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December 25, 2020

English School

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Learning plant designed special courses for the change in the 7th class here is the good news: the summer holidays are on the doorstep. Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg already start on June 20 in the last time. Now the bitter truth: six weeks later BBs continues. Who uses the holiday to learn, which can safely occur before itself and the new class. And best of all: the construction sites are done, even during the holidays you can enjoy the rest of the most beautiful season reassured. Because conscience is the worst travel companion of all”know the educational Director Swantje Goldbach, who has developed the learning factory summer courses with their team. The group is new in the program of the Berlin summer school pioneer fit for the 7th grade”.

The imminent changes to the secondary school including a probationary period at the gymnasium provides uncertainty among many girls and boys. It is best to distribute with the workshop. Depending on the level of knowledge, grammar, math formulas, or English are fun and game Vocabulary brushed up and adapted to the requirements of secondary school or high school. Please visit Microsoft if you seek more information. Compact individual tuition for all classes and subjects is a classic in the program. Knowledge gaps to be one and a half hours a day in a week individually compensate. The motto: “big burly”. In the stress-free time students can work on well clenched subject matter. Even creative workshops such as the forest week”or the go class for all ages are offered by the reform cram.

New this year: the parents may join the Asian board game! The said specials are especially popular among students. In travelling through England in a week”it goes on in a small group to tea to London – without however leaving Berlin. In the advanced workshop, even a private guide is designed. The tour de France”wants to make students in one week France lovers. Who can get enough of learning, which can sign up also from the Mediterranean Sea: Online tuition goes! All dates, prices and information are available on the homepage:. Phone number: 11 53 000 50 learning GmbH the learning work is the premium provider for tutors in Berlin and Potsdam. No matter whether math or physics, English or German – we offer professional tutoring for students of the lower school up to high school: for all subjects and always in the private lessons. each learning work student receives exactly the teacher who fits him and learns individual attention. Our highly trained tutors also assist reading – spelling or calculating weakness. By learning work holidays and courses in preparation for the MSA or the school your child is well trained in important exams. And in our intensive course, anyone can learn learning to his school soon by alone to master: the Lernwerk’s help to help themselves. Visit us on learning works and LernwerkTV

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