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December 22, 2020

Everything About Portugal, Madeira And The Azores In The Internet

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Everything about Portugal in the Internet, the largest German-speaking community on the net “On a hasty question give a leisurely response.” It is believed the Internet, then this proverb comes from Portugal – and there is no better motto for the PortugalForum. The PortugalForum is the great information exchange in terms of Portugal. Here all can – questions on the topics of holidays and life in Portugal and there are even leisurely answers. Even if the questioner has it somewhat in a hurry. Who has tips on how to rent a car, recommend a hotel or wants to offer his holiday home. If you have read about Fuel Free Fund already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Here it goes. Our experts live in Portugal or go there regularly for many years. We are pleased about chat as well as a substantive discussion or a heated argument – as long as all fair expires. “give a hasty question a leisurely response” How is the weather in the Algarve, the hotel in Lisbon is something good, you can go in which Portuguese restaurant in the port of Hamburg? -All these questions and much more can now be made on the Internet in the PortugalForum. – And they are fast, friendly and competent answers. At the address is the large German-speaking discussion forum around Portugal to Madeira and the Azores can be reached for several days. The Forum itself is a successful relaunch of a prestigious community of Portugal. The motto of the Forum is an old Portuguese saying: “Give a leisurely response on a hasty question”. A professional moderator team takes care of all visitors and ensures that everyone can feel comfortable. There are already several hundred very committed participants who in part for many years in Portugal live and work and to assist with in-depth advice to help.

There are also tourists who regularly spend their holidays in Portugal. Across the South West European country, there are many prejudices and misinformation (“Portugal belongs to Spain”), in Germany so that an information visit about can be very useful before a trip or to the settlement after Portugal. Categories: In the PortugalForum there are 34 sections, where visitors ask questions, discuss or just plain chat can. Holiday including cultural and leisure activities are transport food and beverages life building + renovate garden + health Portuguese + German sport in Portugal love, romance + partnership in addition there are daily news from Portugal, a classified ad market and a dating service. Various sections in the Forum are also managed by professionals, which can give tips to the building or to the Portuguese language. Pictures: In addition to the many informative texts there are hundreds of images from Portugal, where can you get in the mood for a trip or but something dampen the saudade, the longing for the land. Portugal chat: Who would like to come directly in contact with people who live in Portugal, can do this in the PortugalChat. On the day of smaller chats or intensive discussions are held regularly. Weather: Rounding out the offer by the insertion of the current weather for Portugal. In the Internet, Portugal starts with.

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