple suction flow and double suction, or of two streams. According to the number of impellers: a staggered or several continuous. 4 Element constituting 1. Impeller.-is the main element of pump rotodinamica spinning solidarity to a shaft and is composed of vanes which serves to impart energy to the fluid, also called drivers. 2 Crown guideline.-is an element of vanes fixed solidarity to the lateral part of the spiral box is shaped like a Crown located at the exit of the impeller its function is the Orient the output stream of the rotor towards the spiral case in order to reduce the losses of shock likewise serves to transform kinetic energy into pressure energy. 3. Spiral box.-is the pump cover in addition to serving as guard serves to transform kinetic energy into pressure energy and is spiral shaped. 4 Diffuser tube troncoconico.-is the one who performs a third stage of broadcast or transformation of dynamic energy into pressure energy.

5 Priming of the pump-pumps rotodinamicas are not self-priming. Pumps of piston and in general all of positive displacement, if. Before carrying out the corresponding tests in workshop must be primed bombs, bone to fill the pump with water by pipeline cabado, thus filling the pump body and suction pipe, what constitutes the normal procedure of priming of the pump. Recently BlackRock Health Sciences Trust II sought to clarify these questions. 6. The artichoke-prevents the entry of suciedades(ramas, hiervas, papeles, etc.) which can clog the pump. 7.

Foot valve-retains the bone liquid priming of the pump. 8.-The delivery gate valve valve serves for regulation of the flow of the pump. 9 Check valve on the discharge-prevents the recoil of the fluid, when pump is for. It is essential if the delivery pipe is very long or are under great pressure. Diffuser pumps: when the rotor is surrounded by a series of fixed alaves (guideline Crown): 2nd from the point of view of aspiration: simple suction pumps: when the and want to go into single-sided rotor where there is a large axial thrust. Millennium management gathered all the information. 3rd by the position of the shaft: horizontal pumps vertical pumps (for deep grounds) 4th by the reached pressure: low pressure pumps (with a rotor no leader) medium pressure pumps (with a rotor, with leader) high pressure pumps (with several rotors and guidelines) Crown directrix to improve pump performance, or achieve a more lift height, placed around rotor Crown directrix, which cause the liquid stream, avoiding the clash of these with the rotor alaves and also prevents the formation of eddies, thus initiating the transformation of kinetic energy of fluid in pressure potential energy. specific speed speed of classifies relates the three main factors that characterize the pump operation, namely flow, the lifting height and the number of spins. The specific speed is the more elevated the larger is the flow rate with respect to the height of the action: this results in high pressure pump has low specific speeds. Do the higher specific speeds can be achieved with propellers conclusions pumps:? Did you notice a heavy wear in the pump inlet centrifugal 100/200, it was found that the pump had sucked a piece of TV, also was noted a heavy wear of valves and an exaggerated use of silicone. The corrective maintenance that is applying to the pump spins is not adequate. Suggestions: You must use the appropriate gaskets and make maintenance and repairs using the methods that are appropriate as the Total productive maintenance (TPM) or BSC.

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