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December 21, 2020

Empuria Brava

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By Empuria Brava, we drive northwards to roses. This place is also a popular destination for German tourists of Spain. The place runs on one of the foothills of the Pyrenees along. She old roses fortress has been lovingly restored and can be visited. The place is also shaped by tourism, has a beautiful promenade and a clean beach.

Several small coves, such as the Bay of el Berganti opens behind roses. The beaches of these bays are not overrun and even in the high season holidaymakers come here at their own expense. We leave roses and drive the favourite place of the artist Salvatore Dali contrary to Cadaques. The drive along the serpentine road takes about 45 minutes and can be extended unfortunately heavily, driving behind one of the many coaches or trucks behind. Cadaques retains its charm as a small white fishing village despite of all tourist flows. After a slightly longer tiresome parking lot search (in high season), you can stroll on the small beach of the town and along the road to allow work on the scenery. Small fishing boats which vary over the waves, a slight swell, and a small white skyline, framed by blue Water and a blue sky, represent a beautiful image.

Photographers come most mornings in this place on their costs, because the Sun ensures the best lighting in the city. From Cadaques goes up back there in the hills. At a few crossroads turn right towards Cap de Creus. Our goal is one of the highlights of the Costa Brava, the easternmost point of the Spanish mainland. Before we get to this place, it applies to all Immerge drive still a place, which is a must for every art lover and Dali fan. An important residence of the Grand Master and artist Salvador Dali. Alone the entrance (that could lead to a major highway) this small estate reflects how much value the inhabitants of Costa Brava designed this man and all that is connected with it. After a curve, then clearly seen Dali House, that the artist himself several times has decorated with one of his favorite subjects, an oversized egg. Too long you should not reside but in this Bay, because a true highlight waiting for you: Cap de Creus. The easternmost point of the Spanish mainland is coming closer, the landscape is so unreal. Rugged rocky ground, a narrow road and a constant up and down can be any tourists grow a desire: now just no breakdown! Drive go after about 30 minutes on a lighthouse where a car park and a restaurant waiting for tourists. About this across a landscape that will pull you in its spell opens up before you. You will be surrounded many small bays, rocky coastline, raging waves and then a rest, so rarely will be found. A beautiful place where it is worth to stay to all the distance for a few minutes and beauty. From this point, you need some time to the places of the hotel. We recommend, therefore, in time to go before the sunset of this place, because the road has almost no road markings. We hope that this Travel report has helped them to learn something about the Costa Brava. We would like to point out, still, that combipix to many vacation areas maps provides free printables. Your Michael Wnuk wishes you a wonderful holiday.

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