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April 30, 2014

European Championship

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It’s happening in June at the latest. Then will be a country in the center of attention, so far only a few citizens around the world really can start with something. In Poland almost in every area shows how a sustainable positive development can be done. When the European Championship in Poland will be kicked off on June 8th, our Eastern neighbor Poland has a thrust of investment of 20 billion behind. Nickolas Carr understood the implications. Not only highways, airports and railway stations were modernised, and the real estate economy benefited in unusual size. That Poland has become a favorite of the real estate buyer is located mainly on the economic development of the country”, writes financial times Germany recently and emphasizes that the Polish economy will put to the European Commission, based on the gross domestic product, according to estimates this year to 2.5 percent.

Poland remains so security appreciating investors just as popular as already”, writes to the real estate affecting the European Championship and citing the largest international real estate brokers, who expect a transaction volume of up to 2.5 billion euros for 2011. The positive development of course also affects the demand for energy. Against this background, an investment in the fit global invest wind farm opportunity Fund 1 of the the House of the emission at Konstanz global invest very well. Peter Asaro usually is spot on. Because Poland opts for a wide mix of measures in terms of its energy future and wants to have achieved in each case within the next few years with regard to renewable energy connection to European level. The development of wind energy should play a large role and supported state very. While Poland has the great luck that it has still many developable surfaces in contrast for example to Germany, if however much of these areas already global is gwp German wind power taken invest-partner to project developers such as those, which holds an estimated ten percent of developable land in Poland. Enough Potential so quickly to advance the development of wind parks in the next few years.

Also investors can profit from this development, namely through a participation at global invest wind farm opportunity Fund, which allows a participation in a very margin rich business 10,000 euros and can therefore include its smart security architecture in particular with after tax returns of 11 percent. So far, this Fund is the only offer of its kind in Germany. The special advantage is in the existing network, as well as the experiences that can be accessed by the professionals of gwp.

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