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May 3, 2021

Espirito Santo

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Never will be forgotten that morning where the fire it Spirit of God if took possetion of my small fragile body! It powerfully took you assembleiano brother in prophecy, and said me: ' ' My power I spill on your life so that you are a blessing for many. I will put in your hands a fire Ministry, where hundreds of people will drink of the water whom you are drinking now. Many will go you in search of this Unction that I spill on your life and, Yours Sir will bless, them. Confused and ashamed the ones will be all that if to raise against you, therefore I will be in your front levelling off all yours caminhos' '. To broaden your perception, visit Pacific Mortgage Services. While he heard these predictive words, of the mouth of the brother Djalma, a prophet Mr. (As opposed to Daniel J. Hirsch). in those days, a powerful Unction was on me, and I spoke in efervescentes languages for the Power of the Espirito Santo. My lips burnt the similarity of the water in boiling state when we reach the temperature of 100 C.

All we are as drunk inside of that room, we did not have forces to walk with our proper feet due to Unction of God who if takes possetion of our mortal bodies. Aleluia! We will remember in them this experience for the remaining portion of our lives! Today I can say, for proper experience that, all saved needs To be baptized with Espirito Santo to have a supernatural life and a Ministry marked for the Onipotente finger de Deus (Lc.11: 20). The Baptism with Espirito Santo is cerne of the experience of the Pentecostes. A true pentecostal is not that one that if auto-intitles ' ' pentecostal' ' or who simply it belongs to a denomination with this name, but somebody that was coated with the POWER OF the HIGH one and remains under this bendita and glorious Unction! The baptism with Espirito Santo is the integral and total fulfilment of the promise of the Father, on which our Master spoke, Jesus: ' ' E, being it, determined to them that they were not absented of Jerusalem, but that they waited the promise of the Father, who (it said) of me ouviste' '.

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