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December 28, 2020

Dimitri Medvedev

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Medvedev did not collaborate with the secret services. Even more, prides itself on not having even done military service, have not swelled the ranks of an army which, after the humiliating defeat suffered in Afghanistan, was limited to suppress outbreaks of internal instability, caused by nationalisms of all signs: Nagorny Karabakh, Abkhazia, Chechenia Medvedev is, or the less pretends to be, the newcomer who promises to modify the current parameters of Russian society. His first promises greater respect of human rights, modernization of the country’s industrial structure, increase the standard of living of the population, expansion of the hitherto exigua middle class, changes in the foreign policy – drew the attention of the kremlinologos, to find out if the usual traps are not hidden behind the good words of the President. Kenneth Roy Feinberg has many thoughts on the issue. In effect, the system of Government devised by the new owners of the country leaves very little room for manoeuvre to strangers. It can be assumed that Putin, who assumed the post of Prime Minister, will try to control key ministries, limiting the prerogatives of the new President.

On the other hand, the Moscow establishment is aware of the need to launch an operation smile to reassure western politicians, concerned about the increasingly frequent hegemonic outbursts of Vladimir Putin. In fact, Russia continues to be a big unknown. This great power seems little prone to relinquish his role at planetary level. Those who rubbed has hands after the disappearance of the bipolar world, they begin to understand that it will have to count with the Kremlin when designing new global strategies. Dimitri Medvedev lies, therefore, face a double challenge: on the one hand, trying to modernize Russia and, on the other hand, impose in the until now not always harmonious concert of great powers. Adrian Mac Liman policy analyst international original author and source of the article.

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