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March 31, 2021

Ethical Commitment

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Ricoh: a company with highest ethical standards Ricoh Company Ltd. is the New Yorker Ethisphere Institute was once again awarded as one of the ethical companies in the world. At the site of the German headquarters in Hanover the decision recorded pleased: the renewed award is a recognition of our world’s current Ricoh CSR Charter, which sets ethical standards for integrity in business activities, environmental protection and respect with employees and the society \”, explains Michael Pichler, Member of the Executive Board of Ricoh Germany. The Ricoh company received the prestigious award for 2009 for the second time. The concrete measures of the Ricoh CSR Charter include, for example, the significant reduction of the CO2 total emissions, which is much stricter than this the Kyoto Protocol. For more information see SSGA.

Ricoh 2010 for the sixth time in a row belongs to the Global 100 \”, the 100 most sustainable companies worldwide. In the social sphere, Ricoh Germany for example offers the so-called Voluntary initiative employees opportunities to participate in social projects and action days. Equality of opportunity for development and training include ethical assessment of a company in that. Ethics is an integral part of our corporate governance \”, said Pai. The competition to get a place on the list of the world’s ethical companies in the world, this year was stronger than ever. A record number of companies applied for the coveted award. The selected candidates recognize the important role playing the ethics for the reputation of a trade mark which ultimately is the most valuable asset of a company. A close correlation between the ethical program of a company and its services \”, explains Alex Brigham, Executive Director of the Ethisphere Institute and adds: ethical companies not only outperform their competitors, what about tangible results, but avoid catastrophic losses of investors.\” Ethical commitment is therefore a competitive advantage and a basic prerequisite for good deals.

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